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  1. louiscypherbr

    Thread New Facebook home leaked (not tested)

    Hey, look what Paul from modaco found to us! The new Facebook home, leaked, and as reviewed by ars team, very bugged. I hadn't test it because I couldn't download it directly on my phone from mega. Anyway, provide feedback to us if you got it working...
  2. louiscypherbr

    Thread [MOD] Disable fastdormancy on ICS

    To check if your fastdormancy is enabled or not, go to your logcat and check if it's giving you a lot of messages when you're wifi is OFF and data ON. Also, you should check if your carrier supports fastdormancy. If so, it's better to leave it on. If not, disabling it should save you some...
  3. louiscypherbr

    Thread How to disable "NetworkLocationService"

    It should be simple as disabling network location and Google locations service on settings, but I was almost crazy trying to figure out how to disable this NetworkLocationService. It was appearing every time I started gmaps, and it makes wifi wakelock incredibly frequent, draining the battery as...
  4. louiscypherbr

    Thread Stupid ICS contacts

    When you create a new contact, it saves as default on sim card. This is really stupid, because it's not sync with Google and there's no options like email or address on that storage. Also, I used to add my friends address from maps adding a star to their home and then adding as a contact, but...
  5. louiscypherbr

    Thread Hold - back to kill current app

    This is the main feature on that I miss, the possibility of killing the open app by holding back button. It's a very simple procedure, and I'm sure that there's Tasker script to do this, but do you know any app that can do this on any rom? I don't have Tasker and don't intend to buy it. Sent...
  6. louiscypherbr

    Thread Stock ICS music player lyrics

    Do anybody noted there's an option to show lyrics of current play track on stock ics player? But how to make it work? Sent from my LG-P990 using xda app-developers app
  7. louiscypherbr

    Thread v28J on server, but impossible to download

    It looks like that v28J is already on server. However, they keep blocking us to download it, so that's why you as me gets the "forbidden" message. Bad LG.
  8. louiscypherbr

    Thread [mod][stock ics] Rooted v28g system.img

    Since some people asked me, I'm providing rooted system.img to be flashed by nvflash, an easy way to get v28g installed from kdz or smartflash rooted, for those who prefer to keep it as stockish as possible. The only mods I did from stock kdz backed up from my phone was to push su and...
  9. louiscypherbr

    Thread [MOD][ICS] Working Facelock for ICS

    That's true! Perfectly working on my stock rooted ICS for 24h+! This mod is for test porpoises only. Although I'm using it with success right now, I can not guarantee you that it will work, so: I'm just reproducing the method I used to make it works on my own device. I have no intentions of...
  10. louiscypherbr

    Thread Number of screens on stock ICS home

    I could add one more home screen on stock LG home (ICS stock), but how I can delete it? Edit: just have to use pinch zoom to delete it. Sent from my LG-P990 using xda app-developers app
  11. louiscypherbr

    Thread Difference between p990h and p990

    I bought a p990 in Spain, where I lived for a year, and it was working fine there. So I came back to Brazil and my phone keeps losing signal and don't coming back after that. Tried a lot of bb/ril and nothing helps (I use always stock Rom) So, looking for original firmware,I found no p990 from...
  12. louiscypherbr

    Thread Anyone using p990 in Brazil

    If so, witch bb/ril are you using? I'm trying 20q and 20s with Tim but after some hours I lost signal and my phone still offline after that until I reboot it. Any tips? Sent from my LG-P990 using xda app-developers app
  13. louiscypherbr

    Thread Google Maps and battery problem

    I am seeing google maps using a lot of battery with latitude and history turned off, independently of the rom, if after I reboot I open it, even if I force it stop. This doesn't happen if after a reboot I don't open it. Am I the only one? I always use network location and I don't want to turn it...
  14. louiscypherbr

    Thread [REQUEST] 2.3 Stock ROM for CWM

    Is there any pre-rooted untouched stock rom to be flashed with CWM? I don't have a windows, so can't use nvflash to flash firmwares, and it will be wonderful to have a 2.3 rom without any app added/removed (despite su) zipped to be flashed by clockworkmod. If there were anyone already, I am...
  15. louiscypherbr

    Thread [app] Check what is draining your battery

    Just found a very usefull app to check what is draining your batt. It consumes a lot of battery itself, but is interesting to keep it on after suspecting of battery consuption changes. Credits and more info here:
  16. louiscypherbr

    Thread Good cell provider on Spain

    I am moving to Spain to stay for a year, and I am searching for a cell provider with a good 3g plan. I will not make to much calls, but unlimited data is crucial. Can anyone suggest me witch cell company I must search?
  17. louiscypherbr

    Thread Change color when battery is full charged

    I know that it is possible to use app to use different colors of led to display different system messages. But I wold appreciate if I cold just change led color from green to blue (or other then green, yellow os red) when batt charge is on 100%. Do anybody know if there is a config file to do this?
  18. louiscypherbr

    Thread Helix Launcher App Drawer Transparent Background

    I took some days to search how to do this, and found some instructions to reasign apk after uncompressing, changing png and compressing again. But it didn't work! I can change icons of app drwaer, install it, but cant make app drawer backgroung transparent. I found, here in forum, an apk with...
  19. louiscypherbr

    Thread copilot and 2.1 screen problem

    Since I updated to 2.1, copilot didnt show correct screen when on portrait mode. Anyone has the same problem, and is there any solution/workarround for this problem, beside keep the phone on landscape? :)