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    Thread Pouch idea, but will it work?

    The dimensions of this phone are 6.26" x 2.6" x .66" closed. I've been looking for a nice pouch to put it in rather than a case. I didn't find much but came across the idea to adapt a case for a different purpose to housing this phone. With that in mind here is a link to a case for eyeglasses...
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    Thread The Fold 2, is it time to join in?

    Title pretty much says it; I'm thinking about getting the next iteration of the Fold. I was going to buy this one but I ended up with a P4 and a laptop and a few other toys instead because they took too long. In any event the next go around sounds like it's gaining some useful durability which...
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    Thread Pre-order news; Shipping times, cost, sales, etc

    I was clicking into the store every few minutes during the live cast and when it finally showed the Pixel 4 I immediately tried to get an orange 128 XL but they were already sold out. I ended up picking it up on Fi but a black 128 XL for 999 with a 100 dollar credit which shows shipping on the...
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    Thread Some info about themes.

    Here is a copy paste... The company wants to make it easy for Pixel users to find all of their possible customization options in one place. That place will be found in the Pixel Launcher where a "Styles & Wallpapers" shortcut will be located. Opening the shortcut will reveal a pair of tabs, one...
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    Thread What's your next phone purchase?

    I like this device but it's a little slow for me at some points. It's not a shot at this device which I consider a decent value but I'm retty sure I'm going to move into something else, possibly this fall. That something being the Pixel 4, I like everything about it so far except I would have...
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    Thread It's got my attention but...

    I'm interested but I've got a few concerns. I really need to know that root is there and none of that week wait BS. Less of a concern because I expect it to be at least decent is the camera. I don't need great but I don't want suck either. Really thats about it. I seldom keep phones for more...
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    Thread What level of Goog did you opt for on your Pixel?

    I've never really used many of Googles apps and services and more specifically given it all the permissions for which it's asked. I decided for no particular reason other than morbid curiosity to go all in this time; give it everything, partake of every privacy smashing feature. So far I'm not...
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    Thread Scratches + toothbrush=?

    FYI... Here is a link that may be of interest to those who are wanting to know a little more about the much discussed scratches on the etched glass. Cliffnotes... Erica scratchifies the back of her phone and cleans it up with soap, water, and a...
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    Thread The elephant in the room, or should I say will the notch happen?

    Lots of threads with discussion about the notch itself, please continue to post your love or hate for notches on those threads. :) This thread is strictly for addressing the hoax theory and why you think it's either true or false. My own opinion is a straight up not sure, I cant deny it seems...
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    Thread The 6T, is it time to bolt?

    I'm a bit promiscuous when it comes to cell phones and I'm getting pretty tired of my 5T, it isn't that it lacks, I am as I said a bit of a hoar when it comes to phones. I know I'm not alone so what say so you folks about the 6T? I hate notches which has prevented me from bolting this far but it...
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    Thread I rooted 713 with magisk

    There is very little here on rooting that isn't fairly old, most of the methods use tools which have been updated or are no longer applicable because of updates to the stock firmware and evolving methodology. For this reason I thought I would get a data point out there about rooting with magisk...
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    Thread How to eliminate swipe in trusted area?

    The title pretty much says it, I want to be able to go directly to my home screen when in a trusted area and I double tap to wake. Not finding an option for this, am I missing it? Can it be changed via other software? I'm on OB1 rooted. Thanks.
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    Thread So where is the unlock switch?

    I've got an FD, cant find it in developers or security. Anyone seen this buried in there somewhere?
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    Thread Timing on the Green?

    Title pretty much says it, I want green but couldn't find any information on when the other colors would be coming... ?
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    Thread Not accepting the password, read on.

    I tried putting in a short password and it took some doing because of the small keyboard, must have tried a dozen times to get it done. In hindsight I'd say I put the wrong password in the first time and then had to get it wrong again in order to have a match and have it accepted. Then when I...
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    Thread Hello?

    Anyone out there? Helllloooo? Echo... Echo... Echo... O_o
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    Thread In the US, looking for the next FD

    Title pretty much says it, I'm in the US and want to pick up another FD to replace the recalled phone. Not finding it at the usual places or even a "available soon" place to order from. Anyone have a reputable source that is offering the second gen FD?
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    Thread How to blacklist apps?

    The thread title pretty much has it. I want absolutely nothing other than apps I actually use on the watch to make it easier to nagivate to those I do use, how do I block apps like Amazon from being installed on the watch?
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    Thread Free season pass for MLB at Bat15

    I haven't tried this yet but I thought some of you might be interested since you get a free season if you download the app/sign up for it while on tmo data.
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    Thread If you're thinking about the S6 Edge...

