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    Thread Android 12 Beta GSI

    I have installed on Oneplus 7T (using on latest OOS Global rom) . Device booted , sound , wifi , camera (both) , bluetooth are working . Only problem that I see mobile is detected but not working . Overall running very well and smooth .
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    Thread rw6815 Bootloader problem

    Hi all, I am using Atom exec Bootloader on rw6815. Phone is working without any problem but when I use the camera+reset buttons for switch to bootloader mode ,it can't switch to bootloader mode . Is there any other way to restore the bootloader to the original hp bootloader.?
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    Thread Hp 6815 Bl 1.0.6

    Hello all, My 6815 returned from rma and I saw that my phone boot loader version had been changed from 1.0.5 to 1.0.6 . I checked this version specs at the web and didn't find anything. Anybody has got this BL like mine ?..