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  1. naheel azawy

    Post [App] Wear Screenshot (Device Art Generator)

    Thanks for your support! I just published a new version with few improvements and 5 new frames for plus version -Moto 360 2015 -Huawei Watch -LG Watch Urbane -LG G Watch <-- square -Samsung Gear Live <-- square And of course it has no ads Note: it may take few hours till it appear in play store
  2. naheel azawy

    Post [App] Wear Screenshot (Device Art Generator)

    You know something dude, I gonna remove the ads. It makes my app look silly you can download and install the apk on the attachment, it has no ads and soon I'll publish new version to the play store Thanks for reporting
  3. naheel azawy

    Post [App] Wear Screenshot (Device Art Generator)

    Can you please explain more about the problem. I don't like crap
  4. naheel azawy

    Thread ThePrayer Wear (Muslim prayer times)

    Islamic prayer time for Android Wear This app works only with ThePrayer app so it must be installed. XDA:DevDB Information ThePrayer Wear, Device Specific App for the Android Wear Contributors naheel azawy Version Information Status: Stable Created 2015-09-15 Last Updated...
  5. naheel azawy

    Thread [App] Wear Screenshot (Device Art Generator)

    Screenshot frame generator for Android Wear
  6. naheel azawy

    Thread Quran for Android Wear

    Quran For Android Wear
  7. naheel azawy

    Post Music to Walkman (new: Xposed module)

    I guess you should clear the launcher app data. I faced the same on Google now launcher
  8. naheel azawy

    Post Music to Walkman (new: Xposed module)

    now the new update removes the red beta text :good:
  9. naheel azawy

    Thread [Guide] Add Xperia battery icon to cm SystemUI

    Requirements: -Knowledge on how to use apktool -Notepad++ 1- Decompile your SystemUI.apk 2- Download THIS ZIP and extract it 2- Move the extracted files to /res/ 3- Open Notepad++, press Ctrl + F and choose the "Find in Files" tab 4- Set the directory to the layout folder of you decompiled...
  10. naheel azawy

    Post Website for All Device Xperia's Full FTF Firmware 2010-2016

    it's not Arabic, it's Persian
  11. naheel azawy

    Post Music to Walkman (new: Xposed module)

    Gonna do it in xposed :good:
  12. naheel azawy

    Thread Music to Walkman (new: Xposed module)

    As many of people found it very bad idea to rename the Walkman app to "Music" I made this little simple app that rename it back to "Walkman" and bring back the Walkman icon For Xposed users DOWNLOAD HERE If your device isn't rooted: This is a little simple app that have the Walkman icon and...
  13. naheel azawy

    Post [TUT]Make your own watchface

    Here's the apk:
  14. naheel azawy

    Post [TUT]Make your own watchface

    Hello Naheel and friends! Many thanks for the tutorial, I succeeded in making very nice 0mega and Rol3x watches. But now I'm trying to find out how to create and use the small dials for seconds, months, etc. I based myself on the code I found here above but without luck... Would anyone be so...
  15. naheel azawy

    Post {All 2011}[DEV][Lollipop 5.1.1][LegacyXperia] Android Open Source Project builds

    This is awesome man :good::good::good: I'll try to repair my mini pro screen as soon as possible so I can try this
  16. naheel azawy

    Thread Prayer For SmartWatch 2

    Islamic prayer time for Sony Smartwatch 2 It show you the remaining time for next pray, list with all prayer times and give a notification on prayer time. It's based on Tomanina app by Shefrah team Thanks to Sahaab for helping XDA:DevDB Information Prayer SW2, Device Specific App...
  17. naheel azawy

    Post [Q] Could somebody make some replica watch faces

    unfortunately, we can't due to problems with trade mark
  18. naheel azawy

    Post [Q] Softkeys not working Sony Smartwatch 2

    try to reset the watch
  19. naheel azawy

    Post WatchFaces Collection [Moved]

    Check your PM
  20. naheel azawy

    Thread [Guide] Make your own watch faces [23-1-2015]

    Hello everyone, I've made a simplified tutorial to make your own watchface widget. In this update I made simpler source code that simplified some steps. Thanks to xda for posting it in xda Portal...
  21. naheel azawy

    Thread Write &amp; Share

    This simple app can make sharing text easier than before. Just type whatever you want and then decide what to do with it. Share button will bring a list with all apps in your device that you can share text on it. Like Email, Messaging... Search button simply search the web for what you had...
  22. naheel azawy

    Thread Quran For SmartWatch 2

    With this app you'll be able to read the Quran on Sony SmartWatch 2 To send Quran data to the watch press "Send Quran to the watch" button then choose what sura you need. When the sura is long it will be separated so you will need to choose with aya number. IMPORTANT: In case that you...
  23. naheel azawy

    Thread Quran For SmartWatch 2

    ---Moved Here---
  24. naheel azawy

    Thread WatchFaces Collection [Updated 16-1-2015]

