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    Thread NEED HELP (error compilling kernel)

    Hi, When compiling android 11 kernel, i get theses errors: [...] CC net/wireless/ocb.o CC net/xfrm/xfrm_proc.o CC net/wireless/wext-core.o CC net/xfrm/xfrm_algo.o CC net/wireless/wext-proc.o CC net/wireless/wext-spy.o CC net/wireless/wext-priv.o...
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    Thread [Kernel editing] - Adding governors

    Hi, I tried adding about 10 governors in Pixel 3a android 11 kernel. However I get these errors: > [email protected]:~/git/kernels/private/msm-google$ make perfect_defconfig > drivers/cpufreq/Kconfig:57:error: recursive dependency detected! > For a resolution refer to...
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    Thread wifite v2 patched for nexmon

    Hi everyone, I just commented less than 5 lines in wifite v2 so that it will work with internal wifi card. I will post the .patch file tomorow because I am really busy.
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    Thread [REQUEST] Source code of Hammerheadmon AutinDroid Kernel

    Hi everyone. Does Anyone have the source code of AutinDroid's kernel ? Thanks a lot
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    Thread [Kernel] Hammerheadmon Nethunter kernel with overclock

    Hi everyone, I am Luca from France. Today, it's my birthday, I am already 16 and I got a Nexus 5 32GB. I tried installing Hammerheadmon kernel (Download at: ). I noticed it was based on...
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    Thread Help on porting bluestacks/Memu, much faster, using WSL instead of virtualization

    Hi, I'm luca112358. I'm from France, I'm only 15 years old. I'd like to port a bluestacks/others (such as Memu) alternative to easily run android on Windows. What is WSL??? WSL is the abreviation for "Windows Subsystem for Linux". Sometimes wrongly called "Bash on windows", WSL is a...
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    Thread Parrot Security OS auto chroot for android, Nethunter alternative - NOT TESTED YET -

    NOT WORKING. I WANTED TO PORT TOO FAST. PLEASE CLOSE THIS THREAD. I'LL REOPEN IT WHEN EVERYTHING WILL WORK FINE PAO or Parrot On Android is an Android penetration testing platform for any android devices. Supported architectures: armhf, arm, amd64 and i386 Issues: No known issues yet I builded...
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    Thread [KERNEL] [CM 14.1/LO 14.1] [STABLE] - config.gz edit allowed - Compiled using UBERTC

    Finally, I've ported my own kernel for Lineage OS/Cyanogenmod 14.1 on GT-I9300 ---------------------------------------- INSTRUCTIONS ---------------------------------------- 1st method: REQUIRED: TWRP AND LINEAGE OS 14.1/CYANOGENOD 14.1 INSTALLED 1. Reboot recovery by pressing power button +...
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    Thread Working vim 8.0.133 install script + binary for android

    Hi guys, I've created a working vim install script for android devices. need root. The vim binary comes from Lineage os that compiled it. To install vim, you have to extract the zip file attached below and run in a root shell To uninstall, run REQUIREMENTS : You need...
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    Thread Nethunter alternative

    Hi what's up everyone! I created a nethunter alternative. I will make it as easy to use as possible. It will use nethunter kernel (optional). It is an automated install script. Have a nice day, Luca BUGS : #1 Permission problem, will be fixed soon tell me if you find others XDA:DevDB...
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    Thread Nethunter alternative

    Hi what's up everyone! I want to know who wants me to create a nethunter alternative and who is interested in it. It will be an automated bash script that will chroot kali linux or parrot security os. The command to start chroot will probably be "boot[nameofmyproject]". I will make it as easy...
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    Thread Kernel compilation - Need help

    Hi! Thank for reading this thread. I need help to compile my J500FN kernel to change max cpu frequency to 2.5GHZ and max gpu frequency to 900 Mhz (yes I'm crazy), enable Zram, add cpu governors (such as ZZmoove, pegasusq). I downloaded sources, I tried "make menu config", but I couln'd find...
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    Thread Help, TWRP ne fonctionne plus

    Je suis l'heureux possesseur d'un S3 (GT-I9300), mais je voudrais restaurer mon backup, et ça ne marche pas, il met Restore complete failed, et aussi E: Failed to load package '/data/media/0/TWRP/theme/'. Je ne peux plus flasher de zip, effacer ou renomer un fichier depuis "File manager"...