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  1. J

    Thread [BOOTLOADER] Available fastboot (oem) commands

    So after diggin around for my own aboot (to be able to relock my bootloader with custom recovery) I found some commands and also a command that lists all commands known by the Bootloader. fastboot oem cmd_show ... (bootloader) cmd: oem cmd_show (bootloader) cmd: download: (bootloader) cmd...
  2. J

    Thread [Investigation] Android Security - possibility to (re)lock bootloader / harden phone

    Hello girls and guys, I am looking for a method to safely sign my own custom ROM the same way the "stock" system/recovery gets signed, so that I still have the feature to relock the bootloader after installing a recovery that only accepts zips signed with my private key. What I have found so...
  3. J

    Thread [RESTOCK-KIT] Stock 1.18 TWRP Nandroid Backup Source CID: VODAP102

    Hello, maybe this will help a few user's of Vodafone branded Desire X who want to receive OTA again. This is tested and known to work with CID VODAP102 and may work for other VODAP CID's (UK) as the OTA Package said Vodafone UK Steps by step: 1. Copy the TWRP Folder on your SD card 2. Flash...
  4. J

    Thread [DRIVER] Windows HTC Drivers extracted from the latest HTC Sync

    Hey, I just installed Windows today and was surprised that adb did not work out of the box :p Well Ubuntu didn't need any drivers, so I searched for the apropriate drivers but none worked for me, so I extracted the ones from the latest HTC Sync. Those are tested by me to work with Win8 x64. So...
  5. J

    Thread [BOOTLOADER] hboot fastboot oem command list (maybe interesting stuff)

    Hello, I just dug around in my device and found the command list for fastboot oem with fastboot oem h. Maybe this will be usefull for some purposes? there is an option to get checksums without recovery etc ;) ... (bootloader) command list (bootloader) mb (bootloader) mh (bootloader) mw...
  6. J

    Thread [Resolved] [FOUND]Where is the setting for Developersettings>Enable Virtual Screen saved?

    Hello, I need quick help, because I got a big Problem. I accidentaly enabled a virtual screen (xdpi) in Developer Settings and since then my device froze and will freeze at boot. Can someone please tell me how the vallue in settings.db from /data/com.android.providers.settings/databases is...
  7. J

    Thread [GUIDE] How to identify your LCD Panel without Android running[AOKP][JB]

    Hello, I have found a tech-guide by HTC how to identify your LCD Panel if your JB AOSP or AOKP ROM won't boot. See Step 3 in the PDF attached I hope it helped you :) Look here for information about the right Display part (narrow or wide flex cable)...
  8. J

    Thread [Q] Does the Desire S support 5Ghz wifi ?

    Hey, I just want to ask if anyone has more info about the DS with 5Ghz wifi networks. I tried to find my 5Ghz wifi but nothing appeared, I'm currently on ICE DS 4.4 . According to the product sheet from Broadcom the bcm4329 should support 2,4Ghz and 5Ghz band. Do I need an other firmware for it...
  9. J

    Thread [Question->Solved] Downgrade hboot 2.00.0002 or use XTC clip

    Hello, I got my Desire S today and it has hboot 2.00.002 on it. I want to know now, whats the best way to S-OFF my phone. Using an XTC clip or going through the procedure of downgrading hboot and S-OFF with Revolutionary? According to XTC clip I got some questions, will it fully s-off my phone...
  10. J

    Thread Pointing HaRET to a Partition instead of an Image

    Hello, I want to know how to point HaRET to a Partition instead of a EXT4 Image like in every SD Build. Thank you for your help :) EDIT: I forgot to say that I mean the DATA Partition ;)
  11. J

    Thread Can't get 576MB RAM

    Hello, As told in the title I can't get the 576MB to work. I have the Radio and HSPL (3.03.HSPL) with the latest HD2O Rom installed. I also can't get my Leicke 3600mAh extended battery to work, but several revievs say it works after an update of the latest stock rom. What I've tried...
  12. J

    Thread Need help with bad blocks

    Ok, I got one bad block on my HTC HD2 and I can't fix it. mtty just says "ERASE BLOCK 486 FAIL" What can I do?