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    Post How to flash firmware on Xiaomi Mi Note 10 - step-by-step guide

    Hi! There were times when trying to reboot to recovery after installing the rom, screen just displays black. Force restart gives me fastboot even when I try to boot to recovery. A stock rom flash helps me go back to square one. What did I go wrong? It happened several times already.
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    Post Fastboot issue

    :highfive: This saved me after wasting a day just reading everywhere. Thank you so much!
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    Post [WIP] TWRP Development for SM-P205 (Tab A 8.0 2019 Exynos model)

    Been wanting to see updates for this too. Any progress?
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    Post Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 0 with S Pen 2019 LTE (SM-P205) - Owner Review

    Yep. This one nailed it! :D I couldn't ask for a better way to wake up the screen especially when its lying flat. :highfive:
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    Post Help Me Please!!!

    tried using the erecovery to download and install original firmware?
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    Post One-click Root says compatibility for P20 Lite on their site

    Any root method requires an unlocked bootloader.
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    Post will we get GPU Turbo?

    I got the update last week. Just be patient though. The update with GPU Turbo is currently rolling out to all P20 lite variants.
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    Post One-click Root says compatibility for P20 Lite on their site

    tried the patched ramdisk method (magisk)? still works well with the latest update. :)
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    Post [ROOT] How to properly root the P20 lite

    Works on the latest update. Thank you!
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    Post Huawei P20 Lite root

    This method boot-loops version. Please be wary.
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    Post huawei mate 10 lite

    No NFC :)
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    Post P9 lite

    but hisuite shows no update :(
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    Post HwOTA for Huawei P9 Lite

    where do I download the firmware files by the way?
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    Post [Root] How to root Phoenix OS without replacing system.img

    Which specific variant you used and what phoenix os ver did you installed it to? :confused:
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    Post Phoenix OS v2.5.9 Released

    I find it difficult to use as I am using single boot. :(
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    Post [FIX] How to fix "Google Play Services" can't be installed (Error code: -501)

    any compatible play services ver 11.9.75 yet?
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    Post Phoenix OS v2.5.9 Released

    unable to update play services. anyone?
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    Post [APP][5.0+] Material Messaging

    Is there something like private box like in other third party sms app or spam messages on samsung native sms app on this? I'd love to see it integrated :) It's where you can keep private messages and also be able to reply specified contacts secretly.
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    Post Samsung Galaxy Tab E SM-T560

    From what country are you? What's the model number of your tab?
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    Post Samsung Galaxy Tab E SM-T560

    I hope a developer creates one for us
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    Post Samsung Galaxy Tab E SM-T560

    Anyone tried the roms found at the site suggested? :confused:
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    Post [MOD] Minimum Brightness

    Hi! Tried min brightness but when screen is set to the lowest level, I get a white screen after locking the phone. Sent from my DIAMOND D1 using XDA Free mobile app
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    Post [KERNEL] [4.4] Werewolf kernel v008 [15/02/2015] SM-T210(R) and T211

    Clearing app data does nothing. Tried uninstalling the old one. Installed fresh from playstore and it solved the problem. Thank you!
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    Post [KERNEL] [4.4] Werewolf kernel v008 [15/02/2015] SM-T210(R) and T211

    Chrome crashes everytime I open it. Im using the playstore version
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    Post [ROM]{Re-Based} NoleKat v2.2 for T210(R) w/ Kids Mode Add-On

    Thanks! Installed 2.1. So far so good. :)
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    Post [ROM]{Re-Based} NoleKat v2.2 for T210(R) w/ Kids Mode Add-On

    I am currently in 1.9. Do I need to erase everything? Or can I install 2.1 over the 1.9 to save my current app data?
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    Post [ROM] [OFFLINE] TranchidaKat v5.3 [4.4.2 KitKat] [SM-T210/R] [1/6/2016]

    Where can I find screenshots of the 1.4? :)
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    Post WIfi problem Galaxy s duos

