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    Thread Request Root Xolo 8X-1100

    Hi I have purchased new xolo play 8X-1100 Pls guide rooting process as there is no guide till now specs: - 1.7 GHz Octa Core MT6592 Processor - 2 GB RAM - Android 4.4.2 KitKat - 700 MHz Mali 450 GPU Cheers
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    Thread Kernal Source - A110q

    Hi guyz just in case if you guyz missed this update, Blu mobile has released kernal sources for their some devices. One of the device is exact clone / carbon copy of A110q. so if there are any developers who can take advantage of this, our device can have more improved ROMs and features rather...
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    Thread Downmix multi channel to stereo

    Hi all, is there any video player out there which has option of 5.1 audio downmix to stereo while playback? I am using MX player currently and audio output is really low on my high end ear phone while playing a video which has 5.1 audio while playing videos with stereo sound and mp3, aac...
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    Thread gallary likre samsung mobiles

    How can we have gallery ui like the one in note or note 2 ....
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    Thread apps in black / inverted gapps / black theme for canvas 2?

    Do we have inverted gapps for canvas 2 or something like below?
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    Thread help : after switchme, phone stuck in boot loop

    I installed Switchme app from market, it asked for super user permission which was granted then created new profile after reboot completed all steps ... then it shown blank screen of main desktop and didn't open app drawer or settings ... after 10 mins of blank screen, i removed battery. now...
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    Thread iberry Auxus AX02

    I have rooted my Auxus AX02 and ever since I have this problem with memory card becoming write protected when connected to PC. within tablet I can move or delete files, but when connected to PC, it becomes write protected, can't copy or delete anything in memory card. I tried with memory card...