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  1. digiblur

    Thread Anyone have 2x Carrier Aggregation working on LTE? (Qualcomm)

    I'm not sure if there any non-Qualcomm variants of this phone so if there isn't please let me know. I'm curious if anyone has carrier aggregation working on their devices? I have the unlocked US XT1806 variant and noticed I wasn't seeing the speeds on LTE I was supposed to be seeing. I...
  2. digiblur

    Thread [ROM] digiblurROM 2014.01.17 [S3] [MK3]

    digiblurROM MK3 S3 Deodex - 2014.01.17 ATTENTION Thin Skinned Users: Dry humor ahead 1 post. If you've ventured into the Note2 forums you've seen my ROM's time for an S3 version! I've always enjoyed a nice simple to the point ROM on my phone. It seems many ROMs start out as...
  3. digiblur

    Thread [MOD] Remove Full Battery notification - Note2 MA7

    This mod will remove the full battery notification. I wanted to start this thread for a discussion with a few of the other dev's input on how they did this one as well. When I implemented this a while back users stated it made the background go black and the system status bar was missing after...
  4. digiblur

    Thread [DEV] [MOD] [HOW-TO] Change Modified device status to Normal - Note2 MA7

    Please give thanks/credit if you use this in your ROM - Donations are also appreciated! This mod will change the Device status from displaying Modified/Scanning to Normal. This is listed in the Settings -> About device -> Status screen at the bottom. This mod is purely a cosmetic change and...
  5. digiblur

    Thread [DEV] [MOD] [HOW-TO] Remove Smart Stay/Rotation statusbar icon - Note2 MA7

    Please give thanks/credit if you use this in your ROM - Donations are also appreciated! This one really aggravated me with the latest update since it stayed on the statusbar all the time. You can of course just turn off the Smartstay or Smartrotation but that wouldn't be any fun. You can...
  6. digiblur

    Thread [DEV] [MOD] [HOW-TO] Enable PRL Write & Remove ##DEBUG# lock code prompt - Note2 MA7

    [DEV] [MOD] [HOW-TO] Enable PRL Write & Remove ##DEBUG# lock code prompt - Note2 MA7 Please give thanks/credit if you use this in your ROM - Donations are also appreciated! Enable the PRL Write option in the ##DATA# menu (please do not abuse this and write VZW PRLs to end your contract as...
  7. digiblur

    Thread [DEV] [MOD] [HOW-TO] Remove connection optimizer spyware - Note2 MA7

    Please give thanks/credit if you use this in your ROM - Donations are also appreciated! Some may argue this but I find the connection optimizer to be spyware'ish with everything it tracks does in the background. I can handle my WiFi connections myself and do not need my phone automatically...
  8. digiblur

    Thread [DEV] [MOD] [HOW-TO] Remove roaming notification - Note2 MA7

    Please give thanks/credit if you use this in your ROM - Donations are also appreciated! This removes the rather annoying little notification when roaming saying you have lost data connectivity. It's pointless, annoying, and just gets in the way. We already have the roaming icon on the...
  9. digiblur

    Thread [MOD][MA4/MA6/MB1/MK3] PRL Write Enabler & ##DEBUG# prompt removal

    This is no longer offered as an add on.
  10. digiblur

    Thread [ROM] [MK4] digiblurROM Note2 - 2014.01.23

    digiblurROM MK4 Note2 Deodex - 2014.01.23 ATTENTION Thin Skinned Users: Dry humor ahead 1 post. I've always enjoyed a nice simple to the point ROM on my phone. It seems many ROMs start out as this but tend to stray quickly so I have shared mine for everyone to hate or enjoy. If you are...
  11. digiblur

    Thread [MOD][MK4/MA5/LK8/LKC] PRL Write Enabler & ##DEBUG# lock code removal

    This is no longer offered as a separate addon.
  12. digiblur

    Thread Interesting things in APKs in our phones...

    So in my digging around on garbage to remove... I started digging in ConnectionManager.apk. Several things kind of set me off a bit (code below). I don't claim to know exactly what it does but I can read enough of it to figure I don't want it running on my phone. EdmSysScopeService also had...
  13. digiblur

    Thread Any black themes?

    I'm looking through the themes and wow...all of you have done some impressive work. I'm looking for something a little simple though. I just want to get rid of all the ugly white backgrounds in the settings, email, contacts etc. Most importantly the email and settings screens. I don't use...
  14. digiblur

    Thread PRLs and LTE

    Apparently I am wrong and I will admit it. From everything I saw and read it looked like the PRL did not have anything to do with LTE or the PCS G block. Driving through Houston or should I say riding through Houston, with an EVO LTE and Galaxy 3. The Sammy is fully stock. EVO LTE is not of...
  15. digiblur

    Thread PRL

    I've heard this phone runs a different PRL series...55xxx. Anyone pulled it yet? I'd like to get a copy to run an analysis on it.
  16. digiblur

    Thread Anybody do an antenna mod?

    So I was toying around and looking at the antennas on the pop off panel on the top piece. I found a FCC doc that shows what antenna is which. The 1x one is at the bottom of the phone. I am not sure if that panel comes off easily, I could not get it to pop on mine. The EVDO antenna is easily...
  17. digiblur

    Thread Tower upgrades

    Saw this on another forum... awesome site! Shows you exactly where they are doing upgrades and future plans.
  18. digiblur

    Thread USB tether with EI22

    Can anyone recommend a good usb tethering program for use with EI22. WiFi tether is not an option here.
  19. digiblur

    Thread EI22 w/ Roam Control

    Anyone have success with stock EI22 w/ Roam Control? I had no problems installing SU, Busybox, root, etc on my phone. The app works but when I switch to Roam Only the data never comes up. Just the signal bars with no 3G indicator. I've tried a couple of different PRLs too. I've had this...
  20. digiblur

    Thread Isn't this the Epic 4G section?

