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    Thread [Q] Trouble Rooting GTab2

    Hi. I might be posting this in the wrong section. But i'm having help rooting my Gtab on 4.0,4. I got Android recovery installed with odin fine. When I go to install CWM gtabroot.zip I get a verifaction failed. I tried all the versions of it and a different sd card and no go. Someone said to...
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    Thread [Q] Google NexusS Boot Animation

    Does anyone have the boot animation from the Nexus S? The one with the black and white google logo and the gears. Thanks, Brad
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    Thread [Q] XOOM keyboard laggy in Browser

    No matter what I do the keyboard in the browser takes forever to type, tried Thumb keyboard, stock keyboard, Logitech Blutooth keyboard. On every website I try, Facebook, Google Images, XDA, anyone else wtih this issue?