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  1. mai77

    Thread Moto E LTE (2. gen of 2015) -- XT 1527 surnia (aka Styx) -- important links etc.

    to clarify : "Motorola E" has (too) many sub types: :mad: - first generation. "moto e 1. gen" of 2014 --- Condor - second generation "moto e 2. gen" of 2015 --- Surnia (earlier known as "Styx") -- then among 2. gen : - GSM, CDMA, LTE (having different processor types as well)...
  2. mai77

    Thread 【E1】【E3】 Xflasher - SONY XPERIA cmd line tool for bootloader sbl1 flashing & hacking

    【E1】【E3】 Xflasher - SONY XPERIA cmd line tool for bootloader sbl1 flashing & hacking xflasher v.2 - a new 2015 tool. useful for custom boot scenarios. :) not to be confused with a Nokia tool and some older stuff with the same name...
  3. mai77

    Thread 【E1】 XPeria E1 (D2005) Falcon SS - semi-official dev thread - 2015 release

    【E1】 XPeria E1 (D2005) Falcon SS - semi-official dev thread - 2015 release Sony Xperia E1 D2005 (Sony Falcon SS) 32bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 MSM8210 1200MHz vs. ##################################################### Sony Xperia E3 HSPA D2202 (codename: 'Flamingo')...
  4. mai77

    Thread 【E1】【E3】 SnoopSnitch anti spy detector

    snoopsnitch gives you full access to baseband GSM low level stuff never seen before :D released on CCC Dec 2014 :cowboy: fantastic stuff , read my E1 info with links ! :good:
  5. mai77

    Thread this is unfair ! E3 vs. E1 xperia

    the E3 got it's own forum straight away, but E1 users don't even have a mentioning in the "xperia E ..." forum headline. :confused: the E1 is suppressed but the E3 is promoted ! huge bias ! :mad: I will post E1 stuff in this forum too. :p
  6. mai77

    Thread snoopsnitch open source GSM low level app / lib for xperia E1

    on 31C3 :fingers-crossed: snoopsnitch was introduced ! :fingers-crossed: on the SONY xperia E1 model...
  7. mai77

    Thread [T110] Tab3 lite 7" - SM-T110 - goyawifi - recov bootloop 40% resolved - philz 6.30.1

    [T110] Tab3 lite 7" - SM-T110 - goyawifi - recov bootloop 40% resolved - philz 6.30.1 philz_touch_6.30.1-goyawifi.tar.md5 philz 6.30.1 goya wifi The situation for SM-T110 users could be better. I want a stock ROM with working PhilZ, since custom ROMs are too poorly documented. Though Philz...
  8. mai77

    Thread 【E1】 xperia E1 - Androxyde flashtool hints

    It is possible to flash stuff with ft in flashmode in win8.1-64. (lights off) fastboot mode is not so good I believe. (blue light) PC companion still overflashed (no light) the E1 after messing with ft. I left the bootloader untouched = locked. overall, I like ODIN & Galaxy better for...
  9. mai77

    Thread 【E1】 stylus pretty good

    on the xperia E1 a 'standard El Cheapo' rubber tip stylus works better than on a Galaxy Y. since 'home' is on the main screen, it works well there as well - unlike the 'Y'. :laugh:
  10. mai77

    Thread 【E1】 DRM keys backup / TA backup

    seemingly, the E1 - unlike xperia z - has no bravia engine. neither SONY specs site nor PDA DB report E1 with bravia, but they do report the Z with bravia. Thus, no bravia DRM keys can get lost on the E1, as they do on the Z after unlocking with no TA backup. also track-ID works nicely on...
  11. mai77

    Thread 【E1】 xperia E1 users might get their own subforum soon ! or maybe not ...

