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  1. dehein

    Thread Broken Screen - want ADB access

    Hi I had ADB enabled device and could already get a backup. What i want is to still use my device with a broken screen - Vysor. But i need to authorize my pc. I could see thanks to some screenshots, that i get the authorize this pc prompt. But was not able to click it and don't know how many...
  2. dehein

    Thread WiFi errors on Elephone p8000. WiFi Connections stops although connected

    If I Connect to my Router behind another Router.( Needed to be done because of reason's) I can only connect to the internet for approximately 3 seconds. It starts loading shows me a page and stops. Nothing works after this. Only disconnect reconnect. Static IP , disabling ipv6. Nothing seems to...
  3. dehein

    Thread [Q] KitKat fails to install

    Hi. I am supporting my friend. Who has the i9305, via teamviewer so i am using the Universal android toolkit, and it worked ok. I rooted it, and installed twrp but here i failed. I could not install kitkat or anything else. So i had to revert to cm 10.1.3 and the camera does not work...
  4. dehein

    Thread Galaxy s 3 Update behind a very restrictive Firewall

    Hi. I have a Friend, who uses a Galaxy s 3. He lives in a boarding school and has a very restrictive Firewall, through which he can access the Internet. They are using the astaro Firewall. Most Programms get blocked. Even the Windows Update. Nearly everything that is not using port 80. Even tor...
  5. dehein

    Thread [Q] Root without custom Recovery

    Hi is there a way to root my p5110 without having to flash a custom recovery? Just pushing the on sd and using stock recovery? or do i have to use odin/heimdall or mobile odin, to install a recovery and afterwards flashing the root files. It is the tab of my wife, and so no much...
  6. dehein

    Thread [Q] Security / Lockscreen

    Hi. I am Student and at our University we use Eduroam, for which i need a certificate. So far so good. Everything works fine on Android. My only Problem is i have to use a Passcode, or lockscreen pattern or a pin. Even if i don't want to. The best for me would be if i could use a Custom Rom...
  7. dehein

    Thread Soundpackages and how to install

    How im searching for a way, to add new System sounds natively to my Galaxy Nexus? Has anybody the Systemsounds and or Ringtones from MIUI or AffinitySeries, cause i tried the roms, and they sounded really nice. And where do i have to put them. Do i have to handle some Permissions. Thanks