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    Thread Easiest way to update to Android 11?

    I have an Exynos that has been bootloader unlocked. I flashed someone's version based on Android 10 last year and am looking to move up to 11. Can someone please point me to a walkthrough? I still have Odin, etc. installed on my computer. Thanks.
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    Thread Can't install TWRP without rooting; need... better drivers...?

    Followed the instructions on several websites such as this one here at XDA: All goes well until I get to this line: fastboot flash recovery recovery.img (latest TWRP image, renamed) The command prompt window just sits there and says...
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    Thread Best place to ask TWRP questions for Note 9... here or elsewhere?

    Getting the following errors when trying to do a full backup on my rooted Exynos Note 9: "Could not mount /data and unable to find crypto footer." "Failed to mount '/data' (Invalid argument)" "Unable to recreate /data/media folder." "Unable to mount storage" "Backup failed. Cleaning Backup...
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    Thread TWRP backup failing on Exynos Note 9

    (Edit: if it matters, I have an Exynos Note 9, rooted) Screenshots attached. I would upgrade to a better/newer recovery if it exists and if someone could point me in the right direction. Thanks.
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    Thread Replacement Screen (not cracked glass) cost?

    I dropped my Exynos Note 9 several weeks ago in a case that wasn't very protective. Thought I dodged a bullet, but several days later I noticed a partial black "not quite half circle" on the edge of the screen, approximately 3-4 mm. Then last week, a horizontal black line appeared across my...
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    Thread Generic software for USB endoscope on the Note 9?

    Four years ago, I bought a generic USB endoscope camera that worked fine with my Galaxy S5. I recently upgraded to a Note 9 International version (Exynos, rooted) and can't get the endoscope to work. The first problem is that I have forgotten what software I used for the endoscope. It did not...
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    Thread Can I delete this .ZIP file from the root of my SM-N960F?

    I finally managed to root my SM-N960F a few weeks ago (after some trial and error). There is a 3.4 GB file named "" in the root of my main storage. I can delete it now, right? Any idea what this is? My memory (mine, not the phone's) is horrible...
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    Thread Can't root Exynos Note 9: 'could not mount /data and unable to find crypto footer'

    Bought a used TM-N960F that came with Android 9. Updated to Android 10 (maybe that was my problem?) I did the "OEM unlock". The Samsung USB drivers are installed. I reboot the Note 9 to download mode - Hold [VOLUME DOWN] + [BIXBY] and connect usb cable; press [VOLUME UP] to begin I run Odin3...
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    Thread Galaxy a50 vs Note 9: 1) ability to root and 2) pros/cons

    Looking to get back into the Android modding world. These things are important to me: Custom Roms / rooting / unlocked bootloader Fast Large screen (Stylus) Expandable storage Wireless charging Don't care about headphone jack The Note 9 (certain versions, either Exynos chipset or the n9600?)...
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    Thread To unlock boot loader, buy an Exynos chipset version?

    From what I have read, buying a US-based Note 9 (Snapdragon chipset), I will not be able to unlock the bootloader. 1) Is that correct? If I buy an "international version" (Exynos chipset), I will definitely be able to unlock the bootloader. 2) Is that correct?
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    Thread Which S7 Edge phones can be bootloader unlocked?

    I just found out that my SM-G935P has a locked bootloader and is therefore stuck at Android 8.0. If I want to buy another S7 Edge that is upgradable, I just have to make sure that it has the Exynos chipset, correct?
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    Thread Disappointed w/ locked bootloader of Galaxy S7 Edge; other manufacturers to look at?

    Late to the party, I know. I have HAD been a big Samsung fan for many years. Due to finances, I have never chosen to purchase the latest greatest model of any phone. So when my S5 died, I bought a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge a few years ago. I usually run a phone stock for a year or more until I...
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    Thread Galaxy S5 won't pass Hands-free activation; antenna problem?

    I was using my Galaxy S5 on Ting, then the charging port went bad. A buddy's buddy fixed it. It was factory reset because someone else was going to use it, and they broke the SIM card when they tried to take it out. They decided not to buy it, so I tried re-activating it on Ting with a new SIM...
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    Thread Link to latest version of TWRP for Sprint Galaxy S5?

    I see this page: but I don't see my device listed ("SM-G900P", Sprint Samsung Galaxy S5). I currently have TWRP v2.7.0.0 on a brand-new install of Android 6.0.1. Doing a filter/search for "Galaxy S5" I see these: Samsung Galaxy S5 Exynos (k3gxx) Samsung Galaxy S5...
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    Thread (delete)

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    Thread Choosing a new ROM

    I have a SM-G900P. It's been years since I've flashed a new ROM... I'm way back on plain Android 5.0. I have Philz Touch 6 installed. I would like to start with just updating my Galaxy S5 to the latest plain vanilla Android and go from there, backing up, trying new roms, restoring, etc...
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    Thread How to load a custom ROM on a PureTalk X1 Logic phone?

