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  1. MrDomocle

    Post [A50][OneUI Q][JetBlackUI][27-July-2020][v1] LightROM

    Thank you soooo much! I couldn't use my phone for a few months because I tried another rom that didn't work. I also couldn't find a matching stock firmware and had no backups(silly me). I was stuck with my 5yo phone with pixel experience. It had a terrible battery life. But now, I found this rom...
  2. MrDomocle

    Post [A50][OneUI Pie][JetBlackUI][03-Jan-2020][v6] LightROM

    doesn't it delete recovery if you format EVERYTHING?))) (edit: oh sorry you can't format recovery there)
  3. MrDomocle

    Post [A50][OneUI Pie][JetBlackUI][03-Jan-2020][v6] LightROM

    Hello! I installed it on my A505FN, but it doesn't seem to work. I used the TWRP I got somewhere else, so I'll try to do it again with TWRP you referred here. But my problem(as for now) is that after installation it actually boots, but I get stuck on the samsung logo that is sometimes...
  4. MrDomocle

    Post Are there any ROMs that are NOT based on One UI?

    It's only worse this year. It tried to add blur on background of everything, but that blur has awful color banding so it even looks worse.
  5. MrDomocle

    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][9.0][G920/5/F] Pixel Experience For Galaxy S6

    It works pretty fine, but if I turn off the screen once the only option to turn it back on is rebooting! What can I do about this?