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    Post Forgot how much I loved the P4xl

    I moved over to the fold 2; great hardware but I hate the software. Not having root sucks too, didn't realize how many little changes I made until I couldn't make them. Google comes out with their rumoured folder and I'm dumping the fold instantly.
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    Post Questions - workarounds when not rooted?

    Had no issues whatsoever with Action Launcher. Not a chance I'd use the stock launcher, no adjustable grid is a deal breaker right out of the gate. Add in all the missing features and it's like going back to an SGS2 or something using the stock launcher, woefully inadequate.
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    Post Flashing International Firmware on North American variant

    They've been claiming an update since day 1, still not here. I do believe it's coming though since it's an advertised feature and included in the spec; they pretty much have to cough it up sooner or later.
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    Post Price and expectations

    I don't think I'll go back to a regular phone again, it's got flaws but that big screen makes life so much easier. To me the idea in general is the future, it could happen with rolling screens instead which appear to be a possibly better solution but being able to open up to a bigger screen...
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    Post Take a look at this new Spigen case!

    You can get one of the wallet cases that will fold flat; these usually don't attach to the top at all just as a wallet with a non folder. I've got one on order but cant comment on it as it's not here yet.
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    Post Updates

    The October update is the latest; rumor has it that the fold is harder to update due to the proprietary folding software and the conventional wisdom around here is pointing it's finger that way in regards to the delayed updates. I haven't seen any compelling evidence that it is in fact the...
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    Post Take a look at this new Spigen case!

    They do ship to the US but it's not exactly cheap shipping...
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    Post Price in EU (<€1200 now).

    I don't know why anyone would have paid full price in the US as it was on sale the opening day at every possible outlet and you would have had to literally give them more money than they were asking for the device in order to pay MSRP; I paid 1600 directly from Samsung's site on pre-order for...
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    Post Anyone just using screen protectors and no case?

    No protectors inside or out, no case, pure naked. It's a joy to run this way but one little drop later I could be weeping like a schoolgirl with a skinned knee. That window ends in about a week as I finally found a case as premium as the phone and I'll be in a wallet soon.
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    Post The Z Fold 2 Case Thread I'm going to sample this one.
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    Post Before pulling the trigger on this device

    I'm not sure what the point of going to a sub section and complaining about a phone you don't own and aren't going to buy is but it happens often enough here. I completely understand the posts where people say they are disappointed about a device as it comes out, are moving elsewhere, and the...
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    Post Before pulling the trigger on this device

    The render legacy apks unusable was laughable, that's for sure. He does not own the phone, he's been here trolling for quite a while.
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    Post Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Review — No eSim US Models

    I just got the October update for unlocked US phones and esim was not fixed. :(
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    Post Anyone Removing Inner Screen Protector?

    The recommended way is just to use something like a piece of printer paper and saw at the corner a little bit; it comes right up and there is no risk of accidentally digging your fingernail or a tool into the screen.
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    Post NewPipe For YouTube

    Yeah, same with firefox and you don't have to use Goog's app which I find annoying and poorly laid out.
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    Post Before pulling the trigger on this device

    I saw it as a brilliant yet highly flawed device when I got it. Now I cant use a regular phone anymore, they're completely ruined for me. I would have preferred the device be wider because I still don't like the front screen to this day and a little wider would be all it takes to fix it. That...
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    Post Pouch idea, but will it work?

    Ah, now it's working. Yeah, that's what I'm looking for exactly but think high end leather.
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    Post Anyone Removing Inner Screen Protector?

    Yeah, I know it's plastic. I had the sense reading this thread and the improvements some were talking about that it might be a little oversold. I agree completely that it's a huge improvement but only in comparison to the horrid screen protector. In comparison to what were all used to with...
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    Post Pouch idea, but will it work?

    It just grinds without loading for me.
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    Post Pouch idea, but will it work?

    I was actually looking for something nice, ie real leather, that sort of thing. I do thank folks for their ideas and responses all the same, I may go to the sock if I cant find a nice ostrich leather or something similar.
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    Post Anyone Removing Inner Screen Protector?

    I don't think it feels like glass either, just less like a crappy piece of film. I'd do it again in a heartbeat but it still feels like plastic, your finger doesn't slide as smoothly as on glass, etc. No one really talked about it much but the screen looks much better as well and that aspect...
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    Post August security update??

    Whats weird is the don't even pump something out for the unsupported eSIM, it's crap it isn't functional at this point. Should have been an early patch addressing it world wide as it's already fixed in some markets.
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    Post This Is What The Next Fold Should Be!

    I always disliked bottom scanners because you have to pick the phone up and I often use mine on the desk. I had problems with this scanner at first but then I realized I was using just the side of both my thumb and index to unlock. Redid the the prints concentrating on the side and it works with...
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    Post Fingerprint sensor - anyone else finding it extremely bad?

