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  1. Hugwalk

    Post [APP][04/08] GCam Portrait Merger

    Any chance of getting this open sourced?
  2. Hugwalk

    Post [ROM][FINAL][9.0] LineageOS 16.0 for Xperia ZR

    Thanks for keeping this device alive!
  3. Hugwalk

    Post [PORT] Modded Google Camera with HDR+, Night Sight and etc.

    Is it possible to save portrait photos in Camera folder? It's hard to organize when it all saves into a new folder.
  4. Hugwalk

    Post [MAGISK MODULE] Notch Killer! (Ignore and Fill)

    It works, but hides like this: Anyway to solve? The notch work like that in every game has notch support on other phone.
  5. Hugwalk

    Post [ABANDONED][ROM][PORT][Oreo]MIUI 10 for Mi A1 Epic mod [AROMA]

    Fingerprint shutter and Mi Sound Enhancer and such are still broken, was updated from .7
  6. Hugwalk

    Post [ROM][9.0][TISSOT][UNOFFICIAL] Pixel Experience [AOSP]

    This drama is so intense wow Was about to flash this rom, which rom are you on right now? Joey?
  7. Hugwalk

    Post [ROM] Download MIUI for Xiaomi Mi A2

    It should be AOSP (Android One), Xiaomi doesn't release MIUI for Android One device, and I'm wondering why this is on my Google feed.
  8. Hugwalk

    Thread Is it possible to access /data/app?

    Am trying to make a debloat module, which delete app folders in /data/app. But seems like every folder has its own code, a random code that's different for everyone Are there any way to remove specific folders in /data/app through Magisk?
  9. Hugwalk

    Post Need vendor.img | back from Android P but it shows picked XL

    The one I'm using is tissot-F-OPM1.171019.019.V9.6.3.0.ODHMIFE, and there's no image folder in it, original zip was unzipped without corruption. Found another download, will test now. Thanks for replying!
  10. Hugwalk

    Post Need vendor.img | back from Android P but it shows picked XL

    Mi Flash shows "can not found programmer file", and it's not flashing My device is showing COM10 instead of COM30, is this the problem? Btw May fastboot image was working for me but the July one isn't
  11. Hugwalk

    Thread Root folder is full

    Just treblized my phone yesterday and did some modify And when I install AdAway, it shows not enough space I checked it in file manager app, my root folder if full And it's only 1.89G Why is this so small and how do I solve this? Do I need to repartition again?
  12. Hugwalk

    Post [GUIDE] [Q&A] [TREBLE] From Stock to Treble - everything you need to know!

    May I translate this into Chinese and post to other forums? I will credit your name everywhere and highlight it, just wanna share this useful tutorial to everyone.
  13. Hugwalk

    Post [OFFICIAL][FINAL][ROM][8.1][Pixel Experience][15/07/18]

    Prevent accidentally wake up (Check proximity before waking the screen for DT2W) isn't included in our build, will it be added?
  14. Hugwalk

    Post [FLASHABLE] Pixel 2 Boot+Splash for MiA1 [TISSOT]

    But how to apply it exactly?
  15. Hugwalk

    Post *** New Device Forum Requests ***

    Please add Zenfone 5 Lite (5Q)
  16. Hugwalk

    Post [KERNEL][MiA1] FrancoKernel ⚡️- r13 - 15th November - Stock, custom roms

    Fingerprint stops working after opening FK Manager app PE20180328, FK r3
  17. Hugwalk

    Post [MOD] Xiaomi mi A1 - MOD DualSpeaker/BuzzFix/MicFix - (05/09/2018) - (TWRP + MAGISK)

    I wonder if this can be used as stereo, instead of mono on 2 speakers?
  18. Hugwalk

    Post [FLASHABLE] Pixel 2 Boot+Splash for MiA1 [TISSOT]

    How did you make the dark version?
  19. Hugwalk

    Post Are there any manufacturing defects in Mi A1 BLACK "made in China" variants ?

