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    Thread Modoex X6 32MB MTK6261D Firmware - Need the original

    I forgot to read about backing up the firmware of the smartwatch I bought here. It's called Modoex X6 Bluetooth Smartwatch. Here's the full spec Surface...
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    Thread [App] PasswordRabbit 1.2

    Hi guys! Finally got back here after couple of years being busy at work. If you don't know me, I'm the creator of JSPA and JWMD applications for Windows Mobile phones. I just got the time to build Windows Phone apps and this one is for security. It's called PasswordRabbit Screenies...
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    Thread [Homebrew] JWMD Apps - Emma (Enable Media and Marketplace Access)

    warning! 3.79MB gif file will load here I am one of WPExtended fan, but I think it's kind of long task for or maybe others to enable one tweak by tapping to Settings then tap on wp extended, wait..., then scroll, and tap again. So I made this one simple WP app that does not require you to do...
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    Thread [App] Strobe Light Art v1.0 your DSLR Art Buddy

    I am pretty sure you knew about light arts using your DSLR, what about the spinning led? In case you have't seen anything like it .. here are some youtube video about these LED arts. gklBWwGyreM Well I done the same concept, but as a software :) Strobe Light Art is an application for Windows...
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    Thread [Homebrew] JWMD Apps Start v1.0

    Well I just hope this is not just another Start menu replacement that you already have installed in your Windows Phone. Well it be great if you have another alternative that you can play with.. Here's "Start", yes, that's how simple the application name was. So what's in this application...
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    Thread [GUIDE] Installing Windows 8 using USB Drive and Dual Booting on Windows 7

    _ViZhNOUVUg Please lower the volume down. I'ts a little bit noisy. Thanks. In this video, I am going to install Windows 8 from using UltraISO, to installing Windows 8 in continuous 46 minutes video. There will be some little captions telling what I'm trying to do or what I was doing. so I'll...
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    Thread [APP] System Power Shortcuts

    I rewrote the entire application and I decided to make the UI a little simplified but I improved the navigation and I think It's great! I removed the scheduling feature and I'm rolling back to version 1.0 but you can still download the older version below. So What's new in this version Drag...
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    Thread [APP] Windows Phone 3D - Stereoscopic/Anaglyph/Wiggle

    And so I came back with my 1st non-homebrew application and I called it WindowsPhone3D. So what is WindowsPhone3D? Firstly, what are the types of stereo 3D? I know most of you already know these types of stereo 3D but let's make sure everyone understands it. Anaglyph - Anaglyph images are...
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    Thread [HOMEBREW-APP] Easy WiFi Enable/Disable

    Actually the real name was AnthewaWiFi™ (And there was WiFi™) This app can Enable / Disable your WiFi in just one Tap. - Tap on the Application -- it enables your WiFi - Tap on the Application again -- it disables your WiFi Easy as that. It will automatically connect to any of your Known WiFi...
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    Thread [HOMEBREW-APP] Shutdown7 v1.1

    Shutdown7 - an interop application that can Soft-reset and Shutdown your Windows Phone. This will not be going to WP Marketplace since this is an Interop which is not allowed in Marketplace. The Background in the application is randomly chose from your Camera Roll pictures. This is my very...
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    Thread [Q]Buy an Apps or Games from country that is not supported in Marketplace

    We all like to buy these cheap apps and games in Windows Phone Marketplace but unfortunately, some of us were not able to buy because most of the countries and regions is not yet available in Marketplace. So I am hoping somebody could help to us to buy stuff in WP Marketplace. Especially games...
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    Thread [TUT]SPL Downgrade from 5.x - RSPL and HSPL - Flash Custom ROM - Trick Marketplce

    INTRODUCTION I bought my phone a month ago but I do not have any plans to do any flashing thing about it except from having a developer-unlock WP7.5 OS. Yes, Windows Phone 7.5 Mango installed in my newly bought HTC 7 Mozart. Unfortunately, I was 3 days late when CheveronWP7 closed. 4 days of...
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    Thread [APP]Sound Fx 1.0

    Hello Guys, Sharing another great application called "Sound Fx" which can play audio file for example Air Horn or Fart, or what ever you want as long as it is in "WAV" format (currently support WAV). Here's a screenshot of the application You can add your own WAV file and an image...
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    Thread [SKINNING]WM Standard SMS Messaging

    Hello to all! I just want to contribute my work on WM Standard SMS Messaging client. The TMAIL.exe There are two dedicated thread about skinning the standard messaging client: 1. [SKIN SMS][06 Feb 10 UPDATE!]Beautify your standard WM SMS Thread! [All Res][WM6.1+] 2. [1.10 update][Andynear...
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    Thread [APP]SIP Changer

    SIP Changer will make a new file in Root named "SIP.txt" which contains the Name of the InputMethod as well as the GUID. Instructions: 1. Choose your InputMethod 2. Click Set Selection as Default then a message will pop-up "Installed" meaning it also created a shortcut link in \Windows\StartUp...
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    Thread [APP] Final Customization for Chefs! - Downoad now!! - New video too!

