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  1. MightySashiman

    Thread Oneplus Camera app on LineageOS 18.1

    Hi, Is there a way to install and run OOS Camera app (the one that comes preinstalled in OOS) in LineageOS 18.1 ? I'm guessing it's not only about the camera apk itself but also about some parts of the sub-system / kernel which include appropriate drivers to the Camera sensor hardware. I...
  2. MightySashiman

    Thread Android 10 stable UI lag

    Hi, I've noticed a UI lag when switching between apps or transitioning from an open app to home screen. This didn't happen in the Android 10 beta rom. Anybody have the same issue? I clean flashed the stable android 10.
  3. MightySashiman

    Thread Awful quality check

    Hi, On amazon : 1st phone ordered : pink white (correcting in white balance setting is not ideal : it compensates on complementary colours, thus affecting overall brightness & contrast) 2nd phone ordered : much better white balance, but light bleed. 3rd phone ordered : the trapdoor of the SIM...
  4. MightySashiman

    Thread How is white balance for you ?

    Hello there, I bought my z3c off amazon, noticed after a while the screen got quite pinky when at lowest brightness. So i got a replacement. Just before I send back the pinky one, here is a comparison between both screen (left : pink & old phone, right : yellower new one). The picture was...
  5. MightySashiman

    Thread [Q] Horrendeous noize

    Hi, strangely, i find the audio quality to be very poor (much worse than the GNEX i'm coming from anyway). - sound stage is much narrower using the walkman app. - using poweramp has proven to be impossible : there is an awful background noize (that i don't get either with the walkman app...
  6. MightySashiman

    Thread [Q] 720p playback stutter in MX Player

    Hi, my device is Galaxy Nexus Maguro. Been using Cyanogen nightlies for ages, 720p mkv's have been working without any issues. (SW / HW+ custom codec armv7 NEON modes) On Omnirom, playback stutters (which ever nightly version of the rom since it's been available to maguro device) Can anyone...
  7. MightySashiman

    Thread Google, I'm tired of this sh...

    OK, I feel the need to publically rant about my nexus 7 (sorry, utterly useless topic) I'm tired of acting as a beta tester when I buy consumer electronics. The problems with multitouch on my nexus 7 32gb were hiliarious for about 10 secs. I don't even want to try out the various bootloaders to...
  8. MightySashiman

    Thread [Q] S-OFF, now what ?

    Hi guys, So S-OFF is available, hurray (see dev section). Then what ? What can I do more with it ? yeah yeah I know technically that it's about enabling full R/W access to everything, but in practical terms, what cool stuff/apps are we able to use now ? Gimme ideas please :D
  9. MightySashiman

    Thread [Q] DSP Manager

    Hi, I've been using Cyanogenmod 6 for a couple of days and very much liked the DSM Manager app. I'm now trying out OpenDesire, but can't find a apk of DSP Manager anywhere. Would someone have the last version of it, and kindly upload it somewhere ? links to website and source repo (i have no...