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  1. luqman98

    Thread [Q] Weird issue in Gallery app

    Hi, When my friend is viewing certain (not all) pictures in Gallery app on his Xperia Ray, the picture "evaporates" to another picture. Anyone knows how to solve this? P/S: He is using latest stock ICS firmware, he didn't root nor doing bootloader unlock his device.
  2. luqman98

    Thread [Q] Do i need to install CWM 6.x.x.x in order to flash CM10.1

    Hi, I'm relatively new to Galaxy Mini and I want to install CM10.1 in my friend's Mini. Now my question is do I need to flash CWM 6.x.x.x in order to flash CM10.1?
  3. luqman98

    Thread [APP][SHARE] Now Browser

    Hi, This is a browser that made by Jeeko . It is proved to be fastest among others. Original thread: Features: ★ Google Now themed ★ Powerful tabbed browsing ★ Navigation gestures: (thanks to Lighting Browser for concepts) - Swipe...
  4. luqman98

    Thread [GUIDE] Improve captured image & video quality

    Hi, Here is a guide on how to improve image & video quality that captured with your phone and tablet. Notice: - This guide will work with all Android devices and ROMs. Steps: 1. Look for media_profiles.xml at /system/etc and open it. 2. Find this line (there will be two lines, one for...
  5. luqman98

    Thread [SHARE][TWEAKS/MODS][2.3.x - 4.1.2] Dash-On-Mod V3.1

    Note: 1. I'm not the dev of this mod! 2. Source: Hi, This is the successor of the Broadcom Booster mod by JynAlek . It is faster than previous Broadcom Booster. Features: - Ad blocker - Task killer with minimum...
  6. luqman98

    Thread Signal strength of Xperia M

    Hi, Anyone here using Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 before buying Sony Xperia M? If you did so, the signal reception is better than Galaxy Y, isn't it? I was thinking to buy a Xperia M.
  7. luqman98

    Thread [GUIDE][WIP][ROOT]Reduce data usage........

    Hi, As the title says, I will show you how to reduce the data usage. Benefits: 1. Of course reduces data usage. 2. Webpages load faster (due to the some items are blocked). 1. Block ads. i. AdAway app 1. Download the app here: 2. Install...
  8. luqman98

    Thread [SHARE][HACK][3G]Faster data cellular/packet speed

    Hi, This is the hack that will speed up your data connection by compressing TCP/IP header. After putting this, my data connection speed is better than before. Download: Install: 1. Extract the file above with...
  9. luqman98

    Thread [Q]File became corrupt when copied to SD Card

    Hi, 1. I have a problem with my files. It became corrupted (but not all of them) when copied from internal SD to external SD. There isn't any problem with my old 2GB SD card. I'm using ES File Explorer to copy them to the external SD Card. Yes, the phone supports up to 32GB microSD card...
  10. luqman98

    Thread [GUIDE]Change superuser app from Superuser to SuperSU

    Hi, This is a easy guide to migrating from Superuser to SuperSU. Dunno if there is similar thread about this, however I'm sharing my experience as Android user. Steps: 1. Download SuperSU from Play Store. 2. Open it. 3. Grant root access to SuperSU and update the binary. 4. Remove the Superuser...
  11. luqman98

    Thread [SHARE][TWEAKS/MODS]Broadcom Booster V0.3 (Update: 4/11/2013)

    Note: 1. I'm not the dev of this mod! The original dev is credited below. 2. Credits/source: This is a tweak that basically speeds up your phone. It is compatible with Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360, Y TV, Galaxy Y Duos, Galaxy...
  12. luqman98

    Thread [SHARE] Internet Speed Master (Real app, NOT fake aka NOT a placebo)

    Note: 1. The app isn't a placebo. It really speeds up my browsing! 2. It works on both rooted and non-rooted (unrooted) devices. Download link: This app will speed up your internet connection (depends on every...
  13. luqman98

    Thread Is this possible?

    Any way to force the menu button to appear in Nexus 4, Nexus 7, etc. with Android 4.x.x? Sent from my Galaxy Pocket with rooted stock ROM :P
  14. luqman98

    Thread Force install Google Play Services in some ROMs.

    Hi guys, today I will show you how to force install Google Play Services in some ROMs. Method #1 (My thread, actually): Method #2 (Only tested on Hyperion 8): 1. Download lastest Google Apps from anywhere. 2. Extract it. 3. Paste the...
  15. luqman98

    Thread One question

    Hi, Why there isn't any CM10.1 ROMs for the Mini/Mini Pro/X8? Sent from my GT-S5300 using xda app-developers app
  16. luqman98

    Thread Force install busybox in Android x86

    The title says it all. I'm using Android x86 4.0.4 in my netbook with the /system mounted as rw. I need help because I had lost my busybox installation. Sent from my little beast using xda-app
  17. luqman98

    Thread Avast! Antivirus 8 problems

    Hi, Could you figure out the problem? I cannot enable Network Shield. Perisai Rangkaian= Network Shield Using Windows 8 Pro with Avast! Antivirus Free 8.0.1489. Turned off Windows Defender.
  18. luqman98

    Thread (Please close) I think it is not suitable

    Please close :D
  19. luqman98

    Thread My Max-Q V7-2 (chinese tablet) won't boot

    Hi guys, My chinese tablet wont boot. It just stucks here: How to fix it? Sent from my GT-S5300 using xda app-developers app
  20. luqman98

    Thread [Q] How to fix unjoined Arabic fonts

    Hi, Is there any way to fix the unjoined Arabic fonts in Android? I'm running Android 2.3.6. Sent from my GT-S5300 using xda app-developers app
  21. luqman98

    Thread [HOW-TO] Workaround for Google Play Services that won't install on some ROMs

    Hi guys, after I had surfing internet for a while, I had found a workaround and successfully installed Google Play Services on my device (GT-S5300) with custom rom. Credit: Steps: 1. Download Gapps...
  22. luqman98

    Thread DELETED

    (Please close)