    I'm trying to get rid of the ad-ware/bloatware that seems to stay even when I do a hard reset. It's not that great of a phone (it was free after rebate at Kmart, after all...), but if someone could help me at least get rid of the annoying pop-up ads, that'd be *great*. Maybe rooting it would...
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    Thread [Completed] Where to ask questions on a PureTalk X1 Logic smartphone?

    I couldn't find a forum dedicated to these... they're kind of cheap. Is there a "general" forum where I could ask questions about it? I'm trying to get rid of the ad-ware/bloatware that seems to stay even when I do a hard reset.
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    Thread No gyroscope or accelerometer

    We bought a used Galaxy S5 for my son and thought we tested everything... life was good. Then we figured out that screen rotation was not working. It is enabled in the settings. I Googled it and found out that we could do a “*#0*#” (without the quotation marks) to get into a service mode...
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    Thread Fair price to ask for a used Note 2 in decent condition?

    They seem to be going for a little over $100 on eBay and almost that much on Swappa. It is the charcoal black one, which may bring slightly more than the white (?). Here are pics. Am I way off on my target price? Clean ESN, not under contract.
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    Thread Unlock Galaxy Note 2?

    My son bought a Verizon Galaxy Note 2 at a yard sale. Turns out he needs a Sprint-branded phone, so he's going to try and sell this one. It is currently not activated, not under contract, does not have any outstanding payments against the prior owner, and has a SIM card. How can we "carrier...
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    Thread Problem updating SuperSU... stuck at Yellow Sprint Spark screen (Galaxy S5)

    I have a Sprint Galaxy S5. Got a message stating that the SuperSU binary needed to be updated, so I rebooted into recovery (PhilZ Touch 6), but couldn't find the ZIP file to flash. I chose "reboot" (without rooting) the first time, but nothing changed. So I chose "Reboot and root", and now it...
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    Thread [Completed] (Delete)

    ...delete me
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    Thread Is this a charging port or a battery problem?

    Picked up an old 2012 version 7" Kindle Fire HD very cheap. On some chargers, it would never get past the screen that says "Kindle Fire". (It says "kindle fire", then becomes animated and the light moves across the letters left to right about 4-1/2 times, then it goes black and repeats). I...
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    Thread Kindle Fire HD 7" (2012 version) power problems

    We bought it used but in good condition from eBay. It was well-taken care of. We only charged it a few times in the past month since we got it. The first time, we got a low battery warning, left it plugged in all night, and the next morning it was at 100%. (Note: we do *not* have the official...
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    Thread Kindle Fire vs Nook HD?

    Trying to decide between these two devices for my son. It looks like I can get a manufacturer refurb Nook HD for about the same price as a new Kindle (with Special Offers). He is interested mostly for reading books, so book selection (both buying and borrowing for free from libraries) is a top...
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    Thread Which is more hackable... Nook HD or Kindle Fire?

    Trying to decide between these two devices for my son. It looks like I can get a manufacturer refurb Nook HD for about the same price as a new Kindle (with Special Offers). He is interested mostly for reading books, so book selection (both buying and borrowing for free from libraries) is a top...
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    Thread [Q] Will a Sprint-branded LG G3 work on AT&T?

    It has been unlocked by Sprint for overseas use. If someone pops in their AT&T SIM card, will it work on AT&T's GSM network?
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    Thread [Q] Hack to remap "home" to buttons on the back?

    I really miss having a physical "home" key. Is there any way to map the keys on the back of the LG G3 to be a "home" key? Maybe a quick press of the power button and change "screen off" to a longer press and "power off" to a double-press, etc.? Or double-click the volume, etc.?
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    Thread Unhappy with camera as compared to my old Galaxy S4

    I do a lot of low light photography, especially "normal room lighting" for coins. I was very pleased with my Galaxy S3 and S4 but decided to buy an LG G3 when I read the reviews. It is slightly used, so could there be a problem with the "laser focusing"? When I use the flash it helps, but still...
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    Thread [Q] Masione Qi Enabled Wireless Inductive Charging Pad ?

    I bought this at Amazon, plugged it in last night, set my Sprint LG G3 on it, and... nothing. I went back to the Amazon page and read a little bit more. The first question (that I missed when I bought it) asked if it worked with an AT&T LG G3; the answer was...
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    Thread [Q] Full ROM backup/restore?

    I recently upgraded from a Galaxy S4. I had flashed a custom ROM, 4.3 Stock(ish)v06. The main reasons I loved it were for the built-in WiFi Tethering and the built-in ad blocking. 1) Is there such a ROM for the LG G3 with these two features? If not the tethering, the ad-blocking is much more...
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    Thread [Q] Ad blocker?

    1) What app is recommended to block them without rooting the phone? "Ad blocker"? 2) What app is recommended to block ads *with* rooting the phone? "adfree"?
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    Thread AMOLED screens - systemic problems or a fluke?