    Mine is black variant and I never have the issues you mentioned on the post, I live in Taiwan and brought from official cite.
  20. Hugwalk

    Post *** New Device Forum Requests ***

    Xiaomi Mi A1 subforum please!
  21. Hugwalk

    Post Magisk General Support / Discussion

    I can't boot after flashed 14.0, why it happens?
  22. Hugwalk

    Post Aosp [8.1][aosp_mr1-r7][cancro][16-Jan]

    Same, it will stuck and flash a random color then blackscreen.
  23. Hugwalk

    Post How to Restore/Change Android ID in Android 6.0 Marshmallow

    Same issue! I just thought thats my problem... Waiting for developers to make it changable...
  24. Hugwalk

    Post Aosp [8.1][aosp_mr1-r7][cancro][16-Jan]

    Same, it'll keep the same. And device ID is different in each device ID checking app.
  25. Hugwalk

    Post Aosp [8.1][aosp_mr1-r7][cancro][16-Jan]

    How to disable HW keys backlight? I don't wanna use any apps
  26. Hugwalk

    Post [MODULE][APPS/MOD] PureZ XperiaMod | Xperia™ Home + ThemeIcons + Xperia Apps [Aug/13]

    Can we have Xperia Camera? Why is it so hard to port? I don't understand why most of roms don't even include it
  27. Hugwalk

    Post Will we have Android 8 Roms?

    But my Cancro got it, I'm using it now
  28. Hugwalk

    Post Aosp [8.1][aosp_mr1-r7][cancro][16-Jan]

    Wat? The hardware key and navigation bar working at the same time Anyway to disable hardware key?
  29. Hugwalk

    Thread Will we have Android 8 Roms?

    For a long waiting, Android 8 is finally here. And ZR has working for 4 years I wonder if our phone will have an Oreo update? It would be cool, and a chance to revive our phone. Thanks.
  30. Hugwalk

    Post [ROM][N2G47E][7.1.2] AOSP Nougat for Xperia ZR

    Same issue, thought it's my problem but seems like its not.
  31. Hugwalk

    Post [ROM] [7.1.2] [CANCRO] [OMS] ViperOS v3.1.1 [UNOFFICIAL]

    Just thought this is Rom include HTC Sense...
  32. Hugwalk

    Post [Q] Magnetic USB Cable For Charging Sony Xperia ZR.

    Any way to charge without open USB cover and dock?
  33. Hugwalk

    Post Stereo Sound mod for mi3

    thx for it, working fine in LineageOS 14.1
  34. Hugwalk

    Post Sound Enhancement Mod (AOSP & CM based ROMs)

  35. Hugwalk

    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][7.1.2] LineageOS 14.1 for Xperia ZR

    20170521 Build Custom navigation bar buttons' icons will disappear after reboot or sleep a while.
  36. Hugwalk

    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][7.1.2] LineageOS 14.1 for Xperia ZR

    Anyway to set Back button long-press actions? Really need it. Also the performance needs some improve
  37. Hugwalk

    Post [MODS][Sound][6.0-9.0]SonyMusic Full Player ViperFX DolbyAtmos SonyBeats[All devices]

    How to uninstall this mod then? I don't need these apps anyone
  38. Hugwalk

    Post [ROM][6.0.1] Flyme OS 6 beta for Xperia ZR

    Sad, this isn't Android 7.
  39. Hugwalk

    Post [MODS][Sound][6.0-9.0]SonyMusic Full Player ViperFX DolbyAtmos SonyBeats[All devices]

    Oh lol I flashed the version which has dolby Anyway to remove it? I want S-Force front surround
  40. Hugwalk

    Post [ROM][XZR] StryFlex™ Marshmallow v1.0 | Official Sony Xperia UI

    Will we get Android 8 update if Sony just released an 8.0 update? Or the support of this device just stops at N?
  41. Hugwalk

    Post [ROM][XZR] StryFlex™ Marshmallow v1.0 | Official Sony Xperia UI

    Will you add more Xperia Apps like Xperia camera to StryFlex N? I think Xperia Camera is necessary.
  42. Hugwalk

    Post How to change quick settings to default android?

    Try Android N-ify I never try that on ZenUI
  43. Hugwalk

    Post ASK ANYTHING >>{{Noob friendly}}

    I just flashed XZDualRecovery, but the recovery is too old, so I want to upgrade it I tried flash the new version of .img in recovery, but it just gives me error "No partitions selected for flashing" Anyway to fix?
  44. Hugwalk

    Post ROM developements for the ZE500KG

    :good: Just give a try. Do you think ZE500KG's rom will 100% no problem?
  45. Hugwalk

    Post Z00T (ZE551KL) - Asus PixelMaster Camera for CM13

    Can this work on ZE500KL LineageOS 14.1?