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  1. 4Freedom

    Post [Discussion] What's your next smartphone / What should I buy

    About hardware I like Xiaomi / Redmi / Oppo value for money. For software I like Android Stock. I am not planning to change device soon, but I am not sure about what I am going to buy, I dont have an idea. Really.
  2. 4Freedom

    Post software for android smart mirror

    Would you like to view your Android device on another screen? PC? Television or what else? Which Android version are you using?
  3. 4Freedom

    Post [DISCONTINUED] [ADB DEBLOAT] [MIUI 12.5] [2021.03.12 - v3.3] Extreme debloat your Xiaomi Mi 9

    I can't find any "Xiaomi Macro" app on my device. (MIUI 12.0.4) I think it's something related to games. It's new. It appeared on APK Mirror on March 2021 https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/xiaomi-inc/mimacro/
  4. 4Freedom

    Post Mi 9 bad reconnection when low signal on mobile network

    Which ROM/Firmware are you using? Try disable and enable airplane mode instead of rebooting Exactly.
  5. 4Freedom

    Post Upcoming updates for Mi 9

    Why do u want 12.0.3? What features do u need?
  6. 4Freedom

    Post Carrier aggregation with mi9

    I report what i posted here https://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=82645205#post82645205 LTE Aggregation it's great on Mi9. I can aggregate all bands simultaneously. It's super fast comparing to other phone that I have. It obviously depends on your telephone operator too. You can...
  7. 4Freedom

    Post LTE-A/4G+ bands combinations

    LTE Aggregation it's great on Mi9. I can aggregate all bands simultaneously. It's super fast comparing to other phone that I have. It obviously depends on your telephone operator too. You can use NetMonster to check which frequencies you are using.
  8. 4Freedom

    Post [DISCONTINUED] [ADB DEBLOAT] [MIUI 12.5] [2021.03.12 - v3.3] Extreme debloat your Xiaomi Mi 9

    Problems may appears. As i said before IMHO It's not recommended to remove those packages. emergency com.android.emergency printer functionalit com.android.printspooler NFC tag com.android.apps.tag sim toolkit com.android.stk bluetooth config com.android.bluetoothmidiservice emergency cell...
  9. 4Freedom

    Post [DISCONTINUED] [ADB DEBLOAT] [MIUI 12.5] [2021.03.12 - v3.3] Extreme debloat your Xiaomi Mi 9

    If you don't see the purpose, it doesnt mean that they have not a purpose. :eek: Did you try to print? NFC? How do select a file to upload to a website if you delete file picker? :confused: What? Except webview, none of others app in the list I posted above is available on play store ...
  10. 4Freedom

    Post MI 9 or Mi 9T Pro

    Actually, I think both are out of production. Remember that Mi9 T Pro has been presented 6 months later Mi9, so Mi9 is the older one. I have a Mi9, it's a good device, snapdragon 855 is super fast and every app work fine. If I should buy a device today, I would go with the Mi9 T Pro, here are...
  11. 4Freedom

    Post [BOOT][CAF & STOCK][ALL-VARIANTS] G2 Hybrid Bootstacks

    Bootstacks links are offline, website down and github deleted. I searched online, for those who need I found bootstacks for G2 here: https://github.com/aleasto/hybrid_caf_bootstacks/releases https://github.com/agravelot/simpleBootstacks-g2/tree/master/bin...
  12. 4Freedom

    Post [DISCONTINUED] [ADB DEBLOAT] [MIUI 12.5] [2021.03.12 - v3.3] Extreme debloat your Xiaomi Mi 9

    This is an "extream" debloat. So, be aware. I think this is too much for most of people. It may break system functionality or end in bootloop. Why remove emergency support? com.android.emergency Why remove printer functionality? com.android.printspooler Why remove NFC tag...
  13. 4Freedom

    Thread GPU Overclock Stock MIUI 11 (NOROOT) Xiaomi Mi 9

    GPU Overfreq Mode Xiaomi and Redmi phone with snapdragon 855 has an hidden feature to increare smartphone performance. (e.g Xiaomi Mi9, K20 pro etc.) This is an experimental feature in stock MIUI 11. (Follow at own risk, I didn't test it for a long period so be aware) To enable/disable Just...
  14. 4Freedom

