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  1. ONYXis

    Thread [Thor][Apollo] Unlocking bootloader with any firmware

    Hello. At first, I did not invent anything new, just checked some my guess on a other motherboard. All thanks and credits to our great developers. As always, all at your own risk. It does not work on the Fire HDX 8.9 (Saturn)! All steps in this manual are not necessary but they are present for...
  2. ONYXis

    Thread [HOW TO] Unbrick Kindle Fire HDX (QHUSB_BULK) with firmware <=1314.3.2.6

    First of all - this is works only if you bricked on firmware <=1314.3.2.6. So it don't works for "rollbacked 3.2.8(7)" bricks( Sorry but need leak of newest version of flash programmer for higher sw. I understand that there is not many people with this type of bricks but it is better that...
  3. ONYXis

    Thread [Rollback][Downgrade][Thor][Apollo] 3.2.8 rollback-OTA captured

    This is only for 3rd gen devices (2013) - Kindle Fire HDX 7 (Thor) and Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 (Apollo) ! After Installing this update your device will be restored to factory defaults, please backup your data. After Installing this update your need to disable OTA immediately!!! You can downgrade...
  4. ONYXis

    Thread [Q][SOLVED] mount -o rw,remount not permitted

    C:\Users\Vitaly>adb shell [email protected]:/ $ su su 1|[email protected]:/ $ mount -o rw,remount /system mount -o rw,remount /system mount: Operation not permitted 1|[email protected]:/ $ whoami whoami whoami: unknown uid 2000 4.5.2 root by p1gl3t bootloop cause renaming DeviceSoftwareOTAContracts.apk_ and now some...
  5. ONYXis

    Thread Please check something

    Hello, friends. Can you test something on your devices? I am sure that using "adb reboot oem-2" or "adb reboot emergency" you can put phone into qdload mode (05c6:9008). But I examined source code and I see that you can do "adb reboot oem-3" or "adb reboot diag" and put your phone into qualcomm...
  6. ONYXis

    Thread Stock firmwares for Kindle Fire HDX (Thor-Apollo)

    New update - Fire OS "Sangria" based on KitKat 4.4.3 build KTU84M HDX 7 - https://kindle-fire-updates.s3.amazonaws.com/eXbqCfqhQNrwCHI54DDUxjPgNf/update-kindle- HDX 8.9 -...
  7. ONYXis

    Thread Update 1314.3.2.6

    HDX - https://s3.amazonaws.com/kindle-fire-updates/update-kindle- HDX 8.9 - https://s3.amazonaws.com/kindle-fire-updates/update-kindle- Root possibility - yes, Towelroot.
  8. ONYXis

    Thread Update 1314.3.2.5

    https://s3.amazonaws.com/kindle-fire-updates/update-kindle- https://s3.amazonaws.com/kindle-fire-updates/update-kindle- Towelroot works. If you wait bootloader unlock stay away from any update.
  9. ONYXis

    Thread Software version Fire OS 3.5 (101012120)

    Link - https://s3.amazonaws.com/fire-phone-updates/update-fire-phone-121_1.0.1_user_101012120.bin From build.prop it still base on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean
  10. ONYXis

    Thread [Q] Semi-bricked hdx

    So...some mistake in update-script with setperm on stock slot and now I have a device: - device is turning on - clean, pure unregistered stock firmware - adb work (pull/push) - adb shell/install doesn't work (bin/sh not found) - adb backup/restore doesn't work - i have no safestrap (its missing...
  11. ONYXis

    Thread Software update 1314.3.2.1_user_321093620

    No additional info yet Exisiting method of root doesn't work. No visible changes. https://s3.amazonaws.com/kindle-fire-updates/update-kindle- hdx 7 https://s3.amazonaws.com/kindle-fire-updates/update-kindle- hdx 8.9