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    Thread General 90hz - No root needed

    Hi, Not sure if it was mentioned before, but you can download an app called SetEdit and change two values: peak_refresh_rate and user_refresh_rate both to 90. It takes 30 seconds and you're done. Note: I did it while the phone is set to 120hz in the display settings prior to changing the...
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    Thread Whatsapp in small screen

    Did anyone managed to get Whatsapp to work in the small screen (for example, while watching a video in the big screen)?
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    Thread GCAM for Wing

    Hi, Just wanted to update that Urnyx's 7.3 v2.4: GCam_7.3.018_Urnyx05-v2.4.apk works perfect on the LG Wing. Just enable the second lens from the settings , enable HDR+ Enhanced etc.. Results are much better than stock. Actually, pretty good camera with gcam. Cheers!
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    Thread Dual sim + EU

    Hello, I'm getting my Chinese Mi 10 Pro in 3 days. It has Global ROM pre-installed but I think it's probably better to flash the EU rom. Does anyone know if the dual sim work with EU rom? Thanks!
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    Thread Does the Chinese ROM have Google Password Manager?

    Hi there! I was wondering if the Chinese variant (without google services) has Google Password Manager. If not, will it come when installing Google Play services on the device or do you have to have the global rom for it? The reason I'm asking is because I want to order the Mi 10 Pro Chinese...
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    Thread Considering 7T Pro, have some questions

    Hi, I'm considering the 7T Pro but have some questions.. would be thankful if you could answer them. 1. Is there a stable gcam that supports all of the lenses ? At least all the rear lenses..? If not, is there a gcam that supports both the main and the ultra wide angle lenses (my two most...
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    Thread V30 Sound Stuttering when receiving notifications

    Hi, I have the V30+ (128GB version). When I get notifications (phone is locked), the sound of the notifications stutters.. as with low power computers.. it's like the sound is at 90% speed or so. Anyone ever encountered this? I don't feel like doing a factory reset, but I will try it of...
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    Thread Dust in camera. New rear back panel. How can I seal it?

    Hi, I just replaced the back for a new one (fully assembled). The problem is that dust enters the main camera (just the main camera, not the wide angle camera). I guess it's a bad assembly of the rear glass.. It's not sealed. My question is what to do with it? I guess I can put glue on the...
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    Thread Latest G5 update adds Google Assistant.

    Just a FYI kind of thread. (I know that v20c-sea-xx has it already)
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    Thread [ROOT][Android N] Highest image quality & High video bitrate

    Hi, When we had MM, I created the 60fps mod here: On Android N LG provided 60fps built in so this mod is just for higher image quality and (if you wish) high bitrate video. I did just basic testing...
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    Thread Can't enter recovery due to bootloader warning.. what to do?

    Hi, I just flashed Nougat KDZ on my H850, now trying to root the phone. What I do: adb reboot bootloader fastboot flash recovery twrp-3.0.2-1-h850.img disconnect cable remove battery and put back hold volume down + power when I see LG, I quickly release power and press again and hold then this...
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    Thread Got dust on my G5 16mp camera sensor, anyone ever cleaned camera sensor on phone?

    I keep my phone super clean and always protected. Yet, unlucky me, I got dust on the camera sensor. Last week a dark spot started to show on my photos.. it usually shows when the background is something bright like sky. I guess I need to take it apart and spray some compressed air on the...
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    Thread [ROOT] 60fps 1080p video recording + Highest photo quality mod

    For Android N, go to this page: Hi everyone, Coming from a rooted and modded G2 , It was weird for me not to have 60fps video recordings as I mainly used 60fps before. This weekend I took it upon myself to...
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    Thread How to change HydrogenOS (China model) to OxygenOS?

    And most important, can it be done without rooting the OP3 (work apps do not work on rooted phones)? Thanks!
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    Thread Scratches on the camera lens

    Hi all, I don't have any issues with the works well, the camera is great and I get good battery life. Only thing that bothers me is that I get scratches on the camera glass (back of phone). I keep it in my pocket, I never put anything else in the pocket with the phone. Never put it in...
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    Thread Help with Stock Camera development \ modification

    Hi, I had the G2 before and the user xdabbeb created a nice modified version of the stock camera. I'm interested to know how would you approach it from a developer point of view? I have a G5..but how do you get the stock camera code? I want to enable 60fps and control \ disable NR for example...
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    Thread Sound from speaker when headphones connected

    Hi, I have the H850 (Titan). Small issue: When I connect my headphones ( tried 2 different pairs), I can listen to the sound just fine from the headphones, but when I press the volume up/down buttons.. That annoying Android-volume-sound comes from the phone speaker and not the headphones...
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    Thread [Q] G2 Hold time too long

    Hi there! My D802 is rooted and I'm desperately looking for a way to make the hold time shorter. To make it clear, I am referring to the time you need to hold , for example, the home button until the recent tasks screen appears. The time you need to hold the power button until you see the...