    【E1】 xperia E1 users might get their own subforum soon ! or maybe not ... I received complaints from forum users about this forum being overcrowded. so I contacted the admins about a separate E1 subforum. now things are in the making... This will most likely lend a huge boost to the E1...
  12. mai77

    Thread 【E1】 XPeria E1 (D2005) semi-official dev thread -flashing, hacking, rooting and all

    【E1】 XPeria E1 (D2005) semi-official dev thread -flashing, hacking, rooting and all E1 model long story short: E1 facts: - can be rooted (somewhat) easily -- see for Kitkat 4.4.2 rooting with kernel-swapping via...
  13. mai77

    Thread cover: Xposed framework - modify apps at runtime on Gingerbread

    what is the best cover & battery for GS? on a sidenote: Xposed framework for Gingerbread & Galaxy, such as GS and SGY is a real improvement. :good: so far, some modules have been developed and or backported for Gingerb. see tags for further reading and for ICS modules...
  14. mai77

    Thread [MOD][app] Xposed framework on SGY - modify apps at runtime this backport to gingerbread works like a charm you can modifY settings of all apps e.g. privacY and what not VERY COOL :good::good: this tool kicks butt on GalaxY Y
  15. mai77

    Thread Enable Hidden CSC Features on rooted SGY

    guYs this stuff has come to my attention lately: source: add features via .xml CSC file now we need a ready-made file for download to SGY, which will appear below... Feature: Pressing Enter key takes the cursor to a new line...
  16. mai77

    Thread onandroid for SGY: full BAK / RESTORE without rebooting into recov

    onandroid is an open source script for backing up partitions as nandroid packed archives. it works from standard mode, you waste no time to reboot into "Android system recovery". pretty awesome. sgy partns patch file is available, it should be installed via CWM rather than ASR. I experienced...
  17. mai77

    Thread Star N7189 = Alps e2001 phablet, MT6589 based SoC, Android 4.2.1 -- research thread

    These phones are sold by efox and other China outlets around €180 the model Star N7189 is a clone of Samsung N7100 (aka Samsung Galaxy Note II) It has got GPU: SGX 544MP battery: 3.7V Li-ion, 3000 mAh, 11.1 Wh, 59x73x5 mm, 3 contacts, adhering to standard "GB/T18287-200" mediatek version =...
  18. mai77

    Thread [Tolino] Shine, a rooted ebook reader with e-ink & Android

    Tolino Shine , a new e-book reader manufactured by "Longmire" of the People's Republic of China. reader released in 2013 around 100€ = $130 "Tolino Shine" is Android based. :cowboy: The Tolino Shine supports EPUB, PDF and TXT ebooks, so choice of content selection is going to be wide open...
  19. mai77

    Thread AKURO-DATA2SD - mount SD as /data via init.d

    this post is to introduce below tags. research AKURO-DATA2SD (mark, right click, run "contextual search" (enable that in forum user options) in : kuro's files ...
  20. mai77

    Thread 【KakaoTalk】[app] kakaoTalk - post your ID or scancode here ! 【KakaoTalk】 【KakaoTalk】

    【KakaoTalk】[app] kakaoTalk - post your ID or scancode here ! 【KakaoTalk】 【KakaoTalk】 let's meet in kakaoTalk messenger ! :good: scan this and add me as contact : kakao talk Friends List --- Serial number...
  21. mai77

    Thread [Q & A] What does ASR = Android system recovery look like ?

    on SGY like this: with this menu you can install custom ROMs and system updates ( e.g. in order to root the device. press & hold POWER + UP + HOME button combo to boot into ASR. release POWER after a few seconds, keep holding UP+HOME, release HOME first , then UP button. Also...
  22. mai77

    Thread Valkyrie 1.5E release post - SGY device rooter for GT-S5360 & clones

    just a reminder for the aroma rooter for SGY : :good::good: Valkyrie 1.5E :good::good: (E like edelweis) download posting: attachment link ...
  23. mai77

    Thread SGY very popular: here are the statistics !

    click on =Galaxy%2520Y&t[1]=Galaxy%2520S-III&t[2]=GT-S5360&from=01/01/2011&to=11/29/2012&dpts=month&dm=abs&ds=medium&dt=bar&tm=advanced&m=form"]these statistics ! may take 20 sec. to load ! 20000+ posts on SGY already ! SGY even outperforms the Galaxy S-III :laugh: wow ! :good::good:
  24. mai77

    Thread | bml0!c | dump bml0!c = complete oneNAND backup of SGY phone in one piece [research]

    hi guYs ! on SGY phone, all of internal storage can be hexdumped (dd'ed) using this block device: /dev/block/bml0!c for details please read up these: untagged thread on RFS...
  25. mai77

    Thread [ bloatware ] .apk list : which bloatware to delete from ROM ?

    unfortunately other thread was closed midway into some discussion. Did you encounter problems when removing a particular bloatware ? read also on SGY bloatware removal : news...
  26. mai77

    Thread [tag][education] do not use bad posting titles !