    Final Customization What is it? It's another chef application for having a final step on customizing their ROM. Final Customization runs after AutoRun, SDAutoRun, UC has finished and made a soft reset to the phone. Basic Flow First Boot --> Screen Calibration(skipped in other ROMs) ------>...
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    Thread tmail disable auto contact suggestion

    I've been having a problem with my tmail SMS / MMS am not even sure with Email but my ROM keeps freezing because of this auto suggested contacts. here's the pic am using EzInput 1.5.33955 + XT9 IME ATNT 1.5.33988 I used IME EzInput 2.0.355553.03 before but I had a problem when using the...
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    Thread Touch Capacitive Pad (bottom pad)

    Hello to all, am going to ask if anybody of you have a problem in Diamond or TPs Touch Capacitive Pad? I used this app Nav Debug Tool by HTC To check out this multi touch stuff in my TP (though I know before that it has a multi touch...
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    Thread Touch Capacitive Panel (bottom pad)

    Hello to all, am going to ask if anybody of you have a problem in TPs Touch Capacitive Pad? I used this app Nav Debug Tool by HTC To check out this multi touch stuff in my TP (though I know before that it has a multi touch feature, I...
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    Thread [SOLVED] Please help on New Contact Card and Dialer

    Hi to all, am sorry but I keep searching for an answer and couldn't find one .. maybe am just missing something so am asking for help. Almost got my new ROM done but it's bugging the heck out with the "New Contact Card" which is now working when trying to save a new contact from Dialer and...
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    Thread [APP] Drop to Windows v1.6 + Sense Tools + Parameters | Sense shortcuts fixed!!!!

    A small tool I made while creating my ROM. I don't know if this will help you in any way guys but it's my share for this community and a big thank you for helping me. So here's DropToWin Which copies files and folders to \Windows directory. I think it's a good tool if you're trying to make some...
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    Thread [APP] Drop to Windows v1.5 + Sense tools + supports 4 parameters

    A small tool I made while creating my ROM. I don't know if this will help you in any way guys but it's my share for this community and a big thank you for helping me. So here's DropToWin Which copies files and folders to \Windows directory. I think it's a good tool if you're trying to make some...
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    Thread [ROM][WWE|28244|RAPH] - Gambit Surface 2-b - Sense 2.5.2019|Titanium - ONLINE!!!

    Welcome to Gambit Surface ROM thread 2-b Sense 2.5.2019 and Titanium Build 28244 SCREENSHOTS FEATURES Stock Sense 2.5.2019 -- Supports Co0kie's Home Tab 2.0 Titanium [DRIVERS] Xperia X2 Video Driver APPLICATIONS [APP] Gambit Tools -- JWMD Icon Changer v3b -- JSPA Program...
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    Thread [Q]Cooking a ROM and making a changes

    Hi to all, I just started cooking my own ROM for my Fuze 3 days ago and I'll say It's really challenging and needs a lot of patience and courage. I've been fixing my ROM for 3 days now and still has some issues with some components in HTC Sense specifically HTC Messaging Client. I tried...
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    Thread Website Spider Guard - BETA

    Spider Guard is an online security that prevents your website from being crawled by unwanted spider/crawler/screen scrapper (PARASITES!) that take informations such as email address or contact numbers that will be used for spamming emails. Continuous spidering may also eat alot of your website...
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    Thread Protecting your USB port on your mobile device

    I own a HTC Fuze and am just concerned about its USB port because it might probably get damged from different things, dusts, and rusts.. Unlike new models from Nokia phones, they are now protecting this kinds of ports. so I wondered, how am I able to protect mine? And I thought, "yeah why not...
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    Thread JWMD SlideUnlock v1.0.0520.2011

    jeJK21i_Ogo This is my 2nd attempt on creating a Windows Phone 7 Lock like application for Windows Mobile 6.x and 6.5.x. The first one I made was like too simple and it's not skinnable, so this one has that feature. I made the horizontal-slide-and-unlock because I thought it'll be more Finger...
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    Thread JWMD Themer v1.0

    Hi guys! I'm up with another application again and It's called JWMD Themer. This application "again" currently(that means i'll be supporting WM6.1) supports WM6.5/WM6.5.x Let's say JWMD Themer will be concentrating on theming your Start Menu Icons in WM6.5/WM6.5.x. I don't usually use JWMD...
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    Thread RGD Information upon bootup

    Guys, how can I remove this R G D showing up upon bootup??
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    Thread [rom-dump] 2.03.405.3.wwe

    I just got my Diamond yesterday and dumped the original ROM and bootloader. you can get it here: (note: this are raw files + 1 .sh) does anyone knows how to convert this raw files to .nbh?
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    Thread Start Menu Grid Theme

    I was playing around with StartMenu_GridScene file after updating my JWMD Armids 1.2b and after going to sleep .. and look what I did :) -QvCWt2N618 I was hoping I could put something at the bottom of the grid.. something like a quick lunch or fav apps .... does anybody done that before...
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    Thread [REQ]Task29 For Elf

    Is there a Task29 for our Elf? If none .. can somebody create one for us? Thanks
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    Thread Windows was unable to detect my TyTn II