    Tried restoring the modules but still wifi cant be turned on. :crying:
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    Post Galaxy s duos s7562 wifi problem

    Any other solution to this? Wifi just cant be turned on. :crying:
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    Post Cherry Mobile Flare Dead or Hard Brick Solution

    can we do the STEP A to revive a Cherry Mobile Hyper with a dead boot problem?
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    Post [Root][SM-T210R][4.1.2]Root Without Odin

    thank you so much! :) worked on my sm-t210r. :cowboy:
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    Post [ROM][JB][4.2.2][JDQ39E] CyanogenMod 10.1 BETA (Build 4)

    Is there any way to revert back to kernel 3.0 for much longer battery life? :fingers-crossed:
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    Post CyanogenMod 10 - Discussion thread / Bug report

    I get no deep sleep with this one. Tried it for couple of days. Now I decided to go pristine. Hope all goes well.
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    Post [Q] arranging apps drawer

    You can install another launcher if you want to group apps within the app drawer
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    Post Petition to Move Samsung Galaxy W I8150 to the Main Threads

    me too! I definitely agree!
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    Post [PIC THREAD] Picture/Landscape Corner!

    Here's mine. :victory:
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    Post [ROM][JB][4.1.2][JZO54K] CyanogenMod 10 Final Release (EOL) [23/10/2013]

    Is that problem caused by Mediafire messing up everybody's uploaded files? Thanks @arco, you're the best. I'm currently downloading the 2.6 now. But I'm using the 3.0 currently and I'm very impressed. :) I'll swap this to 2.6 since I use the camera few times everyday.
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    Post [ROM][JB][4.1.2][JZO54K] CyanogenMod 10 Final Release (EOL) [23/10/2013]

    Why am I directed to a song download with the latest 2.6 kernel link of the rom? I just wanted to try the rom. Does anyone have a proper link to it?
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    Post My battery rapidly decreasing.

    What ROM are you using? Maybe the ROM who are using still has bugs that disabled CPU deep-sleep. Flash the custom ROM again or find another one to use.
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    Post [Q] Emoji support CM10?

    It does. Check the Emoji support in Messaging's settings. Sent from my GT-I8150 using Tapatalk 2
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    Post [DISCONTINUED][APP][CM10] Android 4.1 to Android 4.2 Mod package! ***GT-I8150 ONLY***

    The latest update link says "The user hosting this content is out of bandwidth." Can I have a mirror please?
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    Post My Wonder i8150 and ODIN

    Do make sure that you're computer can actually communicating to your phone. Have you installed the necessary usb drivers? If you did, you can check if the cable still works fine. Normally, Odin should respond accordingly if communication between the two have been established. Sent from my...
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    Post [APP]TOUCHWIZ MEMO working on ics

    Thank you so much for this! :)
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    Post [Q] Constant password prompt despite flashing/resetting

    Try formatting the system cia CWM before flashing. See if that fixes your problem.
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    Post [Q] [NEED HELP] Theme for stock Rom DXLM3

    This might not specifically answer your question but I would like to suggest you flash already with a custom rom (deodexed one). I was once loyal to the stock DXLM3 that came from the update. Customizing your phone would be hassle free if you do so. And also if you're in it, try the CM9. XDA has...
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    Post [CM9][CM10]Android 4.2 Keyboard Official

    She can install any emoji plugin available in the play store to be able to see the emojis too on her phone. Can't confirm yet if installing the keyboard alone does the trick on yours but do have any such app installed on your phone?
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    Post [Q] DSLR controller

    I'm afraid the Galaxy Wonder does not have such hardware capability to host external devices via USB so no, you won't be able to control your DSLR with your phone.
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    Post [Q] Bricked Samsung Galaxy W (GT-i8150)

    In reverting back to GB 2.3.6 from CM9, you should do format /system to be able to flash successfully. Try it.
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    Post [Q] installed cynanogen(mod)

    Why hack? Use another pc with a good internet connection. Maybe a friend's pc or relative. Or rent anyway just to download?