    I wonder how few people understand that those [tags] ( in the posting title ) are useful for sorting the posts according to their subject matter ? click the arrow ! please exercise some care - and chime in to existing threads ( i.e. use the same [tags] as them ) to make it easier to future...
  27. mai77

    Thread | Aroma | installer "Edelweis" v. 2.56 , SGY adapted: download in here ! I modded to a larger font to be able to read everything on an SGY have fun ! demo, no real install of anything. just to get a feel of "aroma" start in CWM or in android recovery (stock system) with this you can make modded ROM...
  28. mai77

    Thread | pdroid | PDROID privacy app works on SGY , deodexing ROMs

    1. use the deodexer to deodex your SGY ROM (whichever one) // works with some ROMs such as infected-ablaze, but not with stock ROM 2. put the system sub directory in a zip file as input file for the patch generator 3. the patch generator then gives you two files to patch and unpatch your ROM 4...
  29. mai77

    Thread |Merruk| Kernel 2.5 install instructions / up to build #206 Okt. 2012

    please do not spam this thread ! advanced users only ! no noob questions ! place them in other threads Q & A section ! below you see the menu of CWM, where you should "install a .zip-file from SD card" CWM Recovery as opposed to ASR = Android system recovery this is...
  30. mai77

    Thread /join #galaxy_y ... channel on freenode IRC chat ! KakaoTalk big fun for the guYs!

    alternative IRC channel because old #galaxy_y channel needed invitation - but now it's OK again (reedit) :crying: come to chat ! then type : /join #galaxy_y else try: /join #galaxy_y_for_all feel free to...
  31. mai77

    Thread 【app】 redphone 0.6 secure telephony op.src. - must have ! counterparties needed !

    【app】 redphone 0.6 secure telephony op.src. - must have ! counterparties needed ! new version 0.6 ist outstanding ! you can have secure phone calls with open source cryptography for GSM calls and google voice calls (if you must). :angel: let us link up as counterparties to have SECURE...
  32. mai77

    Thread 【app】 redphone 0.6 secure telephony - open source - must have !

    redphone ver. 0.6, open source secure telephony. is supposed to work with regular GSM numbers and google call numbers, too. I believe it sends a key via SMS to your phone # and then does VOIP. this app turns your SGY into a James Bond or Anna Chapman (KGB) secure phone like John F. Kennedy had...
  33. mai77

    Thread [Battery] yiboyuan external charger quite OK

    guYs, I am using my external charger for 2 months now. I am quite satisfied, no probs so far. light indicator shows when batt is charged up. it says it has overcharging protection. it was only 9 €uro from ebay Hong Kong, PRC, including 2 standard batts for SGY. maker / model:
  34. mai77

    Thread 【DEV】[CM7] from source - CyanoGenMod -- by motafoca

    this is the continuation of a thread that was unfortunately closed by the admin. :eek: original link Our fellow developer motafoca ( <-- link) is working on ports of CyanoGenMod to several phones. motafoca wrote: "I am making a linux server for android compilation, it will be for public...
  35. mai77

    Thread Galaxy "Y" vs. "Fit" comparison: GT-S5670 <--> GT-S5630

    ☆.☆ R & D thread ☆.☆ it seems that these two models are very similar. Galaxy Y uses bcm21553 processor on totoro board. partition information file is "totoro_0623.pit" it would be interesting to discuss, which software is interchangeable among the two phones. please post a dmesg output...
  36. mai77

    Thread dsixda's Android Kitchen

    dsixda's Android Kitchen release thread : project is stopped, but still pretty cool download: video
  37. mai77

    Thread 【DEV】 BotBrew - package manager

    guYs, check out this awesome package manager BotBrew. mostly of use to software developers. works like a charm on SGY (at least the debug version, which is attached) use on PC...
  38. mai77

