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    Thread Bricked HTC wildfire S

    So i have an HTC WildFire S and i think it is bricked, i was running CM7 and it started not reading my batteru right so i decided to go stock. i am S-off with unlocked bootloader, i used this RUU RUU_Marvel_Virgin_Mobile_1.37.351.1_Radio_47.10.35.3029H_7.46.35.08_release_188032_signed.exe It...
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    Thread Cant use 99% of roms

    So here is my issue i have tried every rom here and in other forums, but the only one that workse is HenseMod 7. i use CWM, im unlocked and S-Off. no matter what i do all roms stick at the HTC Logo. i wipe: system, data, cache, dalvik cache and my battery stats. if someone can help that'd be...
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    Thread Cant play videos [HTC WildFire S]

    Hello all i own an HTC wild fire s and cannot play videos on it, when i use ANY video it show black screen with sound and nothing more, i jhave downloaded and install flashplayer 10.2 and 11 .apk and still the same any help would be great! and any roms work for this phone the only one that works...