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    Thread Can't update from 4.1.2 to 4.2

    I finally managed to upgrade my wife's Samsung Vibrant to 4.1.2 today. I used the Devil3 kernel/rom with the Glitch Kernel method. Now anytime I try to update to a 4.2 rom I get a status 7 in CWM and a status 0 when trying with glitch. I have tried updating to a 4.2 kernel (sephamore) but am...
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    Thread Ubuntu Theme

    Are there any Ubuntu themes in the works for the Nexus 7? The only ones I can find are for launchers but they don't work in the free Apex. I'd prefer a full rom theme.
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    Thread Targus USB card reader/writer

    Picked up a multi format usb card reader from Walmart today. It only cost $1.00 and works great with stickmount . It reads SD SDHC MMC RS-MMC MICRO-SD AND MINI-SD. It is Targus branded. Sent from my Nexus 7 using xda app-developers app
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    Thread Back in browser not working correctly

    Does anyone else have to tap the back button on stock browser at least 4 times before it works? Sent from my Nexus 7 using xda app-developers app
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    Thread LBE Security

    I tried sideloading this app from an apk on my optimus v. It installed and opened fine but then it started shutting off my screen and it became unresponsive. Had to reflash JR5 to fix it. Just a heads up, do not install it. Sent from my Nexus 7 using xda app-developers app
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    Thread Charging time.

    Does anybody else have a very slow charging time? It nearly takes 2-4 hours to charge. Is this normal? This is plugged into the power outlet, not usb. Sent from my Nexus 7 using xda app-developers app
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    Thread Facebook front facing camera support

    Does anybody else get an error when they try the front camera with the new facebook support? It says it can't find the camera and has me select gallery or another option. The camera works normally elsewhere. "We couldn't find your camera. Which gallery do you want to load from instead...
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    Thread [SOLVED #1]sign update. [Q #2] What keys do I need to sign an update in ubuntu??

    I am just wondering how I would go about resigning an to flash.SOLVED Q 2 Where do I find the correct test keys to sign a in ubuntu?
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    Thread Stuck on HTC logo but can hear my sounds when scrolling trackball

    How do I fix this? Hero boots to the 2nd HTC logo and then my buttons light up and if I move the trackball I can hear the sounds but the htc logo stays on the screen until it times out or I press end. Any fix? Tried wiping and eflashing to no avail.
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    Thread Just a NANDROID question

    Can a nandroid backup only be done from recovery or is there an adb / adbshell command to do it from your computer? Not to restore but to actually backup your phone.
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    Thread windows or ubuntu for android modding

    Which seams to be easier for everyone? I have Vista and every other day is something different. One day I can use adb push the next day my driver is different and wont switch back. I have used ubuntu before and I like it, but for doing things to my g1, is it the better choice?
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    Thread Put the Haykuro magic port camera and camcorder into a jf1.5 based rom

    How would I put the htc magic camera and camcorder found in haykuro's rom into the jf1.5 based rom from cyanogen? Is it as easy as adb pushing the files to my phone?
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    Thread Haykuro 6.01 home auto rotate not working

    I have tried using adb to install the new HTCLauncher in the aero theme and it has not worked. I have done it 3 times with no success. Are there other launchers I can try?
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    Thread Phone calls force close after installing jf1.41 and theme

    I updated to jf1.41 the other day and put on a theme and now I get force closes when I phone calls. This is the 2nd time. After the 1st I wiped my phone and reinstalled rc29 to jf1.41 and put on a diff theme and it is doing it again. Is there a fix for this?
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    Thread Modifying .ini

    I got into my Samsung Behold and I am trying to modify the nv_default.ini. It has a lot of features that were said are not on the phone. Once I change the settings in it, how do I go about getting it to work once transferred back to the phone?
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    Thread Samsung Behold- Anybody here working on it?

    I was just wondering if xda was going to be getting their hands dirty with the Samsung Behold and try and get it to be open source and allow 3rd party apps.