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    Thread Beta 2 [zsac] dump

    Hi ! Here is beta 2 [ZSAC] dump for every dev need it!OwckgKDK!JjIe91QIHmp6bbm50lgNXBEATcRgdTl_sm_LMiJBqbg Zip contain: boot.img, system.img, modem.img
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    Thread Samsung One UI (Android Pie) Apps [UPDATED 14.11.2018]

    You need to be on 8.0 Pie Calculator App *UPDATED 10.11.2018* Download -> Install as normal apk. Pie Messages App *UPDATED 3.11.2018* Download -> In some cases...
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    Thread IOS9 Emoji

    Link: Enter recovery, flash the zip and reboot. After that you will have IOS9 emoji :D
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    Thread [Apps]Grace UX

    You need to be on 6.0.1. Grace Gallery Download -> Enter recovery, flash the zip, wipe dalvik and cache and reboot. Grace Calculator Download -> Enter...
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    Thread [Apps]Grace UX

    [B]Before starting read here(click) how to set correct permissions for folders. Also you need to be on 6.0.1. I tested this app only on Mod edit: PPC links removed and thread closed.
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    Thread J5 SE Linux

    Hi ! What can i do to set SE Linux to Permissive ? I have a J5.
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    Thread Native blur on j5

    Hi ! Anyone know how can have native blur on j5 ?
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    Thread Decompile app

    Hi ! How can decompile a system apk from s5 with android 6.0.1 ? Sent from my SM-G900F using XDA-Developers mobile app
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    Thread Modify TouchWiz

    Can anyone make the attached touchwiz 5x4 in homescreen and 5x5 in applications menu ? 4 vertically columns and 5 horizontally columns in homescreen and 5 vertically columns and 5 horizontally columns in applications menu
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    Thread [REQ]Default Dialer & Contacts

    Hello ! I want original dialer & contacts apk for s5. Can anyone help me ?
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    Thread build.prop

    Hello ! Can anyoane give me default build.prop from S3 Neo, one sim ?
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    Thread Notification Bar

    Hallo ! Can anyone give me a flashable archive with SystemUI (notification bar) like in image?
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    Thread How can take a screen capture

    Hi ! I instaled this ROM => on my S3 Neo . After that the combination "Power Buton" + "Home Buton" isn't working (before install ROM the combination was takeing a screen capture)