    Math WatchFaces By: Naheel Azawy Download Free Version ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Radioactive widgets By: nwg Download...
  25. naheel azawy

    Post [APP] [4.0.3+/4.1+] Rotation - Orientation Manager [20.2.0] [10/10/2020]

    Hi, sorry again for my late. The screenshots are on the attachment
  26. naheel azawy

    Post [APP] [4.0.3+/4.1+] Rotation - Orientation Manager [20.2.0] [10/10/2020]

    I'll send you the screenshots as soon as possible Sorry for being so late
  27. naheel azawy

    Post [ROM] [UB] [Kitkat] [4.4.2] Unofficial CyanogenMod 11.0 [Updated 06.04.2014]

    the download link says: "Perhaps the owner delete files or close access to them. Maybe you got a link to the typo." Can you upload it again please
  28. naheel azawy

    Post [TUT]Make your own watchface

    I don't suggest you to work a lot on it, cuz I already did some tonino lamborghini watches but sadly they didn't gave permission for that.
  29. naheel azawy

    Post [TUTORIAL][ICS][JB] How to create Theme

    Thanks for your work, but the guide was already here for long time ago:
  30. naheel azawy

    Post CyanogenMod 11 Discussion / Bug report thread

    Madridii , it seems that you have a good experience with this device :good: do you have any idea about my problem?
  31. naheel azawy

    Post CyanogenMod 11 Discussion / Bug report thread

    arco68 Hi all, I have a strange problem since cm10.1 about the wifi as I've posted before However, after a lot of work trying to locate the problem -I'm sure you don't wanna know how I did this :laugh: - I found it :good: the problem is here...
  32. naheel azawy

    Post WatchFaces Collection [Moved]

    Hi, sorry for being late on answer. I've just added them :good:
  33. naheel azawy

    Post [SMALL APP] [BETA] Files - File Manager [v0.5b] [16/03/2015]

    That's a really great job :good::good::good: Tab Z screenshots on the attachment if needed :good:
  34. naheel azawy

    Post Xperia Z3 Live Wallpaper

    I'm so sorry bro, having a billion thing in my mind made forgot that... However, my mini pro is died right now and I can't do anything :( Sorry again
  35. naheel azawy

    Thread Xperia Z3 Live Wallpaper

    Xperia Z3 Live Wallpaper Thanks to JanM RS for Z3 system dump :good: Tested on: -Xperia Tablet Z -4.4.4 -Rooted -Galaxy Tab 4 -4.4.2 -Not Rooted -It should works on most devices Download and install normally
  36. naheel azawy

    Post WatchFaces Collection [Moved]

    I'm sorry, I have no permission to do that till now...
  37. naheel azawy

    Post Xperia Framework for CM11 (mdpi and hdpi) [V6/18-9-2014/LX 20140907]

    You did everything in the right way :good: Maybe you didn't noticed a big difference on your phone after flashing this but in reality there's a lot of changes that you missed. As sony says, details makes difference ;) However, I suggest you to try to discover more about what is framework :good...
  38. naheel azawy

    Post [TUT]Make your own watchface

  39. naheel azawy

    Post [Guide]Theme your framework-res to Xperia style for all [Just copy and past ;)]

    Sorry to you all for not answering, those days I'm so busy. Also the new guide is much easier ;)
  40. naheel azawy

    Post [TUT]Make your own watchface

    so cool idea :good:
  41. naheel azawy

    Post WatchFaces Collection [Moved]

    Sorry for that :( Actually, they was there before but I've unpublished them due to julz advice. I sent an email to lamborghini and I will send another to porsch so I'll be on the safe side.
  42. naheel azawy

    Post WatchFaces Collection [Moved]

    checkout my new watches :good:
  43. naheel azawy

    Post Xperia Framework for CM11 (mdpi and hdpi) [V6/18-9-2014/LX 20140907]

    Thanks for reporting :good: for the browser, I've just noticed that and the check and radio I'll work on porting the real one Also I'll bring back the default theme
  44. naheel azawy

    Post [TUT]Make your own watchface

    take it easy guys... even if he stole my work and made me like a crazy man there's always "Ctrl+Z" :laugh: he started again from zero. So simply forget that :good:
  45. naheel azawy

    Post [Xposed][Mod][4.4] TabletKat 1.1 — True tablet UI for KitKat

    Exalm Thanks, it's working good on Xperia tablet z But still need little things.. First, is it possible to bring back the sony battery icon? On sony devices there's "Whats New" app with google now. It should be on the left and one last thing if you can make the more list go up little for...
  46. naheel azawy

    Post [MOD][GUIDE]25 Easy Grid Toggles (COPY PASTE WORK!)(Noob Friendly) (2.3+)(Universal)

    thanks so much for the guide :good: what device are you using?