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    Post [ROM] [OTA] Pixel ROM Galaxy S6 (15 models)

    You need to flash SHealth to the system in order for the heart rate monitor to work. Also sorry for me delaying the update release so much. I am working on my own custom kernel to include in the next release.
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    Post [ROM] [OTA] Pixel ROM Galaxy S6 (15 models)

    Ok I do not know why the OTA is not working for you (the device should be zeroflte, at least that is how it appears to me). Try reflashing. And yes People Edge does not work because of the Samsung COntacts app being replaced with the one included in Google's Pixel.
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    Thread Stuck in CyanogenMod & CyanogenMod Recovery

    Hi, I recently flashed an official CyanogenMod 14.1 Nightly. Shortly after that, TWRP Recovery was wiped from my phone (I would boot into recovery mode, the OnePlus logo would be visible for a while and the the screen would go black). I re-flashed TWRP again and then the stock Oxygen Recovery...
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    Post [ROM] [OTA] Pixel ROM Galaxy S6 (15 models)

    Night mode is not supported in the flat variant, Gear VR do work and yes I forgot to include the gallery app (my bad), but you still have Google Photos. I will add the Gallery app in the next OTA
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    Post [ROM] [OTA] Pixel ROM Galaxy S6 (15 models)

    Ok it may be compatible with every untested Galaxy S6 model (the sprint one too) if you flash the kernel for your device after you flash the ROM, but it is not tested and it may work perfectly or it may brick your device, so do it at your own risk. And you are getting the notification without...
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    Post [ROM] [OTA] Pixel ROM Galaxy S6 (15 models)

    Yes dirty flash is ok for this update
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    Post [ROM] [OTA] Pixel ROM Galaxy S6 (15 models)

    Releasing update tomorrow, check back.
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    Post [ROM] [OTA] Pixel ROM Galaxy S6 (15 models)

    Ok firmware update is not working due to a problem with the ROM. To start receiving OTA's please flash a package I will be releasing between today and tomorrow, I am just running a few tests to ensure the OTA's are working fine.
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    Post Rom without initial setup

    Yes AOSPA, but there are no builds available for the Galaxy S6
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    Post [ROM] [OTA] Pixel ROM Galaxy S6 (15 models)

    The lockscreen picture by default is the same as your homescreen wallpaper. You can't change it because of the System UI being as close as it gets to the Stock Android (AOSP) System UI where you can't change it either.
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    Post [ROM] [OTA] Pixel ROM Galaxy S6 (15 models)

    Ok so I have read all of your suggestions and will take them into consideration for the next update which will be released soon. I will have an option to use the standard GS6 camera instead of the included camera in the Aroma Installer. Also yes, there is a problem with the theme store which i...
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    Post [ROM] [OTA] Pixel ROM Galaxy S6 (15 models)

    This is because you didn't follow the instructions I posted, so you didn't set the default phone app. This is why you don't get a screen in a phone call. To fix this go to: Settings > Applications > Default Applications > Dialer/Phone > Select Phone as the dialer app.
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    Post [ROM] [OTA] Pixel ROM Galaxy S6 (15 models)

    Download Google TTS from the Play store.
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    Post [ROM] [OTA] Pixel ROM Galaxy S6 (15 models)

    Ok I will answer all your questions: - The theme is not a perquisite to run Pixel ROM, it is what gives you the color menu displayed in the screenshot. You don't need to flash it, you need to unzip it to the memory of your phone and restore it from the good lock app. - you can also change the...
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    Post [ROM] [OTA] Pixel ROM Galaxy S6 (15 models)

    It is a TouchWiz based ROM running almost all of the Google Pixel apps and themed GoodLock as a system ui
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    Post Pixel Rom or apps port?

