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    Post [ROM][10.0][BERYLLIUM] AOSiP DerpFest [UNOFFICIAL]

    can i flash vanilla derp official rom then flash pico or nano gapps ?
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    guys im on miui 11.0.5 eu flashed latest sesh 7.1 66hz version but my phone goes to fastboot so had to reflash stock eu
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    Thread Can i spoof in Pokémon go Android 10 currently im using pie..

    Hai.. can anyone tell me if i cam spoof in Pokémon go on Android 10 roms stock or custom ? :confused: im using eu pie rom i play Pokémon go daily :laugh:
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    Post [Kernel][Overclocked] No Gravity [Android-11,10,9...][2021-02-27][ProtonClang]

    Hi guys, I have a problem where is flash a custom kernal ( sesh and ngk ) when ever i open camera it shows " cant connect to camera ". Also my ir wont work but if i reflash stock miui 11 stable kernal everything is fine . Currenty im on ngk
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    Post Xiaomi Poco F1 [Firmware |9.7.11 ,Unlock Bootloader,TWRP Recovery and Root]

    I'm on miui eu with sesh kernal. I used without problem since release of miui 11 stable eu Now Suddenly my camera is showing error , it face unlock is not working , when I open camera app it shows " camera error can't connect to camera " Video calls show black screen on others...
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    Thread how to install viper4android in miui eu ?

    Hi guys , i tried many times to flash viper4android via magisk after flashing then restarts there's no viper .
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    I just clean flashed Evo 2.2. Why my cts profile is false ? Magisk 19.2 in nos it was okay
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    Post [ROM][9.0][IRcam][VoLTE] crDroid v5.10 [14.11.2019]

    for first time i installed Crdroid .. after initial boot up it was working fine .. installed my first app hike messenger after few mins when i went to recents it crashed .. was showing black screen did few restarts again crashes .. then showed about 2100mb ram free .. crashes again my...
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    Thread Best oos for poco f1 ? stability and battery life

    Which is the best oos port for poco f1 ? just need a oos which is stable , has great battery life with banking and gmaps working fine cause im a traveller i dont game ... I went through xda thread n telegram of oos but i got confused
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    Thread my gf's note4x is showing low network bars

    hai, my gf has a redmi note 4x 4gb 64gb varrient now its showing low network signels when i call her its mostly out of coverage but varies place to place . Tried different sims bsnl , jio but still same problem but if she put her sim in another phone same location (coverage )...
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    Post [ROM][9.0.0][OFFICIAL] 家 BootleggersROM 4.3 - Stable for Beryllium 家 [08-09-19]

    I just clean flashed this rom after the first setup. Ram available is only 1500 mb or below . Did few more restarts. Still available ram is same
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    Post [ROM] ► [9.0] ► Nitrogen OS P ► beryllium [12-Sep]

    i get 9-11 sot i didn't game on this rom mainly youtube , whatsapp, calling etc
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    Post [ROM] ► [9.0] ► Nitrogen OS P ► beryllium [12-Sep]

    i'v searched Guest user mode everywhere in nos but can't find it . Can anyone tell where it is ? Please
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    Post Remove encryption pattern

    Mmm google or youtube search..or just go to mi service if its the only way
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    Post Remove encryption pattern

    Did you try flashing miui official rom via miflash ? I once done this method on redmi 3 on my friends phone since he got locked out of his phone . he did not remember his xioami id or password but miflash method worked for him
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    Post Remove encryption pattern

    I also got this.. Im in siberia rom sometimes when i reboot my phone it asks the pattern i used so i just use the pattern lock i put. It then proceeds booting up but i never flashed dfe my twrp is unofficial twrp with decryption support
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    Thread differnce between offcial and unofficial linage os ?

    Guys whats the difference between official and unofficial linage ls ? Which is better for flashing as balenced for battery and performance
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    Thread doubt regarding dfe .

    im currently in miui 10 eu with unoffcial twrp which supports encryption.. so my question is when ever i flash custom roms like pe , los , siberia , nitro etc i dont need to flash dfe right ?
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    Thread can i use guest mode in custom roms like second space in miui ?

    i just wanted to know can i use guest mode / another user mode on custom roms as second space .. will it work ? this is the only thing keeping me from trying custom roms other than miui eu
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    Post Screen on time

    miui Eu 10.3.5 magisk with lkt balanced module , greenify .. mostly browsing , calls , just 1.45 hr of pokemon spoofing
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    Post poco at 16k good buy???

    16k i think poco is better... my unit does't have any touch problems
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    Post Poco F1 Bootloader Unlock discussion

    i just did bootloader unlocking procces 10 mins ago... i got about 67 hours waiting time .
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    Thread spoof play Pokemon go

    after i root n flash magisk can i spoof with gps joystick Pokemon go ??? i really wanna play Pokemon go by spoofing or is there any another way without rooting or unlocking bootloader ?
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    Thread My new poco is coming in 2 days can someone please tell me which is the best gcam ?

    Can someone tell me the best gcam for stock miui ? Thank you ..i'm very excited for my upcoming poco rossy red :D 1st thing i want to do is install gcam !
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    Post Does 4gb/64 worth it?

    if you planing to use the phone as long term investment then buy 4gb/64 ..bit more future proofing i think
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    Post Does Quick Charge or Fast Charging support on this device?

    I Saw Geekyranjits very detailed Faq video.. He said it Supports only 5v/2a charger speed.. he tested it with fast charger but it charged Normally as stock charger speed ... here's the link to his video... ;) HevAih9js0k
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    Thread Gorrila Glass ???

    Does this phone have Gorrila glass protection ?
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    Post [ROM][OMS][athene][Discontinued] AICP 13.1 | Oreo 8.1.0 | Official nightly builds

    :cool: Dev can you remove " Device is HD Capable " notification :)
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    Post [ROM][OMS][athene][Discontinued] AICP 13.1 | Oreo 8.1.0 | Official nightly builds

    I used ADM pro to download it.. rom zip got downloaded without any problem same goes for google chrome
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    Post [ROM][OMS][athene][Discontinued] AICP 13.1 | Oreo 8.1.0 | Official nightly builds

    Google camera and youcam perfect works fine with latest build.. just now tested it .. so far soo good :laugh:
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    Post [KERNEL] [9/8.1/7.0-EOL] LoonyKernel - 31 Jul 2019

    Works very well with aicp 13.1 rom :laugh:
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    Post Moto Camera Modded APK with Professional Mode Enabled V6.0.86.7

    Works fine on Invicta os 4.15 hal 3 os with frostbitten R9 kernel
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    Post [ROM][8.1.0][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 15.1

    Clean flashed this rom so smooth .. loved it :good: its has bugs.. but thats to be expected now really looking forward to this rom as my daily driver :)
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    Post [KERNEL][3.10.108][Dec 01] Vegito 7.1/7.05 (Moto G4/G4 Plus)

    flashed it on invicta rom.. damn its soo smoothh
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    Post [ROM][8.0.0_r32][OFFICIAL] AospExtended ROM V5.0 for Moto G4/G4 Plus [OMS/DUI]

    heyy.. does does this rom support hike messenger ? cause hike is really importent to me and i really want to flash this rom with invicta boot img :)
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    Thread offical nougot update for moto g4 plus XT1643.. now available

    guys i just recived a ota notification for official nougot update .. for moto g4 plus XT1643 .. from kochi,kerala,india.. with new version no NPj25.93-11