    Thread 【R&D】 ☆.☆.☆ .. debDroid & "Linux Installer"= full Linux chroot distro on SGY .. ☆.☆.☆

    【R&D】 ☆.☆.☆ .. debDroid & "Linux Installer"= full Linux chroot distro on SGY .. ☆.☆.☆ this is a research and development thread the aim is to discuss the feasibility and implementation of SGY as a pure Linux environment. introducing (debian style) alternatives to Android on an SGY is not an...
  39. mai77

    Thread 【fonts】 cool typeface fonts

    guys , use fontographer to get cool typefaces. the SGY can mange 6 fonts. if you install too many, the settings.apk FC's you at which number will the SGY crash ? 6 is safe , 20 fonts leads to FC in apk I attached some, install and select in display-settings
  40. mai77

    Thread 【Y phone】 Y phone wins over i-phone: proof is here

    guYs, it's official. the Apple ifone is a piece of crap :mad::mad::mad: in Finnland, Europe, many ifones were destroyed because ifones go broken in temperatures below 0° Celsius. :D:D:D magazine reported that ifones were bricked for good just because it got a bit chill...
  41. mai77

    Thread 【app】 app reactor: android script engine

    guYs, this app is a pretty cool script GUI uses android activities asf. has some potential
  42. mai77

    Thread SGY sells at 60 EURO

    during 2011, the SGY sold around 120 EURO, now it is € 60 (64 € incl. shipping). ( I wish, they would slash petrol prices like that ...
  43. mai77

    Thread [POLL] guYs, is the Yphone low active or legacY ?

    guYs, this Y-phone has been put for a long time under the classification: legacY or low activitY in XDA hierarchY. as a matter of fact: SGY is brand new, and friggin' high activitY ! what is Your opinion , please answer in poll !
  44. mai77

    Thread [TOOL][WIP] nandroid-mobile recovery for SGY

    guys, this 2009 vintage script is too cool to not have it on SGY. it's an advanced BACKUP / RESTORE nandroid system shell script. we needa kinda recompile this stuff download # nandroid v2.1.1 - an Android backup tool for the G1 by...
  45. mai77

    Thread 【app】 plumber's ass crack app

    this app is of HIGH educational value for adolescents.:D girls in particular need this to form their personality.:D try to hit the target with ice cubes, bolts, peanuts and other stuff :D also watch nice birds fly by in the window over the sink.
  46. mai77

    Thread "permanent" CWM mod : nandroid BAK & RESTORE

    from REPENCIS custom ROM for SGY we get a new ClockworkMod recovery menu. it stays resident (though not in some tests) and replaces the "Android system recovery" menu to boot into. to quickly boot into it, use "quick boot app" please report back below, whether new CWM works flawlessly
  47. mai77

    Thread | bml0!c | reset flash counter in bml15 . analyze bml0!c in oneNAND

    we gingerbread guys need to get serious on this fricken flash counter, else we can't truely clone our SGYs. reedit: by this time Doky has found it in bml15 and resets it in his galaxy tool app. ty !! Kies knows about it and it has implications for asec stuff too. manufacturing tried to keep...
  48. mai77

    Thread SGY data dumps for comparison purposes

    for some folks it may come in handy to have some data for comparison, if their local device e.g. went haywire Build: GINGERBREAD.XXLA2 Bootloader: unknown Radio: unknown Network: Kernel: Linux version ([email protected]) (gcc version 4.4.3 (GCC) ) #31 PREEMPT Wed...
  49. mai77

    Thread [Battery] External batteries

    there are some USB batt packs out there on ebay for example. 10 Euro =1500 mAh and 15 €uro = 2700 mAh capacity. chargable via SGY charger. the case is flush with the bottom, but not flush at the sides. batt pack sticks out to the right hand side unfortunately. weight is 52 gramm, so the strain...
  50. mai77

    Thread 【GUIDE】 UOT online kitchen: long story short | your custom theme made in 10 minutes

    【GUIDE】 UOT online kitchen: long story short | your custom theme made in 10 minutes to build custom theme: in goto "File upload" menu upload below settings.uot file (unzip it), if desired (preset for SGY) for SGY, you must upload 3 files (use e.g. MyPhoneExplorer to...