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    Thread Phone stuck at boot after uninstalling Magisk from app

    I installed Magisk via twrp(Temp version). and installed a bunch of modules. Then I decided to complexly uninstall Magisk. I've done that from the Magisk Manager apk(The Complete Uninstall button).. The phone rebooted and stuck into the phone logo with red danger logo. which means perhaps the...
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    Thread HTC M8 stuck in bootloop after restart

    s-off, unlocked : stuck in bootloop what I've tried : stock recovery, stock Nandriod backup, everything, different ROMs like ViperOne, Revolution, .... when i rey to flash ViperOne, Revolutioni get stuck at htc logo splash screen. i can enter bootloader, recovery i want to get rid of bootloop...
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    Thread Stuck at recovery boot loop after installing Viper rom

    Hello, i have a problem with my M8, the phone is S-OFF and Unlocked, 6.0.1, ViperOne rom , TWRP 3.0.2 the problem is, while back i've done a factory reset because the home screen process was stopped, you know, the home sense... after factory reset it worked but the apps were crashing after a 10s...
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    Thread No sound and Bootloops

    i have S-OFF , ViperOne 6.1.0,TWRP recovery, i have 2 problems, 1-no sound, 2-Bootloops after reboot, i cant do anything related to sound like playing vids and calls. after it reboots like 20 times it opens again but with no sound ! the problem happened i think when i installed xposed and...
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    Thread Need help my M8 got stuck after updating the firmware

    Hi, i need help M8 got stuck !! i was trying to follow these commands fastboot oem lock fastboot reboot-bootloader fastboot oem rebootRUU fastboot flash zip fw_x.xx.xxx.x.zip fastboot flash zip fw_x.xx.xxx.x.zip fastboot reboot-bootloader but i forget to type fastboot oem rebootRUU !!so i...