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    Thread Lenovo A3500-H: recommended ROM?

    I have a Lenovo A3500-H. Still a nice device, but with outdated Android. Is there any recommendation for an alternative ROM where evereything works fine? Camera, Bluetooth, LTE...
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    Thread is there a device that allows privacy control and hardware keyboard?

    First I am looking for a device where I have full privacy control. This means: If I install something like Skype or Whatsapp I could select manually which contacts should be available for that app. If I deny some rights, the app should be provided with fake data so that it still will run. Which...
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    Thread do custom ROMs support the keyboard cover?

    There is a nice keyboard cover for the S6 Edge+. The question is, if Lineage OS etc. will support this, since the screen will be automatically reduced if you attach it.
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    Thread Running Android APK on Windows Phone, current status

    I found some old thread about installing APK files on a Windows Phone 8/10 (let's say Lumia 640). It seems that it was possible to do so, but isn't anymore unless you install a specific verson. Did I get that right? What's the current status of runnung Android or iOS Apps e.g. a game like...
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    Thread [Q] different Bluetooth v4 types?

    I was wondering why the Lenovo A7-40 can't connect to the Parrot Flower Power while the Asus ME181CX can. Both support Bluetooth v4. According to the BLE Checker the A7-40 should also support BLE. Both run with Android 4.4.2. So what can be different in Bluetooth v4 support and how can I figure...
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    Thread [Q] Standard ROM: Unlocking Screen with a key?

    I still use the standard ROM with HTC Sense. The only thing that annoys me, is that I have to unlock the screen by dragging the ring into the middle of the screen. Is it possible to unlock the screen by pressing some key? Cyanogenmod for example offered to unlock the screen by pressing the menu...
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    Thread Android Emulation with Bluetooth 4.0 on Windows

    I used Bluestacks on my Surface and it works well for running Android Apps on the Windows Tablet. But it doesn't seem to support Bluetooth 4.0 and I don't really like to "rent" software. So is there any alternative, that could be used for the same purpose and that works well?
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    Thread CWM doesn't work after update

    I tried to update ClockworkMod from (I think) to by installing the ZIP-File. However when trying to boot CWM the boot manager says "wrong image size". How is it possible to fix this?
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    Thread Android VPN bug

    Android unfortunately has this VPN Bug: It seems that this still isn't fixed yet... Maybe some tool that can fake an existing internet connection would help here too, but still this seems to be a bug.
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    Thread [A] Using Internet with Touchpad and Symbian Nokia Phones

    Ok, we have the problem that Symbian (Nokia C6, S60v5 in this case) only offers an Ad Hoc wifi hotspot (with Software like JoikuSpot) while stupid Android (unlike many other OS) has trouble with connecting to these kind of hotspots. I have CM10 on my HP Touchpad and non of the solutions I found...
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    Thread How to get the original ROM back?

    Well I need to send in the Chacha because of some Hardware issues, so I'd like to restore the original ROM. What's the easiest way getting it back (maybe with the option not having to root it again afterwards, or restoring the Clockwork-Backup)?
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    Thread Screen Miscalibrated

    I cannot use the top 0,5cm of the screen, which is annoying since I cannot open the status bar anymore. Is there any chance to recalibrate the screen or is it broken? If found a thread with some screen calibration tools for the Chacha here but they don't seem to have the right resolution for...
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    Thread Using Hardware Keyboard as Bluetooth Keyboard for TV

    I have CM10 on my Chacha and tried to use it as Hardware Keyboard for my Samsung TV, but even with BlueputDroid no success yet. Did anyone get it to work?
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    Thread [Q] WebOS on Chacha possible?

    Since WebOS will be Open Source soon I wondered if it will be possible to build it for the Chacha. If you take a look on the devices that had WebOS (Palm Pre or Pixi), they all had a keyboard!! So the HTC Chacha might be the best Android device for trying it. I read in some other forums that...
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    Thread Apps2ROM: Cannot delete some apps

    I moved some apps to ROM memory with Apps2Rom and everything worked fine. But after some update it seems that I cannot use some of these apps. Unfortunately I also cannot delete them. But I will have to delete them for reinstalling. Any idea what went wrong? How can I move apps back to the...
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    Thread rotation faker => is it possible

    since some apps on the chacha have wrong rotation for some reason (e.g. unfortunately switches the rotation modes) i wonder if it is possible to create a program that just fakes the rotation portrait/landscape for some programs.
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    Thread SuperOSR and DW Contacts issue

    Sorry for opening another thread, but now it seems i figured out the behaviour that maxes problems: For example if you install DW Contacts as dialer (since you need a dialer with smart dial otherwise you won't notice): 1. Press the green button so that "DW Telephone" will open 2. if not...
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    Thread Recommended Dialer App

    Can anyone tell me a recommended Dialer that works fine with the Chacha keyboard? I use the SuperOSR rom and the dialer coming with that ROM is really very awkward. First of al it does not do Smart Dialing, so I either have to search in the names or in the numbers - but not in both at the same...
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    Thread CWM Backup worthless because of Link2SD

    I did a backup of my chacha. Since I also used Link2SD I have the problem that the extra partition is not mounted correctly after restoring the backup. Some Apps that are on the 2nd partition still work, but Link2SD refuses to create the link again ("Invalid argument"). Some manual guides tell...
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    Thread Google Talk with Voice and/or Video chat

    I'm a little bit confused since google talk is supposed to work with video if you have Android 2.3.4 and Google Talk 1.3. Well, the Chacha has Android 2.3.5 and also Google Talk 1.3 but can't even do voice chats with it. So what's the problem, and is it possible to update this? Most of the...
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    Thread [Q] How well do custom roms match to the Chacha

    Since I saw some screenshots of custom ROMs on a Chacha, that had a dialer on the screen I would like to ask: Which ROMs are really adapted to the Chacha? That means: - no dialer keys on the screen because you have a keyboard anyway - keyboard usage possible in menues and lists ... I would...
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    Thread LED should blink for missed calls while charging

    It would be nice if the HTC Chacha also would flash it's LED while it is charging. Unfortunately it just will show the Orange LED while charging although it could blink green/orange. Or I'd even say that missed call LED should come before charging LED. Since I have the phone connected to the...