    Post Phone working but screen black

    Black screen G2 after some seconds even during boot... Exactly the same problem on my LG G2. It often go to black screen, but it's not totally OFF. Touch work, and the screen the same, i noticed using a torch that the brightness when to something like zero, but if i increase the level, it stay...
  15. 4Freedom

    Post The preloaded FLAC files

    Is this one? https://m.youtube.com/watch?list=RD__5KvdC1jco&v=_5n49nI5UdA&feature=emb_rel_end
  16. 4Freedom

    Post [APK] Smart YouTube TV - NO ADS! (Android TV)

    IMHO i will use the official website https://smartyoutubetv.github.io/ Thanks tinko975 https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=81407785&postcount=32
  17. 4Freedom

    Post Screen on time

    I am noticing a much better battery usage since i update to latest stock firmware Global MIUI 11 QFAEUXM And after i debloated MIUI system through XiaomiAdbFastbootTools disabling the following apps: About 8+ SOT.
  18. 4Freedom

    Post [APK] Smart YouTube TV - NO ADS! (Android TV)

    I think this is NOT the original developer of the APK. Cannot find official source. Be aware
  19. 4Freedom

    Post Screen on time

    Since MIUI 11 I rarely exceed 4/5 hours of screen on
  20. 4Freedom

    Post INSANE battery drain

    Nope, this is NOT possible actually. But that's NOT the problem, forcing LTE/WCDMA give the same battery drain, other bands are not used if not enabled/available.
  21. 4Freedom

    Post Original mi 9 mdy-10-el 27w wall charger

    Original charger in the box is quick charge 3.0. and it's 18w if i am not wrong. Mi9 can be charged up to 27w with quick charge 4.0+. Correct me if i ma wrong
  22. 4Freedom

    Post Standby drain

    It's been a week now, since the update. I can conferm. Actually i don't have a solution. I tried to disable some battery optimization but didn't help. It's about 10-20% less during screen is on. And much better during night while screen is off. (+4/6%)
  23. 4Freedom

    Post LineageOS on Xiaomi Mi 9

    Yeah, that's true. Moreover similar devices are really well supported these days. It seems that One Plus attracted and captured many developers this year... Not the same for Mi9 unluckily... And K20/K20 Pro/Mi9t/Mi9t Pro released subsequently may steal the show too. We will see... :cowboy:
  24. 4Freedom

    Post Standby drain

    Miui 11 update: -Better background optimization, in 8 hours of sleep now i just lose 4% (it was about 8-10% on Miui 10) -Worst foreground optimization, just a bit, but i cant get more than 4 of screen on time now. That's my personal experience during these 2 days, I'll report updates in...
  25. 4Freedom

    Post [THEME] Theme blocked my phone

    what a series of coincidences of unfortunate events!
  26. 4Freedom

    Post [THEME] Theme blocked my phone

    If you have USB debug enabled in developer settings you can use ADB to clear data of theme app throught CMD and restore default theme. Obviously you can't activate debug now if your phone is locked... IDK if you enabled it previously...
  27. 4Freedom

    Post Underscreen fingerprint sensor for Mi9 unlocks with any fingerprint ...

    I tried with 3 different silicon cover on a Mi9. It does not work.
  28. 4Freedom

    Post Mi 9 versions

    Yes, the situation it's absolutely SUPER confused :eek: :D Thanks Xiaomi, it's pretty hard hahah. Anyway, let's try to complete the puzzle. Yes Yes No. S730 Yes No, S730 Yes Yes Yes, Mi9 T pro is always 855 both CHINA and GLOBAL. Yes, Mi 9 pro and Mi 9 pro 5G have S855+ but actually NOT...
  29. 4Freedom

    Post Data capability lost after signal loss

    It doesn't NOT work.
  30. 4Freedom

    Post Mi 9 bad reconnection when low signal on mobile network

    I changed to LTE only, and use it for some hours... It didn't help. Same as before. Thanks anyway
  31. 4Freedom

    Thread Mi 9 bad reconnection when low signal on mobile network

    When I am using a mobile network (both 3G and 4G) and the signal is low, sometimes I lost connection (That's normal), but the stange thing is that phone don't reconnect soon and it remains offline. I have to manually reboot or enable/disable airplane mode... and the signal come back. I'm using...
  32. 4Freedom

    Post Aod in MIUI theme

    Sorry. What are 'aod scenes' ?
  33. 4Freedom

    Post Battery Saver closing apps randomly in use.