    Windows was unable to detect my TyTn II. everytime I connect the usb cable, Windows just popup the "USB Driver Not Recognized" I already have Windows Mobile Device Center installed (I was using it for Xperia X1) I tried 3 different usb cables but still the same.. I have read several threads...
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    Thread Heating on keyboard

    My kaiser heats on keyboard am not sure what happened.. the lightest is the hottest part.. am sure this is hardware part buy you guys know more about the hardware .. what you think it was??
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    Thread JWMD Armids v1.3 for Windows Mobile 6.5/6.5.x

    odpyOzci1iAcIxwoc9gGTM -------------------------------------------------- JWMD Armids 1.0a Ever want to change the number of columns in your Windows Mobile 6.5/x Start Menu without doing a lot of hardwork? Here's another tool to do the job for you. Armids can change your the number of columns...
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    Thread Set StartMenu default GridScene

    Hi chefs, I like to ask if how do you setup a default start menu grid scene file in registry? Back at X1 thread, there was a chef who managed to do that, but unfortunately, I don't remember what ROM and chef was that.. Can you guys help me? Am not trying to be chef but I'm doing some...
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    Thread [App]Tap Challenge

    My very first Windows Phone 7 application. Honestly, I cannot yet think of any good application tool so .. just for fun .. I made this Tap Challenge If you have your Windows Phone 7 device, can you give it a try? :D
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    Thread [D.APP]Animated GIF to BMP Image List

    I was looking for this kind of application for over a week now for some Windows Mobile project and can't find any free stuff and one time I have read that they said that there's a lot of this kind of "free" converters spread around the internet.. but I can't barely find one. Anyway, since I...
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    Thread WM6.5 - Creating custom shaped form with animation and set opacity level

    Creating custom shaped form and setting opacity level using SetLayeredWindowAttributes API for Windows Mobile 6.5 only and higher version I did some cute little application called Neko for Windows Mobile 6.5 and to share the idea on how I done the custom shaped form, here's a little sample code
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    Thread [App]Neko 1.3b build 62210 for Windows Mobile 6.5 / 6.5.x (ONLY!!)

    Neko Remember NEKO? Ok after reading that wiki, now you do.. :) and here's the video preview of Neko. Thanks to the0ne from J5Poqqd5yVM Boring days while in vacation and I was playing this old dos games from my sister's flash drive and I was so happy when I saw this little...
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    Thread Kinetic Scroller

    hello guys. just want to share this code to you using System; namespace FBScroller { using System.Windows.Forms; using System.Drawing; public class KineticScroller { /* * Kinetic Scroller * by: Jayson Ragasa * supports Windows Forms and...
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    Thread A few suggestion for Windows Phone 7 navigation

    Since Microsoft first released Windows Phone 7, I convinced my self to "NOT BUY" the very first release because I know and I think most of us knows that a few months or weeks, an improved version will be available.. Well probably upgrading a ROM is the answer but anyway, my few suggestions to...
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    Thread force to close an application after pressing X

    hi and hello to all chefs out there, i'd like to ask how you handle this problem? force to close an application after pressing X? because by default, tapping X only minimize the current application. thanks!:)
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    Thread (request) Video Embed

    Sometimes to make the cooked ROM or app more satisfying, we need a video preview. Would it be possible to embed a video preview here in XDA-Dev? YouTube or Vimeo only. Pleeeeeeeeeeaasee :rolleyes:
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    Thread [Code]C# - App.Config reader

    I just want to share my code for reading app.config file. I wrote it earlier for my current project - JWMD Stuick. I just want it simple and clean and my/an alternative of (I never used it though) OpenNETCF.Configuration. here's the code using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using...
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    Thread [App] JWMD Stuick - A Start Menu helper

    Hi guys, Again, I made a, I think a pretty useful application for Start Menu. It's not yet done, but I want to show a preview on what this app do. Do you agree that sometimes scrolling way down to the bottom of the start menu is a bit tiring? Though you can move those on top but .. your...
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    Thread [App] JWMD Quick Shortcut Search and Launcher

    Hi guys, Again, I made a, I think a pretty useful application for Start Menu. It's not yet done, but I want to show a preview on what this app do. Do you agree that sometimes scrolling way down to the bottom of the start menu is a bit tiring? Though you can move those on top but .. your...
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    Thread JWMD Phone Reset v1.5b

    :D I just made a little app this morning and just a thought of sharing it to you. This little app has a capbility of reseting and shutting down your phone. I put a little design which I think you notice the look was a little Windows Phone 7 or the Metro Style? here are some of screen shots...
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    Thread Playing DOS Games in X1 using DOSBOX

    Hello guys, Earlier, I thought of playing old dos games in X1 using DOSBOX. Some of my favorite DOS games was Heretic Descent Dave Skyroads Commander Keen and specially Lemmings!! All of them can be found in Anyway, my problem is .. SPEED. So I thought maybe we could...
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    Thread I Love Windows Phone Bootup Logo and Wallpaper (Desktop and WP)

    check the attachments and this link for HD Wallpaper >