    Scrolling through the threads all I see are Epic Touch threads. Isn't there a Epic Touch section now? I wish they would move all those threads over there. Call me crazy but I think the Epic Touch 4G threads should be in the Epic Touch 4G forum section. :confused: I still don't get why...
  21. digiblur

    Thread Roaming and EG22

    Anyone having any luck with Roam Control on EG22? I'm running the EG22 w/ EG22 modem. Everything looks to be working fine except for one huge glaring problem...roaming. I have all the roam guard nonsense turned off. I hit Roaming Only, I get the little triangle and even see it in the debug...
  22. digiblur

    Thread Slacker w/ Bonsai 4.1.1 not a good mix?

    So, I'm on Bonsai 4.1.1. I fire up Slacker to do some work and have a little tunes in my head. The song plays fine but when the song is over it doesn't advance. For every single song I have to hit the power, slide the lock up, and the app starts playing the next song. I don't have anything...
  23. digiblur

    Thread Low mic volume?

    So I am sitting here trying to talk to family from my Epic to their landline. They can barely hear me. I have been getting reports lately more and more of people saying they cannot hear me. So I grab my wifes stock epic and call them back. They state it is soooo much better that they can...
  24. digiblur

    Thread Anyone have any luck with the new Netflix released today?

    Anybody able to try out the new APK they are talking about here? And yes I know it works on the GB leak on our phones, but that ROM has absolutely horrible data/radio/wifi issues!
  25. digiblur

    Thread PRL 60677 Changes and Full Analysis is up

    I was finally able to obtain the PRL file for 60677. I have updated my site with the new changes in the file. Check my sig for the files.
  26. digiblur

    Thread PRL 60677 zip file needed

    Could someone please pull the 60677 PRL from their phone with QPST? I'm trying to do an analysis/change log on the file but can't seem to find it and my phone won't update to 60677. Thanks.
  27. digiblur

    Thread PRL 60676 Analysis

    I'm still working on a few things on the changes I'm making with the log file that is created when comparing two PRLs but I have finished the analysis of a PRL. Let me know if you see any corrections of SIDs, EV Subnets, etc. I will be updating this website with change logs and analysis' as...
  28. digiblur

    Thread EB13 Market Issues...missing apps

    I loaded up EB13 last night and had no issues until I started downloading my apps. I have Slingplayer that I purchased to watch my Slingbox on my phone while on the go. If I search the Market it is missing. At first I thought it was something with paid apps, but I noticed my other bought apps...
  29. digiblur

    Thread [Q] FroYo 2.2 Exchange madness... help!

    So I upgraded to one of the DK17 ROMs with the DK17 modem. Everything is working great! Until I tried to put in my work's exchange settings. I was greeted with this security policy thing of like 15 items. thanks! I paid for this phone, I pay the bill! I never had this issue on...
  30. digiblur

    Thread Any way to fix 3G icon showing while in 1X area?

    I did some searches on google and found people talking about this but didn't find any fixes. How do you fix the Epic to show the 1X icon instead of 3G while in 1X areas? Can't believe Sprint actually fools people with this! If I am on 1X I want to see it...guess they didn't want people see...
  31. digiblur

    Thread IE registry setting to revert to previous IE version?

    So I'm running the a newer DCD ROM that has the latest version of IE in it. It makes my text real small on some websites that are running in PDA mode. I remember someone posting a registry entry that would make the new version of IE revert back to the previous type of IE. I've searched and...
  32. digiblur

    Thread Can't get JiveTalk to work. SQL won't install.

    Back on DCD 3.2.6 I remember someone posting a couple of cabs that you installed before installing the beta of BeeJive/JiveTalk. I had no issues and the IM client worked great. Now on DCD 3.3.4(think that's the number), I can't get the SQL file to install it just says unsuccessful. And of...
  33. digiblur

    Thread Dialer popup fix?

    I've searched and searched and can't seem to find the right keywords to find the registry setting that stops the dialer from always popping up after I exit a program on a DCD rom. I know you just change one setting but for the life of me I can't remember. Does anyone know? Thanks.
  34. digiblur

    Thread Quick "Roaming Only" App or Script?

    Does anyone have a quick shortcut to force a phone to Roaming Only instead of having to dig through the menus. I get crappy signal at home but Alltel has a tower across the highway from our neighborhood. I don't talk on the phone much at home but the rare times I do, it would be awesome if I...
  35. digiblur

    Thread EVDO Roaming is back!

    Flashed the new ROM and this is awesome! DCD made a kitchen, the GPS works super fast!, no RevA here but I'm hitting 1.8 megabits on downloads with WMWifiRouter, and the best of all when I set the phone to Roaming Only it switches over to 1X then a few seconds later it picks up EvDO on Alltel...
  36. digiblur

    Thread digi's version 1 ROM based on dcd's 161 kitchen

    I've enjoyed dcd's work since I first found his Alltel clean ROM. Really made my Mogul run like it is supposed to. After I saw the dcd kitchen was released I started customizing it to the base I need start loading my own custom apps. I've changed a few minor things and added these apps...