    I noticed that the way I hold the phone and the placement of the sensor had me using the side of my index and thumb rather than the center of either. I put both in again while being careful to use the side rather center of my finger and it works fine now. Another thing that's a little of a push...
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    Post How often do you use the outer screen?

    Outside of brief text messages inner screen always.
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    Post Third Party Launchers

    How is the MS launcher nowadays? I haven't tried it for a while...
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    Post Anyone Removing Inner Screen Protector?

    I'm with apprentice on this one and agree pretty much down the line. I asked this question on the OG thread as did another fellow and there was not one report of problems with screen scratching and all reported it had proved more durable than expected in reference to the entire device. I've...
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    Post What 3rd party keyboard are you using?

    Gboard can do the floating keyboard which is what I use since I one hand most of the time.
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    Post Navigation Bar Questions for a big screen

    It would be nice if they'd let us fiddle with the placement and type of nav gestures, it's true about any phone but I think more so with this one due to the form factor.
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    Post [5G/esim] Regional Lock

    I can't recall if you can get away with buying the cheapest sim that will work from the country of origin and then use that to break the region lock or not, might want to look into that?
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    Post Third Party Launchers

    Nah, AL can setup a 5 wide grid on the front and in the dock and make the dock paged. It can then be setup with the dock shortcuts (or any other shortcuts) as covers which gives you all the shortcuts you need on the front and more than if you used the stock launcher even on the inside. Easily...
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    Post Third Party Launchers

    I'm on action and no problems at all other than being able to make dedicated setups.
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    Post Navigation Bar Questions for a big screen

    It's quite a bit easier if you go into the navigation options and switch to the gestures where you swipe from the side for back and bottom for home. When you do that anywhere up on the bottom will take you home so you can make both gestures in the lower right or left corner of the screen.
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    Post Punch hole cuts into video (Youtube, Play Movies)

    Lots of people hate notches and/or punch holes and don't get over it, ever. He was asking a question and stating his dislike, I didn't get any sense of an incessant complaint going on. Seems like it would have been good enough to tell him how to hide it rather than suggest he sell.
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    Post Any available root options?

    You do not have OEM unlock; you're not going to get anywhere unless an exploit is discovered. I already knew that when I asked the question but I was trying to let you come to it on your own. You have a bootloader locked version of the phone, you will not root it by farting around with Magisk...
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    Post [5G/esim] Regional Lock

    You'll find you don't even have a sim manager in settings unless you put a sim in the phone and it will then have no options for an esim. Take the sim out and the sim manager itself will disappear again. They've been telling everybody to do that but it's crap, that would be the procedure after...
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    Post Root SM-F916B with magisk (or another method) ?

    How did you unlock the bootloader?
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    Post [5G/esim] Regional Lock

    My US unlocked does not have esim available. Samsung support says it will become available in a future update but no word whatsoever on when that will come.
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    Post Any available root options?

    I've got the US unlocked version and there is no OEM unlock in developer.
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    Post Third Party Launchers

    Yeah, you can run action that way as well but it isn't what we want. I was glad to see that the edge screen still exists with 3rd party launchers so you can still set app pairs with it. Really wish they'd let us set them anywhere.
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    Post [5G/esim] Regional Lock

    Any word on when the US might be seeing this update?
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    Post convince me to keep my note 20 ultra

    A few minutes of playing with one in the store will tell you everything you need to know about the crease.
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    Post No Z Fold 2 In-Store at TMobile On Launch

    Yeah, they've officially admitted to shortages "in some markets" although that may not be what's happening here; this is a dog for carriers as they'll move few of them and they take up valuable shelf and floor space that could be used for something that sells in numbers. The hardware is...
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    Post Question on the spotify, youtube promotion

    Can they be transferred to someone else?
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    Post Pre-Order Shipment and Tracking Thread

    I paid in full and didn't order until the 6th, bronze, unlocked, Samsung.
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    Post Pre-Order Shipment and Tracking Thread

    My shipped email came in the later afternoon yesterday, it's out on the truck now.
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    Post Pouch idea, but will it work?

    Huh... Probably good advice, I'm going to have to think about this one or at least measure my willingness to take the potential hit from going naked.
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    Post Pre-Order Shipment and Tracking Thread

    My bronze unlocked purchased via Samsung has shipped, tracking shows it arriving tomorrow.
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    Post Who plans on getting a Z Fold 2?

    Whatever his motivations are and despite the many fallacies in the arguments he put forward he's not wrong about one thing; this is probably a bad choice for a lot of people. Agree that debate used to be more civil in all avenues of discourse and most certainly, online forums. It's an...
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    Post I need HELP. My Pixel 4xl is stuck on fastbood mode

    Make sure you're using an A to C and not the C to C that comes with the phone when flashing. Yes, it matters.