    I bought a used S4 off Craigslist (I know, bad idea). Guy said it was just a few months old. He lied. Anyway, the screen was getting lines across it for a few weeks then the display stopped working yesterday. I found a few other people having similar issues. Is the LCD technology (of the LG...
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    Thread Thinking about converting from Galaxy S4 to LG G3... pros and cons?

    Has anyone else made this transition? My S4 screen just died (had lines across the screen more and more until the display just up and died yesterday). Wondering if the G3 would be a better phone. A lot of that depends on the individual I guess but thought you all might be able to convince me...
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    Thread Dead screen on Galaxy S4

    I bought it about 9 months ago on Craigslist. I'll never do *that* again. After I got it home, I noticed that the screen looks as if it has been replaced. A tiny bit of glue in the upper corner. Oh well. It was working fine. Or so I thought. A few weeks ago, I started getting these strange...
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    Thread Adding wifi tether

    Best way to do this (not through Sprint) is to flash an entirely different ROM or just the portions that control/limit this functionality? (For example, as described here) When I had my Galaxy S3, someone had a ROM with built-in WiFi Tether. Anyone know if such a ROM exists for the S4?
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    Thread [Q] "Firmware upgrade encountered an issue"...

    I had no problem using QBKing77's guide to root my S3. I looked for the comparable thread when I got my S4. I loaded up Odin but got an error saying there was no PIT partition. I put the phone into debug mode (not in the instructions?) and it seemed to work. But then it failed half-way...
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    Thread How hard is it to replace a screen on an S4?

    Looking at buying an S4. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'm around an 8 or 9 when it comes to taking things apart... and a 5 or 6 when it comes to putting them back together ;) I can buy a clean ESN S4 with a cracked screen (good digitizer) for a lot less and replacement glass doesn't seem to cost very...
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    Thread [Q] Which replacement screen to buy?

    I bought a used Sprint Samsung Galaxy S4 and need to replace the screen. Removing the battery, I see that it is an SPH-L720. Is that enough to tell me which replacement screen to buy? I see this one on eBay: here It says it is for "Samsung Galaxy S4 SIV GT-i9500". is that what I need? Thanks.
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    Thread Re-flashed my S3 back to stock to sell it; how to test it?

    Had some problems with data on my S3 and couldn't fix it, so I got an S4 as a replacement. I want to sell the S3 now but obviously want to make sure it is working correctly. I flashed a stock ROM via Odin, etc., so I think it would all be working again. Can't I simply log into my Sprint...
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    Thread Want to flash back to stock

    I found this thread but it seems *way* too complicated (2 "MISC Requirements", lots of Mods, a few "if you have problems with X, do this..."). What is the simplest thread with the most-straightforward flash back to stock? Thanks.
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    Thread Flashed new ROMs, now have sporadic 3G data

    I accidentally flashed an odexed hotspot hack on a deodexed ROM and in the process lost my TWRP recovery. So I got help from here (thanks, droid716... thread here) and got it working again. So I've installed several ROMs since then, but can't get consistent 3G again. Current configuration: *...
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    Thread Older versions of CDMA Workshop (DFS)?

    I installed the latest version of CDMA Workshop but need an older version, preferable 2 or 3 versions old. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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    Thread How to tell which Radio is installed?

    I flashed MOAR v9.0.1 but am only getting 1x speeds on my data connection. How do I tell which radio is included in the ROM? Edit: from this thread here where I downloaded it, the "MK3" is the radio, correct?
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    Thread Flashed new ROM, lost 3G data

    I flashed the MK3 modem, then MOAR v9.0.1 and lost my 3G data. There are other threads here discussing similar problems. Some said that the person lost their APN and suggested typing *#06#. I did that and got my MEID (it was not all zeroes). Every time I type ##72786# now, i get the "SCRTN"...
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    Thread [Q] Bricked my phone... have Titanium Backup installed and TWRP... how to restore?

    I have rooted the phone but have not upgraded the (Stock?) ROM for many months. I was trying to get WiFi Tethering to work again and flashed a file that was supposed to fix it. It didn't. (Edit: That file was ""...) Do I have to re-flash the last ROM I downloaded? I...
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    Thread [Q] FreedomPop?

    Is it worth buying a used Galaxy S2 for $75 to use for FreedomPop? I've heard mixed reviews on their service. This is one of the 3 phones that they are currently accepting. (The others are the HTC EVO 4G and the HTC EVO Design 4G).
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    Thread Flashed new rooted stock ROM, keep getting "downloaded file notifications"?

    I had MD4 de-odexed. Flashed to MK3 odexed as mentioned here: Now, every so often, I get the little "down arrow with a line under it" notifications in my notification area. There are about 20 files that I had downloaded prior to...
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    Thread Fair price for used Touch Pro 2?

    Friend of mine not using her Sprint Touch Pro 2. Would like to offer a fair price for it. Looks like they're going for around $100 on Craigslist??