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  1. mai77

    Post [Q&A] MultiSystem for Android

    I remember we had this kind of thing working on Galaxy Y, it was working just excellent (tho SD card is slower than int.flash) multisystem is very much like SAFESTRAP , google it
  2. mai77

    Post [Q&A] MultiSystem for Android

    multisystem is very much like safestrap very nice if it works on one's device! ---------- Post added at 12:22 ---------- Previous...
  3. mai77

    Post Fire HD 6 Root success with KingRoot APK

    king root other KingRoot users commented that it uploads the IMEI and whatever to some Chinese server, ostensibly to find a matching exploit, so some Chinese sources claim. maybe one can extract that exploit and make Kingroot work offline, too - or second source the rooting mechanism.
  4. mai77

    Post UART port found on Fire HD6

    great find ! there should be some interesting stuff being output via UART
  5. mai77

    Post 【E1】 XPeria E1 (D2005) semi-official dev thread -flashing, hacking, rooting and all

    the only interesting stuff for E1 is SnoopSnitch app.
  6. mai77

    Post [FLASHABLE ZIP] Debloater for Xperia E1 + Performance Tweaks

    great stuff. most of this bloat warez was provided by NSA anyhow.
  7. mai77

    Post 【E1】 XPeria E1 (D2005) semi-official dev thread -flashing, hacking, rooting and all

    E1 only half heartedly supported by SONY open source gosh ... what a drag!:( prior to purchasing the E1 I had checked that flash images and kernel source are available - and now this.:mad: omg! But itz no better with Moto E LTE 2. gen - they are missing stuff, too! Tho they have CM 12.1...
  8. mai77

    Post [ROM][Abandoned] Euphoria OS [Lollipop 5.1.X] [Unofficial] [Moto E 2015 LTE]

    are you implying this ROM works on XT 1527 as well as XT 1524 ?
  9. mai77

    Post Moto E LTE (2. gen of 2015) -- XT 1527 surnia (aka Styx) -- important links etc.

    stock kernel source lolli 5.0.2 surnia : otus & surnia ROM source etc.:
  10. mai77

    Post Stock Kernel for Moto E 2015

    since the script is: ui_print("Squid Kernel for Moto E Styx LTE"); ##### actually surnia stock kernel I suppose... ui_print("Mount /System Folder..."); run_program("/sbin/busybox", "mount", "/system"); package_extract_dir("system", "/system"); set_perm_recursive(0, 0, 0755, 0644...
  11. mai77

    Post A warning about bootloader relocking

    this thread invigorated my flash lust ! keep us posted, dudes !
  12. mai77

    Post ✤ Moto E 2015 ✤ Sticky Roll Up thread

    why not tag this post properly ?
  13. mai77

    Post | Read Before You Flash | Unlock | Restore | Stock Firmware |

    oh yeah? maybe you state your phone type and file name to make that a useful post... ;)
  14. mai77

    Post Moto E LTE (2. gen of 2015) -- XT 1527 surnia (aka Styx) -- important links etc.

    important posts for surnia XT 1527 caveat : beware of soft bricking ! 2 successful flash reports from this "revert SURNIA to pristine stock ROM tutorial": bootloader relocking caveat : backup IMEI from...
  15. mai77

    Thread Moto E LTE (2. gen of 2015) -- XT 1527 surnia (aka Styx) -- important links etc.

    to clarify : "Motorola E" has (too) many sub types: :mad: - first generation. "moto e 1. gen" of 2014 --- Condor - second generation "moto e 2. gen" of 2015 --- Surnia (earlier known as "Styx") -- then among 2. gen : - GSM, CDMA, LTE (having different processor types as well)...
  16. mai77

    Post [SM-T11x] TWRP for Tab3 lite

    funny well did anyone report successful use of that recov earlier ? :rolleyes: clearly PhilZ recov is bootlooping and no one suggested a replacement. :crying:
  17. mai77

    Post [SM-T11x] TWRP for Tab3 lite

    recovery.fstab safestrap /boot emmc /dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/boot /system ext4 /dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/system /data ext4 /dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/userdata /cache...
  18. mai77

    Post Root Any Samsung Galaxy tab! Including yours.

