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    Thread FRD-AL ... 00, 04, 09, 10, 14, 19 ... what are the differences?

    What i know: FRD-AL00 >>> China version (?) (32 GB) FRD-AL10 >>> China version with 4GB Ram + 64 GB Rom FRD-AL09 >>> EU version 32 GB FRD-AL19 >>> EU version 64 GB FRD-AL04 >>> US version 32 GB FRD-AL14 >>> US version 64 GB Maybe there are more different versions available. Each one is a...
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    Thread [Guide] Unlock Bootloader // Install TWRP // Root

    Introduction: Honestly, this is not my work, even not my text. But it fits in this forum and i am going to update this until i can confirm, everything will work (for my device: FRD-AL10). I am not a developer, just an experienced (?) user. From now on, you can only find quotes. if there is...
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    Thread Hitachi panel rom search

    Hi Maybe someone can help. What is the best Rom for my Hitachi panel? Could i usw Miui zero with an alternative kernel? Pls help spotting
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    Thread [Q] Samsung Galaxy XCover 2 GT S 7710

    Hi Folks, Today i received my Samsung Galaxy XCover 2 GT S 7710 Now i want to look, if there is a way to root my Phone, but i am even not able to find a section for this phone @ XDA .. So please answer my two questions. Will there be a forum section for this phone? Is it possible to root...