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  1. shahfaishal

    Thread Bugs/Issues in OnePlus 6T - Need help

    Bugs in op6t? Please try to answer these below queries if anyone knows the solution. Thanks in advance. Currently it's happening on latest build v9.0.11. 1. Display network speed is not working under settings>display>status bar 2. Cursor of keyboard(any) in not visible. so finding where is...
  2. shahfaishal

    Thread Want to learn ROM development

    Hello world, full of Developers! I'm a student and I use Grand2 & OnePlus2 phones. I have very deep interest mobile phones/computers but I never get a chance to learn things about it. I love tweaking/customizing phone/pc. But i never understands how it works inside. I have very deep interest of...
  3. shahfaishal

    Thread WiFi Mac Address changed after flashing ROMs

    Hello Guys, Before flashing we all have our unique mac address in our phone. But after flashing roms, it changed sometimes. I flashed cm 14.1 and it changed to something weird like 02:00:00... . After many trials i didnt restored to my original one Problem is , after flashing the cm14.11 rom...
  4. shahfaishal

    Thread New Charger or Contact Service Centre?

    My phone is just 8 months old. Earlier it takes normally 1.5hours to fully charge. But since 3days, it takes more than 6 hours to charge fully. So, any indian guys/girls suggest me what should I do? Should i buy a new charger for my Oneplus 2 or contact the service centre?? If you suggest me to...
  5. shahfaishal

    Thread Why its Manual Network selection needed before connecting MOBILE DATA?

    I'm using v2.2.1 oxygen stock os. I think this should i ask you this. I set my "Preferred network type" as 3g (im using single sim only). but problem is that when i try to connect mobile data, it works fine for the moment but when i disconnect and then when i try to connect after 1 hour or few...
  6. shahfaishal

    Thread Marshmallow-Oneplus2- Help section

    Kindly share everything about marshmallow here.
  7. shahfaishal

    Thread Screen Protector Thin Film for OP2

    I need the original screen protector thin film for op2 just as it comes with mobile officially. Can anybody suggest me such a screen protector coz tempered glass is bulky but this thin protector is awesome. Thanks.
  8. shahfaishal

    Thread Want me to make a mirror?

    Hello guys and devs, i just want you guys to know that if anybody want to make a mirror, then i can do that as i have wifi enough to aid in the process. So, guys please tell me if you ever need me. Thanks.
  9. shahfaishal

    Thread How to activate OK GOOGLE from anywhere on the screen

    Guys tell me why saying OK GOOGLE isnt works rather than hitting the mic button first to search on google by using voice commands? How to make this work just by saying OK GOOGLE from anywhere on the screen? Screenshot also plzzzz.
  10. shahfaishal

    Thread Weather info in SHELF

    Can anyone tell me how to get weather info in SHELF feature (just like in pic attached) ? How it shows the temperature? plz tell if anyone is using. Thanks.
  11. shahfaishal

    Thread Leaked OFFICIAL Marshmallow ROM for OP2 released.

    Kindly anyone follow this link and make a mirror for it coz they ask an offer to complete in order to download the rom file and i am not able to complete any offer :( Here's the link Mod edit: Link removed. Plz hit thanks and make a mirror for it asap.
  12. shahfaishal

    Thread HOW TO DO Root, backup of stock rom & Unroot?

    KIndly tell me guys how to:_ 1) make a backup of my stock oneplus 2 rom? 2) to do root successfully? 3) unroot, if needed? Thanks.
  13. shahfaishal

    Thread Kernel needed for smoothness in 6.0.1 MM AOKP rom created by Adityaupreti.

    Please provide us a lag-free kernel for 6.0.1 aokp rom made by adityaupreti. Rom looses its smoothness when we installed our desired apps. games also lag. So provide us a good kernel which gives 1.59Ghz ad lagfree gaming performance just like someone has made a kernel for rooted 4.4 nk1 kitkat...
  14. shahfaishal

    Thread Build Charging animation for Grand2 same as Note 4-must see & reply WATCH THIS VIDEO PLEASE Kindly make the same CHARGING ANIMATION for Kitkat and Lollipop user, for our Grand 2 Sm-G7102 please. It's so awesome.
  15. shahfaishal

    Thread Solve my 6 biggest problems in cm 12.1 by mukulsoni-Plz don't visit only, solve them.

    earlier my firmware was:- Model- Grand 2 SM-G7102 Version- Android 4.4.2 Changelist 3250544 Build date- 13/02/2015 Product code- INU PDA- G7102DDUBOB1 CSC- G7102DDUBOB1 (1) When calling normally, other person can hear it properly and me too from my side, but as soon as i activate the handsfree...
  16. shahfaishal

    Thread WIFI mac address changed & Date-Time changes on every boot

    earlier my firmware was:- Model- Grand 2 SM-G7102 Version- Android 4.4.2 Changelist 3250544 Build date- 13/02/2015 Product code- INU PDA- G7102DDUBOB1 CSC- G7102DDUBOB1 but, I flashed the rom cm 12.1 provided by mukulsoni. Earlier when i was on official stock rom then my phone's wifi mac...
  17. shahfaishal

    Thread Need stable CM rom. Please answer my question. thanks

    Guys, i'm waiting for a fully cm rom for my grand 2 since a very long time. Please tell a bug free cm rom and paste the link and all detailed and necessary processes like i'm using G4 thailand version 4.3 jb. How to flash cm? what is the requiremeents? should i have to upgrade my official rom...
  18. shahfaishal

    Thread Note 4 Battery Charging Animation (while switch-off)-How to do in Grand 2?

    Kindly tell us devs that how do we change our charging animation just like in Note4. Its really awesome. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help us. reply...
  19. shahfaishal

    Thread Petition on for Official CM Rom for Grand2

    sign here and help us. thanks
  20. shahfaishal

    Thread I need deodexed GOOGLE CAMERA for 4.3 JB

    I need GOOGLE CAMERA of S6 for my 4.3 JB stock rooted grand 2. can you make its deodexed apk for 4.3 jelly bean so that we can move it to device>system>app to make it default camera?????? plzz make it soon with playstore freeze problem. thanks
  21. shahfaishal

    Thread Can anyone make Note5, Note4, S6 Deodexed apps for 4.3 JB inlcuding minimal design?

    Kindly make Note5, Note4, S6 and other Lollipop and ONEPLUS TWO PHONE'S app installable on our GRAND 2 4.3 JB. for e.g, Contacts with white color or minimal color Camera Gallery File manager Settings with white background etcccccc etccccccc... plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..
  22. shahfaishal

    Thread How to install LOLLIPOP apps on JELLYBEAN 4.3 ?

    Kindly tell us the procedure how to install the above? Many apps dont work on jellybean.....they need some modification b4 installing any lollipop apps of phones like SAMSUNG NOTE 4, NOTE 5, S6 and many more. so, kindly give us the above phones apps which should work pn JELLYBEAN 4.3 version...
  23. shahfaishal

    Thread OnePlus Two OXYGEN OS for Grand2

    Dear bros/siss, I am an old member of this forum but never happen to me to write any thread. I do read about threads but i am not that genius like our devs, but since i have strong desire about my phone's appearance, i would like to tell you two thins:-\ 1) I want oxygen os of one plus two phone...