    get lost false advertising by OP
  19. mai77

    Post [ROM][STOCK][4.2.2][T110] Stockrom Series V1.1 (02-05-2014)

    so why don't you change the headline to reflect that to "T210" . looks like "false advertising" ;) to me ... ;);) [ROM][STOCK][4.2.2][T110] Stockrom Series V1.1 (02-05-2014) T110 ????
  20. mai77

    Post [INDEX] Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 - ROMs, Kernels, Recoveries, Themes, MODs [14th Dec '15]

    SM-T110 yeah ! plenty of choices for T110 users :D
  21. mai77

    Post [Q&A] [SM-T110] Kernel sources + TWRP (no bootloop on recovery)

    great TWRP by paziusss this recov kicks butt ! excellent tool, no problems so far. :D maybe we can make a kernel swapper to use a custom paziusss kernle on stock ROM and switch it back & forth in stock ROM. :highfive: do some kernel tweaking and such for stock ROM :laugh::good:
  22. mai77

    Post [Q&A] [SM-T110][KERNEL] Andriva Custom Kernel 4.2.2

    swap kernels with TWRP ? would be cool to swap kernels on T110 with paziusss' TWRP like between Andriva and stock kernel back and forth.
  23. mai77

    Post [AROMA][ROM] CriskeloROM [v1.0][SM-T110]

    TWRP by paziusss is the best recov for T110 the above poster recommends PhilZ touch recov for T110. but the new TWRP by paziusss is much better with no bootloop like PhilZ problem is: I think the Criskelo wiped the partition where TWRP resides ! that is not good !
  24. mai77

    Post [RECOVERY][lt02ltetmo] TWRP 3.1.1-0 touch recovery [2017-05-19]

    T110 users are in the game now ! paziusss has now provided a TWRP, which has got NO BOOT LOOP on T110. great progress, since before last week T110 users had to reflash recov on a single use basis :crying: maybe TWRP ver. can be adapted for tab3 lite T110 too, at some point...
  25. mai77

    Post 【E1】 XPeria E1 (D2005) semi-official dev thread -flashing, hacking, rooting and all

    maybe I get myself an E3 too. sick of reduced softw support. the nexus 7 was so cool, there was so much softw for it.
  26. mai77

    Post [SM-T11x] TWRP for Tab3 lite

    I run this TWRP , no prob so far. excellent T110 feel. :D
  27. mai77

    Post [ROM][T110][4.2.2] Stock NE4 Lite / Full (Rooted/Deodexed) [16th Aug '14]

    good stuff this ROM installs nicely with TWRP by paziusss :laugh::good::D root works, no bloated ware sh!t
  28. mai77

    Post [SM-T11x] TWRP for Tab3 lite in TWRP, if u do a "advanced wipe" and wipe "internal storage" too (all is tagged except "MicroSD"), then that will kill the bloody bloatware installer that will otherwise spam ure storage with sh!tty apk's after fresh stock...
  29. mai77

    Post [SM-T111/T110] NB2]V1-Dr.Ketan's Custom control ROM DeOdexed|Prerooted|Multi DPI

    well PAZIUSSS TWRP also installs "Dr. Ketan custom ROM" on T110 but I wasn't too impressed by it. at least it did not wipe PAZIUSSS like Criskelo did. rooting wasnt functional I believe and no file explorer
  30. mai77

    Post [SM-T11x] TWRP for Tab3 lite

    excellent ! :laugh::laugh::laugh: smashing ! for us T-110 users the day has finally come ! KING of "planet T-110", the dev Sir paziusss gave us a non-bootlooping custom recovery ! we now can handily root (straight from within TWRP, works like a charm) flash customs roms (well there are...
  31. mai77

    Post [SM-T11x] TWRP for Tab3 lite

    brief install how-to much appreciated people would have more fun if you dropped 1 or 2 lines about how to install the NON-ODIN version. does one have to flash CWM with ODIN prior to using that ? So that stock users should go for the ODIN version straight away cuz it saves install time...
  32. mai77

    Post [SM-T11x] TWRP for Tab3 lite

    no stock ASR install this recov does not simply install via stock ASR on my T110 (reboot, "missing signature"). I guess one has to flash PhilZ first using ODIN, and only then install this recov from within PhilZ
  33. mai77

    Post [SM-T110][KERNEL] Andriva Custom Kernel 4.2.2

    Andriva updater script delete_recursive("/cache"); mount("ext4", "EMMC", "/dev/block/mmcblk0p10", "/data"); delete_recursive("/data/dalvik-cache"); format("ext4", "EMMC", "/dev/block/mmcblk0p5"); package_extract_file("flash_image", "/tmp/flash_image"); package_extract_file("zImage"...
  34. mai77

