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  1. shaneel1491

    Thread MI 5s camera mods [Updated: 1st Feb 2018]

    Hi all.. This is a fix for the broken implementation of camera 2 API on our device. This will allow us to finally shoot up to 32 sec raw image in camera 2 API and also enables up to 100k ISO... Much love and respect to defcomg for fixing this for us, he is an amazing dev and if you would like...
  2. shaneel1491

    Thread Mi 5S Camera Thread

    Let's get a camera thread going here so we can showcase the Mi 5S capabilities.
  3. shaneel1491

    Thread LG G2 Night camera MOD

    Hey everyone, so decided to release some files I have worked on that gave me excellent night photos and long exposure images from our trusty G2. First of massive shout out to defcomg who inspired me and guided me along the way, non of this would be possible without his vast knowledge of working...
  4. shaneel1491

    Thread Problem when building AOSP 7 for any device other than nexus.

    Today I tried my first build of an Android ROM, I downloaded the AOSP source, with the latest 7.0.0 r14 branch. I have been following the guide from the Xperia dev page, the cyanogen wiki and the Google source page, however when everything is downloaded and placed in the correct place. I...
  5. shaneel1491

    Thread Battery troubles

    So most of our G2's are nearing or older than 2 years. Lately I've been having trouble with my battery, the battery seems to last a fraction of what it did. But I also notice that sometimes it reports the incorrect battery percentages and goes up by 1 or 2 percent during sleep, it also charges...
  6. shaneel1491

    Thread Progressive slowdown?

    Hi there, this is an extremely noob question. Does anybody else's devices slow down with the more apps they have? For example I've been running my ROM for around 5 months and have a lot of apps. But loading times seem to be a bit slower, and also when I navigate to settings->apps it takes an...
  7. shaneel1491

    Thread Video player seek problem in Marshmallow

    So when I try to seek to a certain point in a video on CM13 it seems to break something, as the video seems to play in 4x speed with no sound. If you leave the app and comeback to it, it usually starts working normally again. Is anybody else having this problem? I looked at the Logcat and it...
  8. shaneel1491

    Thread [HELP] VPN crawling??

    I am running Cloudy G3 and up until yesterday VPN's connected fine.. But all of a sudden they crawl at like 1kb/s.. They used to go to over 800kb/s I didn't change any settings.. Kernel is Dorimanx.. It just started this all of a sudden.. It is hotspot shield, surfeasy, and hideninja that all...
  9. shaneel1491

    Thread Pushing G2 camera to the limit

    Hello All Excuse me if this was already raised but do you think that it is possible in anyway to create a MOD for G2 camera that is capable of shooting 480p @ 240fps.. This goes by the fact that 4K @ 30fps 1080p @ 60fps 720p @ 120fps Is this in anyway possible and is there any devs out...
  10. shaneel1491

    Thread OTA download results in "Invalid Software package"

    Hi Please help as I am trying to update my D802 from stock 4.2.2 to the latest OTA update. I do this by going to setting to update, the update is around 550mb and I am rooted through towel root. I need to update to KitKat so that I can install TWRP and flash packages and new ROMs.. Please help
  11. shaneel1491

    Thread Help changing MAC

    Hi there Please help me as i have two android devices running AOSP, an S3 and a transformer tab. I can successfully spoof their MAC's but after the change the devices do not connect to my password protected WiFi network. It says "Authentication Error" Please help
  12. shaneel1491

    Thread Vpn not receiving

    With any vpn I try, it connects and is able to send data, but 0 bytes of data is received, I'm running foxhound rising 2.4 Please help :)
  13. shaneel1491

    Thread Camera problem on jelly Bean

    Hi My asus' camera is not working after jb update, i bought it in Germany, after i boot it the camera works but after 5 mins the prolem comes back again. Thanks in advance! Sent from my GT-I9300 using xda premium
  14. shaneel1491

    Thread Deep Sleep Problem

    Hello I wonder if anyone can help me as my phone will not go into deep sleep, thus giving a bad battery life. As you can see, my phone is underclocked to 1ghz to save battery and the process downloadmanager seems to be keeping the phone awake… Any suggestions on how to close it, or disable it...
  15. shaneel1491

    Thread How to change Headphone Notification

    Is there any way to change the apps that appear in the notification bar once your headphones are connected?? Thanks in advance... ;) Sent from my GT-I9300 using xda premium
  16. shaneel1491

    Thread Repairs under warranty

    Hello All I have a few problems with my GS3, as the silver on the side seems to be peeling and I have a minor scratch on the screen (I don't know how it happened as I have a Samsung flip case)... Will Samsung repair these defects I have mentioned under warranty?? Sent from my GT-I9300 using...
  17. shaneel1491

    Thread Amazing tip for RAM freeing (Requires ROOT)

    Once ur device is Rooted, install system tuner pro, and disable some of the apps u have installed from play store, disable them from boot up, and use Ram booster pro when ever Ram get Full... Sent from my GT-I9300 using xda premium
  18. shaneel1491

    Thread Root S3 problem

    I dont know what i am doing wrong, i used the chainfire root method and used odin and flashed the cwm to my S3, but when it rebooted it did it normally but no superuser or busybox was installed... I have booted into the recovery, and see that it is CWM, but why do i not have root access...
  19. shaneel1491

    Thread Lockscreen

    I am currently using Facelock, but when i try changing unlock mode it says it is blocked by administrator or certificates etc etc... As u see the options are greyed out... Any ideas, thanks in advance. Sent from my GT-I9300 using xda premium
  20. shaneel1491

    Thread [Q] Usb Otg Crash

    Hi Sorry if there has already been a post like this, my sgs3 seems to work well with usb otg with mem sticks and different input devices, but when i try to connect any External Hard Drive over 2tb, my phone freezes and crashes, any reasons why???