    Have you enabled same particular configurations in developer options? Dont keep activities and background process limit do those limitations on applications. Look at screenshot: i.imgur.com/pynuayY.jpg
  34. 4Freedom

    Post Memory management (task killing)

    Yes, that's true. You have some configurations available in Setting > Battery. By default all apps are optimized. You need to manually changed it.
  35. 4Freedom

    Post HDR Support for Netflix on Global/EEA Version?

    Actually, Netflix doesnt support HDR10 on Xiaomi Mi 9 (Source: https://c.mi.com/thread-2403039-1-0.html) I don't have Mi9T/K2O Pro, but it seems it is not officially supported even there. (Source: https://forum.xda-developers.com/k20-pro/themes/netflix-fhd-k20-pro-t3964716)
  36. 4Freedom

    Post Front cam only 5mp?

    Front camera specs: 20 MP, f/2.0, 0.9µm More info here: https://www.mi.com/global/mi9/specs
  37. 4Freedom

    Post [APP][4.1+] Kiwi Browser? Chromium + Adblock + CAF + Night Mode 2020-04-17|Active

    Feature request: pinch-to-zoom: Allow users to extend video to fullscreen on 18:9 devices e.g YOUTUBE and VLC Video: https://gfycat.com/splendiddelightfulcivet
  38. 4Freedom

    Post INSANE battery drain

    "limit your back ground processes to 3" did NOT help. Also dark theme gave me similar result. NFC and Blueetooth OK. But battery drain still there. Mainly in background when it's off. e.g. during night.
  39. 4Freedom

    Post Standby drain

    BetterBatteryStats show deep sleep 0% Is this normal? I'm on stock NOT Rooted Edit: Sorry, BetterBatteryStats didnt record during night. These are just few minutes of usage.
  40. 4Freedom

    Post [APP][2.2+][05 Oct. - V2.4] BetterBatteryStats

    Xiaomi Mi9 Stock MIUI (Android 9 - Not rooted) I get this error when i type those 3 CMD commands. java.lang.SecurityException: grantRuntimePermission: Neither user 2000 nor current process has android.permission.GRANT_RUNTIME_PERMISSIONS. at...
  41. 4Freedom

    Post Xiaomi mi9 has dual gps, someone tested gps accuracy?

    Dual GPS is great. Much better than my previous device.
  42. 4Freedom

    Post Standby drain

    Really? How to fix that? Any ideas? That's NOT true. Switching to LTE/WCDMA give the same battery drain. That's only the preferred network.
  43. 4Freedom

    Post The glow on the screen amoled

    It can be, but i am not pretty sure. :p
  44. 4Freedom

    Post Bromite Webview on MIUI

    Adblock for example, and much more. https://www.bromite.org
  45. 4Freedom

    Post The glow on the screen amoled

    Do you have glass or pellicle on it?
  46. 4Freedom

    Post Gmail notification sound

    Same here,I cannot find sound option. Once, it was in gmail setting, and then you could choose a custom ringstone...
  47. 4Freedom

    Post Which rom is the best for you and why?

    Hey:cowboy: Actually, I am on stock MIUI rom, because it's stable and because there isn't a good alternative. Most of custom roms are still in development and not completed. Even GSI, it's not very stable. So, not recommended for daily usage. In future i think I'll go with custom rom. Maybe...
  48. 4Freedom

    Post Black Screen on some games

    Unfortunately no. It's a software problem. I hope they fix those bugs with future updates.
  49. 4Freedom

    Post Screen on time

    Yes. Sure.