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  1. Abd El-Rahman El-Batal

    Thread [request] stock Android 9 Pie ROM flashable Using Twrp

    Can someone send me link of android 9 [or older] stock/custom ROM? For my galaxy A10? Beacause I don't wanna use Odin.. Thanks.
  2. Abd El-Rahman El-Batal

    Thread Lineage os 18.1 Malware Found.

    Check my attachments... I got this time from a post in this forum. So virus scan yhgfdsays updater app has Malware. Can someone explain this? Is it by wrong? Please tell
  3. Abd El-Rahman El-Batal

    Thread [Question] how to flash vbmeta.img using twrp?

    I'm About To Flash A GSI which has vbmeta.img and system.img . I flashed system.img with twrp as system. But how to aah vbmeta.img? no vbmeta=bootloop. I can not use fastboot because it is saying waiting for device. I tried fastboot devices. It did nothing .. but Odin is detecting device. So...
  4. Abd El-Rahman El-Batal

    Thread How to get pixel's Google assistant 2.0 new UI and look for galaxy A10!

    Ok first you gotta know that t works ok Pixel devices for now. So follow this tutorial [so easy it is just 1 step] to edit your device fingerprint to Pixel 4 XL. After you done this you should be able to see assistant transparent black UI. But not full yet. Get yourself zarchiver from playstore...
  5. Abd El-Rahman El-Batal

    Thread [MAGISK MODULE] Change Your Device Fingerprint to Pixel 4 XL, For some reason

    Greetings! Do you wanna change your device fingerprint to Pixel 4 XL? FOLLOW THIS EASY TUTORIAL! It works on Galaxy a10. So why not to share the way with y'all? Ok first get this MAGISK module: When you done...
  6. Abd El-Rahman El-Batal

    Thread How to request a custom ROM for my device?

    Hello! Anybody know how to/where to request a custom rom for my device? [GALAXY A10] PLEASE Reply me.
  7. Abd El-Rahman El-Batal

    Thread How To Update Galaxy A10 To Android 11 Right Now!

    This is how to update Galaxy a10 to android 11, *May be visible to ppl who search the web. About upgrading Galaxy a10 to android 11* It was hard to find the site, there is no link for it. This thread will stay untill the two awesome guys @Chatur27 and @Gabriel260BR post the link.[they make the...
  8. Abd El-Rahman El-Batal

    Thread [QUESTION] [A10] why can't I install one ui apps on fluid os!?

    When I try to install them it gets installed but it crashes. No samsung app worked. Does it work for Samsung only? I mean only Samsung ROM? Why fluid is android 11 not working with apps? Is there a custom ROM that have android 11 one ui 3 for galaxy a10? Because it will be released in October I...
  9. Abd El-Rahman El-Batal

    Thread [QUESTION] [A10] how can i get one ui 3.0 update?

    Hello! Recently I have seen some custom Roms with one ui 3.0 update. Galaxy a10 will *probably* get this update in August or October idk. So, is there a way to install it on galaxy a10? Why I want it? Ez. Because it is beautiful. If someone gave me the ROM [if exist] I will be thankful I'm...
  10. Abd El-Rahman El-Batal

    Thread [QUESTION] [A10] How can i increase avable ram?

    How? I tried roehsoft ram expander. Nothing changed. Pls help. By running android 11 fluid os [awesome] free ram is now not much.