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    Thread How to disable force encryption on OOS (Pie & Oreo)?

    Hello Everyone I felt this section will be more appropriate for this query as it can also help many others who might be seeking an answer to the same question after Pie OOS (Community Beta) came out. This can also act as a guide for all future queries regarding force encryption. So, I have a...
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    Thread [Official] Android 9 Community Beta for OnePlus 3/3T

    For Unlocked Bootloader Devices - Flash at your own risk. Make sure to take a complete internal memory backup before flashing. Following is a copy-paste from OP Forums Hey everyone, We know everyone is excited to finally try the delicious Pie update on the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T. Thanks...
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    Thread How to roll back to Nougat OOS 4.5.1

    Hello Everyone Since I haven't flashed any custom ROM on my device in a while (I didn't like Pie much), and I am pretty bored with OOS 5.0.8 now, I would like to roll back to Nougat OOS 4.5.1 build. I've heard from multiple sources that Nougat has much better battery life and usual UI is more...
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    Thread (Discussion) Procedure to buy and import Mi Pad 4 to India

    I have been on a tight budget recently and this Mi Pad 4 fits my budget and the type of device i am looking for. Unfortunately, and i don't understand why, it's not available in India. I just need a PubG, Netflix, Prime Videos, and offline-movies consumption device in a tab (8-10 inch) format...
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    Thread Unofficial way to make 4G+ on Jio work on OP3/T?

    I feel this is more of a discussion than a q&a. So, as many fellow Indians will be aware that Reliane Jio has carrier aggregation supported in India. The OP5,5T,6,6T supports it and get 4G+ signal. The OP3/3T on the other hand, never supported it. There is simply no 4G+ signal on the same spot...
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    Thread How to stop force encryption while flashing oos

    Hello peeps I'm currently decrypted and on a custom pie rom. I want to go back to stock OOS again but I'm afraid that as soon as i will flash it and restart, it'll encrypt storage again. So could anyone please share from their experience, how can i keep data decrypted and prevent force...
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    Thread 4G+ on Jio Network

    Hello, Is the any method using root to activate carrier aggregation on OP3? I have the A3003 model and on the same exact spot, OP3 was unable to get 4G+ while my fiance's OP6 was consistently on 4G+. Does anyone know of any method or any way to make it work? Or is it simply a device limitation...
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    Thread AdAway For Oreo

    Can anyone suggest an Adaway version to block ads on Android oreo that works?
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    Thread How to change Op3 to Pixel XL using build. prop on OOS?

    Hello all, Could anyone please guide me what to change in build.prop in order to show it as a Pixel XL for play Store? Again, I'm using OOS not any custom rom. I will really appreciate if someone can guide me. REASON: Modern Combat Versus is out as a beta and pixel XL + Sammy devices are...
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    Thread Audio delay when using BT headset with games (Samsung Level U)

    Hello, Could anyone else please confirm if they are facing any noticeable lag in audio when playing games with Samsung Level U headset or any other BT headset? I play BulletForce, and Modern Combat 5. I experience this audio delay in both the games from the moment i connect. It works fine for...
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    Thread OP3 WiFi behaviour with a Repeater

    Hello All, Could anyone else, connecting to WiFi via a repeater and not directly to the source router, confirm if their OP3 behaves oddly as well? I am using a TP Link MR 3020 as a repeater in one of my rooms and while my laptop works fluently, the damn phone does no data transfer what so ever...
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    Thread (Toooo OT) Chromecasy 2nd Gen Query before buying

    Hello All, Apologies for asking it here but it is in a way related to OP3 as well. So i will buy a new LCD TV next week probably. And chromecast seems like a great gadget to have. So, my queries are to people who already own chromecast and OP3/Laptop. 1. Would i need internet connection to...
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    Thread Difference between pre-bundled charger and oneplusstore charger

    Hello All, I believe Indian users can answer this more efficiently since i believe this is an india-exclusive charger or something. So, i was looking fro an extra charger for my home as i want to leave one charger on work desk. However, i quickly noticed the charger shows on the below website is...
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    Thread (Solved) OP3 can't detect more than 2 fingers touching

    So i was playing Modern Combat 5 today and decided to try a friend's advice to place the aim button on a different location where my 3rd finger can access it. However, out of a complete surprise, the aim button was not working. Tested it on an OPO and i was able to press the aim button while...
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    Thread WiFi issues with a router as repeater

    Hello all. I'm using a TP-Link TL-MR3020 as a repeater in my room as the main wifi router is downstairs. On MM the wifi connected without issues and performed optimally. However on all nougat builds, presently 4.0.3, the wifi first connects to the original router, then the repeater and...
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    Thread (Nougat)(OOS 4.0.2) WiFi Hotspot turning OFF automatically

