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    Thread very hot when idle, super hot when plugged in (warm even when tablet is off)

    I've been using my flo for my carputer project for some time with the no battery mod done to it. Worked really well up until recently, when it started getting burning hot near the SoC even on the touchscreen side. Because tablet thinks it is draining it's pseudo battery, it would shut itself off...
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    Thread timur's vcam2 - how do you set resolution/input type?

    I am trying to get feed from my backup camera at no avail. vcam2 responds well to uvc grabber device being plugged in nd launches itself like it should, but gives me an error thay goes like: "failed to init video input from 640x480 -> 640x480." Looks like I got to set resolution to 640x480 abd...
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    Thread does tablet talk work on any of the MM or later roms?

    I blindly paid for tablet talk assuming it would work in the newer roms, only to find out its process hangs upon launch. Looks like the devs never bothered to update the thing for quite some time. Is there a workaround for this? Better yet, is there a viable alternative for remote call pick up...
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    Thread oem-off-mode charge 0 without fastboot?

    I am curious if fastboot oem-off-mode charge 0 could be applied in some altrernate way (e.g. editing build prop, etc) without entering the fastboot mode. The reason why I am asking is the nexus I want to work on is already firmly installed in a car and taking it out is certainly possible but a...
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    Thread help me design a time delay circuit for car install!

    I've had several nexus 7s installed in my own and friend's cars loaded with timur's, lineageOS, auotodroid and such. Of the two remaining, I drive mine daily so get enough charging time to keep the tablet charged enough to avoid complete depletion. The other nexus installed in a friend's car...
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    Thread Is it possible to add a "screen on" animation (splash screen)

    Autodroid and Timur's USB rom builds have this option to specify a custom shutdown (suspend) video in mp4 format. I am wondering if there is a simple elegant way to do this for turning the screen back on by supplying power to the tablet. Tasker maybe? My goal is to add a bit more OE-like feel...