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    Thread show E/H/H+/3g/4g symbols

    As the topic, is it possible the show the networksymbol instead for just the R for roaming? Currently running 5.0...
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    Thread fastest rom for DHD

    Which JB rom is the fastest rom out there now for our DHD? I've noticed that CFX take alot of the ram memory and that reallt slows DHD down.
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    Thread [Q] bypass code lockscreen

    Hi, I wonder if there is any way to bypass the lockscreen when it has a numeric security. It is not a pattern and it wont let me log in with google to unlock it. Im Jellytime (JB) R28. Just to be clear, I dont want to factoryreset since i have alot of data i dont want to lose. This is what...
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    Thread any other backup app

    I use titanium backup now, but there are few things that i cant restore such as sms, call log, or any other data from sense apps. So i wonder if anybody knows if there is a great app which do this? Thanks.
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    Thread no UI, flash?

    Not much of a topic there maybe... But is it possible to flash any other "UIs", like sense, at galaxy nexus? I meen, because of the just clean Android on sgn.
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    Thread corrupt nandroid backup

    hi, I did a nandroid backup of my phone when it was stock, just rooted. And i tried to restore it yesterday but not sucessfully. It says "md5 dissmiss" or something like that. It worked before, just after i had made it. can i fix it somehow?
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    Thread galaxy note vs. galaxy note LTE phone

    So whats the difference between them? What does LTE mean? And can I use it in Sweden if it is sim card unlocked?
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    Thread desire HD<->Sensation XL

    Hi, When i read in the desire hd forums many roms are based on sensation xl. So i wonder if roms to desire hd which are based on sensation xl also works with sensation xl?
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    Thread help plz! Need to access the external storage

    Hi, I just run to a problem that i dont know how to solve... after a factory reset my phone it wont start. I dont hace any backups on the phone, but i do have backups of the phone in my computer. So do anybody know how to access the "sd card" without booting it up? I mean... I need to put the...
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    Thread overclock cpu

    Hi, Do someone in here know how to ov. the cpu? I know that BinDroid have a kernel that allows overclock, so i tried it when I had flash rom and kernel successfully. But I'm not available to change the speed in SetCpu.... Any ideas? I just want to see if i can get a big difference... Ps...
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    Thread Appdrawer mod

    Hi there! I really like the HTC Sense and dont wanna replace it with another launcher. There is only one thing i dont like with sense.. The appdrawer, I want to be able to create folders in the appdrawer, in the same way in samsung devices and so on... Is there any MODs for that, to create...
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    Thread T-Mobile Galaxy S2 (SGH-T989) device, how do i know...

    Yeah, like the topic says... How do I know if my sgs2 is a T-Mobile Galaxy S2 (SGH-T989) device? mine is bought in Finland (Europe)
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    Thread [Q] [TWEAKS] powerbuttons and battery in % in statusbar, is it possible?

    Hi! First of all, sorry for my bad english... I really like my sensation xl, i had a sgs2 before and i reeeally liked the statusbar with the powerbuttons likwe wifi, data, gps and so on... Then I really want to see the battery in %.. Yeah, i know, wait until someone comes out with a rom...