    I'm going to throw out a few brief observations here for those who are thinking about the S6 Edge which I picked up at Tmo. I'm currently running that device along with the Moto Maxx. I missed that bigger battery the day after I bought the Edge and it died. It took me a second to figure out...
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    Thread Ballistic nylon, five feet to the cement, no case...

    ... and not a scratch. I was at the gym on the elliptical and my phone was knocked off the shelf up on the control panel to the ground by the woman on the next machine who tripped a little bit as she dismounted. I didn't see how the phone landed because at first I thought the woman had passed...
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    Thread Editing for increased in call sound volume.

    I did this on my N5 and I recall it being mixer_paths.xml and then you find something along the lines of path name=handset or incall etc. followed by a line RX(X) Digital Volume value= (something along the lines of 80). I did a search and that was about it so I went into this expecting to find...
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    Thread Expansys USA confirms Octa.

    As per title.... I asked Expansys USA to confirm which variant they would be selling and the office manager (Caroline Philipchuck) checked with their procurement and confirmed that the units are sourced from South America and are the Octa without LTE. Again, without LTE despite what it says on...
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    Thread Possible first photo of AT&T S2

    Over on engadget, link here ----> What jumps out at me is the standard four across cap buttons instead of the hard home flanked by a cap.
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    Thread Is it possible to add pages to TW?

    I could use a couple more pages but while I see how I can remove unwanted pages I do not see how to add them assuming you can. Anyone know if this is possible? Yes I did search, yes I am aware there are other launchers and quite familiar with them. I find I like touch wiz once most of the...
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    Thread Case-mate tough case, not out yet?

    On their eu site it shows the case and I like what I see. Looked around and it appears that its coming soon. I was wondering if anyone knew about availability? I have an inquiry in and will report back if it hasn't already been dug up and reported here. edit... I should have put a link here, my...
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    Thread Your feelings on touchwiz?

    I had ordered this without ever even giving touchwiz a thought. Figured the phone would show up, I would play with it about 5 minutes, install new launcher, never look at touch wiz again. After I ordered it I downloaded the user manual and did some reading and it appears that there is some...
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    Thread Voicemail notification will not go away

    Per title I have a voicemail notification that will not go away. I have tried reboots, power off, wiped dalvik, wiped cache. The clear button does not show up to clear it. A search did not reveal an answer. What else can I try? Thanks. edit.... I am on enomthers latest.
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    Thread Contacting google/building support for ALSO selling unbranded.

    Seems to me like Google could sell both with the carriers in a traditional fashion and also sell unlocked/unbranded phones online. Same as SE selling its X10 via carrier but also selling unbranded in Sony Style. Nokia and others have done this as well. With this thought in mind I was wandering...
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    Thread Does N1 backup wifi passwords to cloud?

    Yesterday I got a new 16 gig sd card and pimped up my phone with apps to sd. I partitioned the card with 64 meg swap, 1 gig ext 4 and the rest FAT. I wiped everything including the sd card. I had backed up the old card but did not move anything over to the new card. After I flashed the rom I...
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    Thread Microsoft says Android infringes on its patents

    Cut and paste.... Microsoft says Android infringes on its patents, licenses HTC (update: talking to other Android manufacturers as well) By Vladislav Savov posted Apr 28th 2010 at 12:40PM The lawyers up in Redmond seem to have been woken from their slumber with the sudden realization that...
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    Thread Tapatalk=good, tapatalk spam= annoyance.

    Like many people I find it annoying that the forum users posting with tapatalk often do not turrn off the default spam, "Sent from my Nexus One using the XDA mobile application powered by Tapatalk" which is added in to the body of the post. This forces us to read it over and over and over and...
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    Thread Any AT&T users using HK handset?

    Pretty much as the title says, the Hong Kong version would appear to me to be fully enabled for 3g as the freqs are as follows. Auto GSM(900+1800)+UMTS(900+2100) GSM(1900+850)+UMTS(1900+850) UMTS(2100+800) I would prefer this version over the tilt but I need my 3g.
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    Thread Replace phone with contacts on tf3d home screen?

    I have tried a search but (I think) because it requires too many search terms I have been unable to dig up what I want. As per the thread title I want to replace the phone shortcut on the bottom left of the touchscreen with a contacts shortcut as I have seen on a screenshot of a cooked rom. Is...