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    Thread Problem with SuperSU

    I Have note 3 n900 with official 4.4.2 ... I flashed Super SU 2.01 From the CWM recovery but now i faced this ERROR! what should i do?
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    Thread [Q] Stock Rom with 4 Files for Galaxy S3 i9305

    Hello ALL I need a stock rom with 4 files for flashing my galaxy s3 i9305 .... I was searched but i didn't find any thing... please help thanks a lot...
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    Thread [Q] slow response and lags when Typing with Keyboard

    Hello... I Have Some Problem with my N900.. after update by wifi I notice some lag when i was typing message ... slow response when typing on keyboard ... i have just 10 APPs installed on my Note 3 and my android version is 4.3 Stock-not rooted...In addition I haven't any lag issues at all in my...