    Hello All, Could anyone please confirm if they are experiencing the same behavior after Nougat 4.0.2 update? Whenever i turn Hotspot ON and turn the screen OFF, the hotspot turns OFF automatically after few minutes. Tested with both Stock and Boeffla kernel.
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    Thread How to prevent stock recovery flashing on fresh oos nougat installation

    Hello, As the title pretty much explains, I want to know how to prevent stock recovery replacing twrp when we flash the nougat oos zip? Even when I flash twrp image in recovery after oos nougat installation, the damn thing still overwrites twrp and I need to use a laptop to flash twrp again.
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    Thread [Discussion] Micro lags in OOS 4.0.2

    Hi All, To everyone who is on nougat oos now with stock and stock based kernels, do you experience micro lags while playing music and videos? Like just a small pause, maybe else than a second. I use power amp and YouTube. This also happens when playing video on quick pic, or typing. And its...
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    Thread How to make Adaway working with nougat oos?

    Hello all! I am unable to make Adaway work with nougat oos. I have searched the issues online and found that this is because system is read only in nougat by default. I have tried suggesting commands to remount system as RW but it still is not working. Could anyone please guide me how to make...
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    Thread A request to official/unofficial TWRP developers

    Hi All! As plenty of people know by now that the latest modified twrp that we have does not work with encrypted storage when flashing official nougat oos. And there must be many people like me who due to reasons dont have time to copy n move everything back or don't want to decrypt their...
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    Thread How to flash official nougat without wiping internal storage?

    Hello all! I am currently on OOS 3.2.8, and official TWRP. I have read all the instructions on the forums but all lead to one option, formatting internal memory. So, my question are: 1. Will flashing oos 4.0 work with official TWRP or 8 have to use modified 28 version? 2. How can I flash...
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    Thread Procedure to flash xposed on OP3

    Hi All! First of all i would like to state i'm not a noob at all. I have tried clearing cache, dalvik, format system > full OOS zip > SuperSu > Reboot ? Xposed arm64 zip. But for the life of me, i am not able to get it working. I'm using the alpha 4 app from original thread and it still shows...
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    Thread Game Stutters after 3.2.6 update

    Hi All, Is anyone who is on OOS 3.2.6 as of now, please confirm if they are also experiencing game lags? Games like MC5 is performing like it did with old OnePlus One. Even game like C-Ops on which i used to get consistent 60+ fps is not stuttering at barely 25-30 fps. Just want to confirm that...
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    Thread Phone shutting down at random %ages (50, 60, 40+)

    Hi All, I'm facing a weird issue with my phone from more than 2 months and it has reached a frustrated level now. It used to shut off at levels like 15%, sometimes between 15-25%. But nowadays, it shuts down automatically at 40-60% and that is really unreliable. So, i wanted to check if there...
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    Thread Remix OS 64 Bit version not booting on old laptop

    Hi All! I have a Lenovo laptop lying around my college days and i thought to use it for trying Remix OS. I have checked online and the processor, Intel Celeron M 540, supports 64-bit instruction set as per Intel website. So i saw a method to dual boot remix os on windows. Formatted one of my...
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    Thread [Request]Stock CM11s 44s Kernel

    HI Guys! If anyone has factory image of 44s, can he/she please share stock kernel in a flashable zip format or in img format? :o
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    Thread [Request] 240dpi dialler mode for stock 4.4.2 roms

    Could any themer make a 240dpi dialler for stock 4.4.2 roms? I believe many other users like 240dpi too so it would be beneficial for many. So can anyone of you kindly make a 240dpi dialler mode like you did on 4.3 times. Sent from Galaxy S3 Powered by Temasek + Boeffla
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    Thread Need live wallpaper support apks from system

    Hey guys! Since i'm using Gorgoid rom, it has no live wallpaper support and the developer has also kinda left the rom/not replying. So can anyone of you please upload the apks needed to add live wallpaper support to rom? It's stock 4.1.2 MD3
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    Thread Weird problem: SetCPU not working

    Well guys i installed SETCPU right after rooting, set the limit cpu frequency values according to my choice (UC) but to mu surprise it still peaks at 1.4ghz. I'd set the valut to 200min 1000max with pegasis governor but it doesn;t work. It never happened on any previous device i rooted. Already...
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    Thread Counter reset to 0 but system properties still modified

    Well as the title says, i successfully reset'd my flash counter back to 0. It worked like charm. But the problem is that the system properties still shows status "Modified". So is there any way to reset it to normal too? BTW i already searched the forum but didn't find any promising solution. If...
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    Thread Chrome breaks music app n ram usage on LLA

