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    Thread 60 FPS Camera 1080

    Greetings from the Pixel 3 forum. My brand new $850 phone does not record in 1080/60fps mode. I have two options Auto and 30fps. The default is auto mode, but it's clearly not recording or showing the preview in 60fps. On my Pixel 2 I have an option for 30 or 60fps...
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    Thread Immersive Mode for Android Auto?

    Is there any way to make Android Auto force immersive mode with root on my car? I wonder if there is a way to hide the navigation bar.
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    Thread Holster/Case That Doesn't Suck - Seidio Surface/Holster Alternative

    IMO, Seidio makes the best holster/cases for any phone. They come with a lifetime warranty, but are a little pricey. They also come with an intergrated kickstand. The bad news is they have NO intention of making a Pixel 2 mini case/holster Surface combo. This was confirmed when I contacted...
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    Thread Recomendation Clear Screen Protector That Does Not Lift/Bunch on Seidio Surface

    I purchased a Seidio Surface and Tech Armor clear screen protectors. The problem is that the screen protector fits nearly edge to edge. The pressure from the new double insulated surface cases causes the screen protector to bubble/lift/bunch on the edge in certain places. I used some scissors...
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    Thread [Completed] Titanium Backup can't locate TitaniumBackup_license.txt

    This is the first release of TiB that has not been able to locate my TitaniumBackup_license.txt file. I am using a Nexus 6 on MRA58K (M) with SuperSU 2.52 and TiB 7.2.4. Stock with the exception of a modified stock kernel...
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    Thread [Q] HELP * I accidentally accepted the OTA update *

    I accidentally accepted the OTA update (because it f*cking pops up every 5 minutes). The phone rebooted into recovery to apply the update, but I pulled the battery. I am not rooted and running stock. I just want to keep the old rootable/unlockable firmware in place. How can I stop this update...
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    Thread [Q] Lag on recent apps window?

    Does anyone get scrolling lag in the recent apps window when using Button Savior and/or Smart Statusbar from the playstore? Using a Gnex, but wanted to know...
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    Thread [Q] Miracast 4.2 and Gnex

    Does the Gnex support Miracast with the latest 4.2 update? Obviously the Nexus 4 does, but Google stated 4.2 supports Miracast. Just wondering if this applies to the Gnex. Check under wifi direct.
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    Thread APKtool Titanium Backup

    I have successfully modified many APKs to use a different su named binary with APKtool. I have not been able to do this with Titanium Backup. I essentially would like to find the smali file that points to the su binary. Any ideas? Thanks.
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    Thread Encryption Volunteers

    Is anyone interested in dedicating some time (at their own risk) to test out if the OTA 4.0.4 will manually patch on an encrypted phone? I was able too without errors, but my phone was already 4.0.4. I lost root so it appears to write to the encrypted partition. Here is what I did: CDMA/LTE...
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    Thread [Q] Bluetooth BT Keyboard and Mouse

    I see that USB Host/OTG seems to work with USB keyboards and mice. Is there a way to get a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to work? I ask this because since the NG uses MHL, there is no way to power the device, use HDMI, AND use USB Host mode. MHL does not provide for data use, just power.
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    Thread File System

    What kind of file system is the GNex?
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    Thread [Q] Stock KH3 build.prop

    Can someone post their build.prop for stock KH3? Thanks.
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    Thread [Q] Flash Video Playback

    Greeting from the Charge forum. I recently tried out a Gingerbread based leak on the Charge and found the Flash video playback to be significantly slower on Gingerbread with or without Voodoo lag fix enabled or disabled. I don't know if the problem is the leak, phone specific, Gingerbread...
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    Thread [Q] Disable External Speaker or Toggle

    I have been testing out a few Sip app providers and the recurring theme is that audio handling on Android is a bit lacking. Most of the time when making a audio call with these apps you will hear the sound come out of both the ear speaker and the external back loud speaker. This is obviously...
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    Thread Skype with Video Chat

    Just for giggles, I tried the leaked Skype video chat apk on the Charge last night and it wouldn't install. That's not surprising. I wondering if anyone else any luck? I wish VZW and Skype would get their act together on the Charge AND...
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    Thread Flash 10.3 Working HULU *Rooted Users*

    This works for *me* even after reboots: What I am running: EE4 stock rom with voodoo lagfix Kernel by JT and his CWR. What I did to get this to work: Set your browser to desktop view mode. Install the latest Adobe Flash from the...
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    Thread [Q] Netflix?

    Has anyone tried any of the Netflix APKs and/or other hacks on the Charge?
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    Thread Wifi Tether/Wireless Tether for Root Users

    The only version of wifi/wireless tether for root users that works is the most recent experimental build: wifi_tether_v3_0-pre14.apk From the options menu, you will need to change the device from auto to Samsung Facinate. This is...
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    Thread [Q] Gtalk Question.

    Any one do a good review of the new Gtalk for 2.3.4? I wonder how it integrates with Google Voice. Can you answer calls within the new Gtalk if you have checked off this option in Google Voice web settings to forward to Google Chat? Can you make international calls from within the new Gtalk...
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    Thread Clockwork Bug?

    Did anyone else notice that their LED will faintly flash red after flashing It has to be real dark, but I can see it flickering. Anyone else?
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    Thread SIM Card Swapping

    I generally understand how SIM cards work in the GSM world, but I am curious as to how it works within Verizon. I know Verizon uses both SIM/4G and CDMA in one phone. So my question is, if anyone has two Thunderbolts handy: Can you swap the SIM cards between the two units and will the phone...
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    Thread Phone boots into CWR when I plug in to charge.

    I just got the extended battery and installed Titanium backup (which I had it grab a known good version of Busybox). That is the only two things I have recently done to the phone. But now, with regular or extended battery in place: The phone will start up automatically when I plug the power...
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    Thread TIP: How to select which radio to use 4G or 3G or both...

    The good way to manually select the radio use in the phone is to type: *#*#4636#*#* when you want to make a call. Then, scroll down until you see the words say "CDMA + LTE/EvDo". Click that and change it to "CDMA PRL Auto". This is for 3G only and disables LTE/4G. If you want to change it back...
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    Thread Rooted user question

    Has any rooted users tried to run wired-tether yet? Yes, I know the official wifi tether app works and yes I know there is a promo until May. I just don't want to deal with billing issue if/when the promo ends.