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  1. kiden

    Thread How to manually update Moto Z2P to NPS26.118-19 (August Security Patch)

    Hello all! So I got tired of waiting for the latest update to hit my phone so I figured I would do it manually. After plenty of experience with Moto phones I gathered that the official RETAIL files should work with all of the GSM versions of the Moto Z2 Play. This is confirmed to work with both...
  2. kiden

    Thread [XT1644] Stock Marshmallow to latest Nougat NPJ25.93-14

    Hello! If you have been wanting to jump on the Nougat bandwagon, but do not want to flash a soak test or risk getting off the official OTA path: fear no more! I finally caved and decided to try it out... and it worked perfectly on my Moto G4+! I have not experienced battery drain on...
  3. kiden

    Thread Downgrade to 4.4.3? Or Another way to fix GPS?

    Hello! I am looking to restore my Moto G 4G (xt1045) to stock, because after rooting and installing a custom ROM, I am having GPS issues. I did not realize that there was no 4.4.4 factory image! :confused: So now I am trying to figure out how to get my GPS working again. Is there a way to...