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    Post [RECOVERY] [11] [UNOFFICIAL] TeamWin Recovery Project

    Maybe did one? I seem to remember having that issue months back... from memory, I think you need to go into My Computer/Devices, find the USB with the weird malfunctioning yellow/red symbol and say scan local folder and give it...
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    Post stable android 11 released for op7p

    Glad for you... You probably had already removed the encryption on your mobile... from what I'm reading that is the main incompatibility issue with TWRP... FWIW after playing around for a day, I had to revert everything :( Phone wifi was weird (weirder with root and all mods disabled) and...
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    Post stable android 11 released for op7p

    No, its not the same process.... For me for example I couldnt get wifi to actually work on rooted image AND you lose the ability to do backups via TWRP..... Refer here for the latest on this...
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    Post [RECOVERY][3.4.0-10][U][guacamole]Official/Unofficial TWRP recovery for OnePlus 7 Pro

    can you or somebody else please please please paste the link to the rooted img ? I see threads everywhere referring to this image but nobody ever posts the link ?! OK FOUND IT: FOR OTHER POOR SAPS IN SAME SITUATION HERE IS THE LINK ->
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    Post stable android 11 released for op7p

    Have the exact same issue as above, Twrp screen flashing, cannot boot back to normal even with adb... anybody has a rooted boot.img link that knows works with Android 11? Should have checked on xda first *slaps his face* Always check xda first *slaps his face again* EDIT: For other poor saps...
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    Post I used a magisk module that I can't reverse even with a full wipe

    Maybe I'm wrong but didnt op7 pro have an irreversible e-fuse that once triggered with root it wiped out the ability to see HD forever ? Something to do with downgrading widevine drm levels if I remember correctly... The nova thingy I cant explain but hey it could be worse you could be stuck...
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    Post how to update OTA with root?

    This always worked for me: Backup phone in TWRP Download d firmware to phone Switch off all magisk modules Reboot phone Apply update from settings, system, local updates DO NOT REBOOT From magisk install TWRP A/B Retention module Reboot into twrp recovery In twrp install magisk again Reboot...
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    Post Updated to 10.3.4, the program that allows me to answer/hang up calls is gone

    Go in app info of "phone" app, advanced, and under phone app put it to yes. Sent from my GM1913 using Tapatalk
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    Post [EOL][ROM][STABLE][O][8.0][ERG2][31.08.18][SM-G935F/FD/K/L/S/W8] SuperMan-Rom V3.0.1

    Went with the default csc option in the installation. I'm not interested in changing the csc. The only non-usual thing I did was to insert a certificate that is needed to connect to to work. Not sure but the problem may have begun after I inserted & rebooted the mobile. Sent from my SM-G935F...
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    Post [EOL][ROM][STABLE][O][8.0][ERG2][31.08.18][SM-G935F/FD/K/L/S/W8] SuperMan-Rom V3.0.1

    See my post number 5205 for a workaround... There's a bug in this version & I think most people aren't aware of it. Batter drains very fast due to this wifi on off thingy... Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Post [EOL][ROM][STABLE][O][8.0][ERG2][31.08.18][SM-G935F/FD/K/L/S/W8] SuperMan-Rom V3.0.1

    Me too. Wiped & reinstalled twice, it works correctly for a few days & then it begins doing this. The only workaround I found was to click on the blue text "wifi scanning" underneath the on-off as fast as you can & switch off the "scan for wifi devices", first option. Sry, I don't remember...
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    Post [EOL][ROM][STABLE][O][8.0][ERG2][31.08.18][SM-G935F/FD/K/L/S/W8] SuperMan-Rom V3.0.1

    Beta leaked FWIW -> Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Post [8/13 ERv13.6] TEKXnesis ULTRA HYBRID S7E-N7 935F/FD/W8 930F/FD/W8 UNIVERSAL-TEKHDway

    Here's the changelog: * Trojan to steal all your precious passwords * Time-bomb to fry your phone * Offers to buy you wipes & nappies from Amazon to use after you install it <- This was a requested feature by forum users.... LOL just joking ... I assume if the author says undisclosed he does...
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    Post [8/13 ERv13.6] TEKXnesis ULTRA HYBRID S7E-N7 935F/FD/W8 930F/FD/W8 UNIVERSAL-TEKHDway

    Guys, this ROM is fantastic but it's got a basic flaw/bug currently that I didn't find any mention of (or I missed it?).... I've been wrestling with this issue for the last couple of days :( When a nandroid backup of this rom (I use twrp) is restored, the "Disconnect Call" screen does not come...
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    Post [8/13 ERv13.6] TEKXnesis ULTRA HYBRID S7E-N7 935F/FD/W8 930F/FD/W8 UNIVERSAL-TEKHDway

    Believe me or not that dialog is not coming up... That is the usual dialog box/screen that comes up when you phone. In this roms case I press the telephone number buttons then press the green call button, the telephone calls and I can hear/speak to people AND THE DIALOG BOX/SCREEN REMAINS THE...
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    Post [8/13 ERv13.6] TEKXnesis ULTRA HYBRID S7E-N7 935F/FD/W8 930F/FD/W8 UNIVERSAL-TEKHDway

    I must be the stupidest person alive but where can I find the "disconnect phone call" button in this rom, please ? Usually there is a Red phone icon which I can;t find anywhere... How to you disconnect a call ?
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    Post [8/13 ERv13.6] TEKXnesis ULTRA HYBRID S7E-N7 935F/FD/W8 930F/FD/W8 UNIVERSAL-TEKHDway

    I may have fixed it in another way thanks to you. Found the service in Autostarts (which is pre-installed in the ROM) & disabled it from there. Now I don't have to install Titanium Backup ;)
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    Post [8/13 ERv13.6] TEKXnesis ULTRA HYBRID S7E-N7 935F/FD/W8 930F/FD/W8 UNIVERSAL-TEKHDway

    Knox Threat on each reboot I got this issue too. Any help would be appreciated. Also is there a list & description of all the mods that are included under the system folder with this rom? Tks @ this is the best rom I have found out there :) Keep it up.
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    Post Immersive Mode in Cyanogen 13 [SOLVED]

    bhavin192 Thank you!!! Been going around in circles trying to find that option... In regards to my post here, I'm a bit new so XDA will not allow me to post in most places hence my post in q&a.
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    Thread Immersive Mode in Cyanogen 13 [SOLVED]

    At the risk of sounding stupid, does anybody know if there is any way to get Immersive Mode working in Cyanogen 13? :confused: I'm trying not to install exposed/gravitybox and was wondering if there was another way to do this?
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    Post No further update of CM13 via TWRP possible

    Update the bootloader to the latest version. Had a similar problem a few months back that resulted in lots of hair tearing ;) This solved it.
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    Post [ROM][5.0.2]Titan Prime ROM (1.1.0)

    Will this release fix the FC on the phone call issue? I haven't upgraded in a while because of this issue. I can't have my phone crash when I receive a call... P.S. Thanks for this ROM. It has given me a new lease of life on my trusty Moto G :)
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    Post [Q] Ployer MOMO 7 IPS

    Wifi Location Services... By any chance does google maps (or any other maps app) find your position via wifi on this tablet? I'm getting a "Location cannot be determined" error & I know for sure that it's the tablet as my mother's super cheapo wifi only tablet works :( I obviously switched on...