    I have just published my pixel rom, go check it out.
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    Thread [ROM] [OTA] Pixel ROM Galaxy S6 (15 models)

    NOUGAT PIXEL ROM WILL BE RELEASED SOON! TUNE IN OR GET IT VIA OTA If you like my work, please consider donating here. I am happy to present the Pixel ROM for the Galaxy S6 The Pixel ROM is a firmware with the aim of giving your phone the Google Pixel look and feel by including it's...
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    Post Mainly ROM Galaxy S6 (15 models)

    This ROM work on exynos devices. By full wipe I mean wiping everything but internal storage in advanced wipe. And sorry for the time I am taking to release updates, I am busy working on another project so expect updates every 2 or 3 months.
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    Post Mainly ROM Galaxy S6 (15 models)

    Works for me. You can maybe fix it by going to Settings > Apps > Default Apps, click on phone and select Dialer/phone app.
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    Post [APP][PROJECT][ROOT] ROM Installer - The new way to flash Custom ROM is here!

    Hi, I am having trouble with this, the app works fine, but TWRP returns the Error 6. My updater script:
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    Post [GUIDE] Build AOSP for zerofltexx by Astrubale

    Hi I am having problems compiling due to the kernel. Which kernel source should I use? How should I configure it? Help pleaase
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    Post Mainly ROM Galaxy S6 (15 models)

    Sorry, this version is not tested on SM-G920P (so you can't be sure it will work). My recommendation: Add your own kernel and fixes if you really want to install this rom (but still I am not responsible for what happens to your device)
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    Post Kernel building 101

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    Post NEED HELP Samsung S6 keeps booting into TWRP

    That means there is a problem with your system. Do a full wipe, then plug in your phone to your computer and copy a zip file of any ROM compatible with your phone and flash it. That should do.
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    Post Mainly ROM Galaxy S6 (15 models)

    Hi I am currently on vacation so I cant work on the rom. Expect uodate by the end of the month.
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    Post Mainly ROM Galaxy S6 (15 models)

    Based on.... Based on Stock G925F XXU3DPDP Marshmallow 6.0.1 firmware. And I left the files uploading overnight but it got stuck and appeared "Error processing the file". I will upload it in google drive and post the link here.
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    Thread Mainly ROM Galaxy S6 (15 models)

    Please note this ROM is partially supported, so you should only expect updates every 2 months. It could be more, it could be less, please don't ask for ETA's. I am happy to present my Galaxy S6 ROM Features: *Support for 15 Galaxy S6 models (G920/G925 F/FD/K/I/L/S/T/W8) *Debloated...
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    Post Help phone stuck on boot logo

    Go to download or recovery mode and re-flash. If it turn on press Volume Down + Home + Power key. This should turn off your phone, then enter download mode (or recovery if you are rooted) and re-flash.
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    Thread Having problems with aroma installer

    Hi I am working on a rom and I tried to implement the Aroma Installer, but whenever I try to flash the zip the following error message appears (or something like this): SYNTAX ERROR on aroma-config line 15 col 23. This is the line where you should add your ROM name. What can I do? Thanks for the...
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    Post [ROM][6.0.1][Odex]🌟PopWiz MSF Rom 2.1🌟 for Galaxy S6 G920F/FD

    G920I and G920F are the same, so yes it works.
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    Thread Where are themes stored?

    I am trying to extract a theme from my galaxy S6, but I can't find where the themes are stored. Thank you for your help.
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    Post Samsung Galaxy S6 stuck on infinite boot and cannot reach recovery mode

    Download mode? Can you access download mode? Usually when you get in a bootloop, you can get to it by pressing the key combination for 10 - 20 seconds. Then when your device turns off keep pressing them. If you can re flash your stock rom. If you can't, my advice is to go to your carrier and...
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    Post Galaxy S6 AOSP style ROM

    It's real I lost the file, so I recompiled it and it is not booting up, will try to fix it and post it in the next few days, sorry for the inconvenience
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    Thread Galaxy S6 AOSP style ROM

    AOSP ROM for Galaxy S6 YOUR WARRANTY IS NOW VOID, I AM NOT RESPONSABLE FOR ANY DAMAGE CAUSED TO YOUR DEVICE This is an AOSP Rom for the following models of the Galaxy S6: G92xF/FD/I/T/W8/K/L/S . It's running stock google applications, and it is completely debloated. I am having some trouble...