    Well guys this is weird. While using chrome, music app stops working and closes automatically. It doesn't happen with any other browser. I'm on indisn firmware 4.1 1 right now, non rooted. Anyone has any suggestions or facing same issue? One more question, is the high ram usage fixed in uk...
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    Thread Easy Method of rooting without increasing flash counter

    Well guys as the title says itself, is there any safe, easy method of rooting S3 on 4.1.1 without triggering the flash counter and with stock recovery like CF Auto Root? But Auto root may trigger flash counter. So can anyone please tell anything about this matter? It's just i bought my S3...
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    Thread Confused about Which Sd card class to select

    Well guys i wanna use my new SD card for extending internal storage by amarullz. So all i wanna know about is, will class 4 be sufficient or i must buy class 6? A 16GB class 4 memory card is now in my budget but class 6 is way outta budget. So will class 4 be a good choice or i must buy class 6?
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    Thread Modern Combat 2 hd on ace

    Have anyone tried this game on ace? Armv6 version¿ I wanna try it but i don't want to waste my whole day in downloading game if it doesn't work Sent from my GT-S5830 using xda app-developers app
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    Thread What is Pdroid patch?

    Well i'm not a regular cm user but i read at many threads about Pdroid patch. So i'm curious about what it actually is? Can anyone explain plz? Thank you :) Sent from my GT-S5830 using xda app-developers app
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    Thread Advance restore from cwm Stock > CM rom

    Guys just want to know if i go advance restore> Restore Data from a Stock.based rom to a cm rom and vice versa, will it be fine or it'll create any bugs??? Sent from my GT-S5830 using Tapatalk 2
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    Thread About CM roms apps to sd problem

    Well guys i just want a minor help from all cm users. well the problem i suffer with is, when i restore data using titanium, or install new apps, it goes straight into phone memory rather to sd card and gives me low memory warnings. and i don't have any sd-ext partition, just talking about...
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    Thread [Q] linux kernel version 3

    I noticed that the experimental build of cm9 released for galaxy note has kernel version 3. so was curious if ace can also get kernel v3? is it possible anyways?
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    Thread cwm flashable stock rom

    just curious, have anyone tried to convert stock rom odin files into a cwm flashable zip? i heard that odin can sometime brick your phone. so was curious if there exists such ddkq8 flashable zip so that stock rom can be installed easy :-)
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    Thread xperiatized major problem :-(

    i'm facing a major bug on xperiatized. my phone is restarting again and again without any reason. i'm really annoyed with it. can anyone plz suggest any solution? if any script is the cause, then can anyone plz tell me any way to remove scripts??
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    Thread restore not working :-(

    well guys i backed up my stock ddkq8 using cwm 5 but now when i tried to restore that backup, device is stuck on "Galaxy Ace" screen. the thing is, i have to give my phn to my bro as his' not working. but he don't like this rom and want stock rom back. can anyone please suggest me what the...
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    Thread request for stock fm.apk (,deodex)

    well guys i am using xperiatized and loving it but i use to listen fm alot but it's not in this rom.. can anyone plz upload stock fm.. i guess the rom is deodex so will need a deodex apk...
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    Thread Installed my first ever custom rom :-)

    Guys!!! installed my first rom today, xprtiatized, must say......Awsommmeeeeee now i too know why people are crazy after custom roms.... thanxxxxxx to all the devs for making custom rom for guys are awesome
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    Thread [Q] help me plzz

    need help guys.. i replaced mms.apk with a modded one and it works fine... but now the message icon from TW launcher is gone.. how to get it back??? help plzzz :-(:-(
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    Thread [Q] BLN pro on stock rom ddkq8

    Well guys i just came to know about bln pro and i really wanna use it but after installing it says bln mod mod not installed. so can anyone help me finding this bln mod or it doesn't work on stock rom?????
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    Thread [Q] low speed on stock rom

    hello guys!! well it's been only a month since i bought ace but it's kinda slow nowadays. i really would appreciate if anyone can suggest safe methods of increasing speed of stock rom with tweaks and increase free space on ram. Thanx and one more thing, i'm running low on internal memory. so...
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    Thread [Q] about backup of appz and app data

    Hey guys! I need expert advice about appz and app data backup. Well i want to try a custom rom but i don't want to install all my appz again and don't want to play all game levels again. So i really would like to know the simplest and effective way to backup data? PS: I heard about Titanitm...
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    Thread [Q] No headset icon in status bar?????

    Well guys, it's not a big issue but it always help finding out whether the headsets/headphone is connected or not. There isn't any icon in status bar showing it on SGA. any solution?
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    Thread Galaxy Ace OTA update available

    hey guys!! I live in Punjab(india) and about 1 minute ago i got an update notification on my galaxy ace. So everyone must check in their respective regions about the update. will update the thread after completing the update. :-):-):-):-)