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    Thread Pixel 2 (kinda blue) in the UK

    Arrived yesterday and it does look pretty cool. But, whilst it's smaller than my Pixel XL it's not by much. It's kinda big for a 5" screen.
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    Thread The OP5 screen compared to the OP3

    Now then, I've had my OP5 since Monday, and have read all the things about jelly scrolling, inverted display panels and so on. This is something different and the reason I am likely to return this phone within the 15 day period. It's been a bit wet and dark here all week in Hull, but I wear...
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    Thread Pixel UK Discussion

    Evening, I've pre-ordered the Pixel 128gb in Quite Black (the blue wasn't available--waaah!) and an XL to test which is best for me. Estimated delivery 24-26th Oct. How about you?
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    Thread Interesting graphic while moving to file based encryption

    Done from dev options on latest npd35k build Also, now file based encryption is enabled the option to convert back is greyed out. Sent from my Nexus 6P using XDA-Developers mobile app
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    Thread npd35k released

    Sent from my Pixel C using XDA-Developers mobile app
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    Thread Annoying speaker pops

    I am experiencing very annoying speaker pops on unlocking and relocking the 6p (32GB aluminium) with nothing playing. Anyone else?
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    Thread UK xt1092 received

    The title should have "update"... Thanks autoincorrect. Sent from my XT1052 using XDA Free mobile app
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    Thread Recently Increased force close/app stopped working on 4.4.4?

    As title. I seem to be having a lot of force closes on unrooted, xt1052, no carrier, 4.4.4 with new versions of apps. Gapps and 3rd party, but especially (and surprisingly) Gapps, including Gsearch! Running ART, but this has not been an issue previously. Anyone else? Sent from my XT1052 using...
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    Thread Anyone with a euro XT1052 received 4.4.3/4?

    I've an unlocked xt1052 with no carrier ties, but haven't seen any system update. Anyone else in a similar position had one? Or heard anything about it? Sent from my XT1052 using XDA Free mobile app
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    Thread Anyone having Exchange services drain battery?

    Hello, as title. Nexus s jb stock, exchange services is draining an extraordinary amount of battery/CPU/wake time. I've deleted account, reapplied it, changed every sync and data setting, but still it keeps my phone awake for at least an hour a day and destroys my battery. Anyone else...