    Post [T110] Tab3 lite 7" - SM-T110 - goyawifi - recov bootloop 40% resolved - philz 6.30.1

    sorry state of affairs on the SM-T110 even tho the T110 should have hi sales numbers due to itz lo price of 90€ there is not so much out there in terms of dev stuff. (dedicated "T110" stuff only) ONLY WORKING !! non-bootlooping custom recov on T110 by paziusss : [SM-T11x] TWRP for...
  35. mai77

    Post Fixed Samsung Tab SM-T110 restarting when WiFi enabled

    philz_touch (fix bootloop) - no such thing afaik wtf ure talking about? afaik there is no PhilZ on T110 which has the boot loop fixed. Also the T110 does usually not reboot upon Wifi switch-on. That seems to be a individual problem with ure very T110.
  36. mai77

    Post [SM-T11x] TWRP for Tab3 lite

    boot loop gone on T110 ? Wow! Does your kernel mean T110 users have a custom recov which does not bootloop anymore? That would be awesome! Fantastic break thru on T110 ! :good:
  37. mai77

    Post [TOOL] Xflasher (xperia command line flasher for pre 2017 devices)

    3 typos typos : sending printf("Sendind command to bootloader length 2 x - line 178 , line 211 LOG("Line lenght after trim: the c code compiles und runs straight with cc ta_parser.c debuggable in codeblocks asf. so far I found no bug ... will keep testing. you might also add a few...
  38. mai77

    Post [TOOL] Xflasher (xperia command line flasher for pre 2017 devices)

    hi munjeni, on the photo I saw your kewl equipment like jtag tool asf. maybe you can briefly tell xda folks how this helps with hacking our phones... ;) ★
  39. mai77

    Post Help "galaxy tab 3 lite (SM-T111)

    T111 and T110 T110 and T111 have next to no support. DrKetan ROM you can try. please report back. on my T100 it did not install. pls report if it works for you ! ty:highfive:
  40. mai77

    Post [DEVS ONLY] CyanogenMod 11 for Samsung BCM21553 Development Discussion

    pi I have a raspberry pi with BCM cpu some people have ported CM to it but its very slow, so not many devs are interested. it was pointed out that SGC and raspi are similar to some degree and some code is useful for both hw platforms. do you think a synergy is possible between both devices ?
  41. mai77

    Post 【E1】 XPeria E1 (D2005) semi-official dev thread -flashing, hacking, rooting and all

    we have to put together AOSP ourselves , the kernel src is available
  42. mai77

    Post 【E1】 xperia E1 users might get their own subforum soon ! or maybe not ...

    they kicked my thread out of E3 forum :(
  43. mai77

    Post [CWM] Philz Touch Recovery for Xperia E1

    to unlock from carrier u usually must have (bought) a special code too, else no carrier-unlock
  44. mai77

    Post 【E1】 XPeria E1 (D2005) semi-official dev thread -flashing, hacking, rooting and all

    booo they want to force people to buy E3 :(
  45. mai77

    Post Sony Xperia E1 / SingleSIM (D2005) - threads collection

    give us screenie then. I am not yet convinced it makes a difference to OP ! pls tag this thread "xperia E1" to find it easier ! see :
  46. mai77

    Post [CWM] Philz Touch Recovery for Xperia E1

    E1 sucks. E3 is better supported with open src
  47. mai77

    Post [HowTo] Reassigning the Walkman hw button on Xperia E1 Dual 4.4.2

    mumble app kewl . comes in handy as push-to-talk-key in mumble / plumble VOIP app :D you may want to change ure post topic " reassign the the walkman hw button" for clarity - attract more users !
  48. mai77

    Post 【E1】Porting ROMs for Xperia E1 Tutorial

    wtf you mean : "helpful to brick the E1 phone ?"
  49. mai77

    Post [CWM] Philz Touch Recovery for Xperia E1

    afaik emma does not support E1 ! correct ? ---------- Post added at 02:23 AM ---------- Previous post was at 02:19 AM ---------- OK I gave u ure first thank. rooting instructions should be posted more prominently, but then - I did it already ... ;) ---------- Post added at 02:25 AM...