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    Thread Stuck in CyanogenMod & CyanogenMod Recovery

    Hi, I recently flashed an official CyanogenMod 14.1 Nightly. Shortly after that, TWRP Recovery was wiped from my phone (I would boot into recovery mode, the OnePlus logo would be visible for a while and the the screen would go black). I re-flashed TWRP again and then the stock Oxygen Recovery...
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    Thread [ROM] [OTA] Pixel ROM Galaxy S6 (15 models)

    NOUGAT PIXEL ROM WILL BE RELEASED SOON! TUNE IN OR GET IT VIA OTA If you like my work, please consider donating here. I am happy to present the Pixel ROM for the Galaxy S6 The Pixel ROM is a firmware with the aim of giving your phone the Google Pixel look and feel by including it's...
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    Thread Mainly ROM Galaxy S6 (15 models)

    Please note this ROM is partially supported, so you should only expect updates every 2 months. It could be more, it could be less, please don't ask for ETA's. I am happy to present my Galaxy S6 ROM Features: *Support for 15 Galaxy S6 models (G920/G925 F/FD/K/I/L/S/T/W8) *Debloated...
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    Thread Having problems with aroma installer

    Hi I am working on a rom and I tried to implement the Aroma Installer, but whenever I try to flash the zip the following error message appears (or something like this): SYNTAX ERROR on aroma-config line 15 col 23. This is the line where you should add your ROM name. What can I do? Thanks for the...
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    Thread Where are themes stored?

    I am trying to extract a theme from my galaxy S6, but I can't find where the themes are stored. Thank you for your help.
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    Thread Galaxy S6 AOSP style ROM

    AOSP ROM for Galaxy S6 YOUR WARRANTY IS NOW VOID, I AM NOT RESPONSABLE FOR ANY DAMAGE CAUSED TO YOUR DEVICE This is an AOSP Rom for the following models of the Galaxy S6: G92xF/FD/I/T/W8/K/L/S . It's running stock google applications, and it is completely debloated. I am having some trouble...