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  1. sliyk

    Post Battery habits

    I charge it before going to sleep and let doze do the work. And now I plug it in the car and at work too so minimum cycles are used.
  2. sliyk

    Thread Battery habits

    So what are your battery habits with the 6p? Do you plug it in at night and take it off in the morning? Or do you charge it when it drops dead? Or little charging cycles throughout the day? I have been charging it when it's low. Not leaving it plugged in all night :angel:
  3. sliyk

    Post Nexus 6p warming up

    where did you check these detailed stats from that included temperature? Thanks
  4. sliyk

    Post Defective Units?

    any heating issues during normal browsing on 4g? my phone gets warm when i am doing nothing but browsing on chrome.
  5. sliyk

    Post [All XDA Members] Requests to Moderators and Admins

    Hello! I was wondering if it is possible to change your forum username? I made this account way back and sort of want to refresh the name without making another account, any help will be appreciated!
  6. sliyk

    Thread Nexus 6p warming up

    Hi guys, I got my brand new 6p last week on friday and am in love with it, currently testing out the battery to see how much juice I can get out of it in a normal working day. I have however noted that when i browse using 4g on chrome the phone gets warm, not too hot to hold but get noticeably...
  7. sliyk

    Post weird charging problem

    the phone came back, it still says knox warranty void but a letter came from Samsung said that there was a problem which has been fixed now! good customer service as far as im concerned :) well lets see how long this lasts, the battery is charging fine for now
  8. sliyk

    Post weird charging problem

    i sent a message to samsung mobile uk official page on facebook told them about my problem. they gave me a number that i called and after explaiing myself samsung sent me a goody bag to send my phone back to them, and with a short description of what the problem is, they will get back to me i...
  9. sliyk

    Post weird charging problem

    and im back guys, after buying two new batteries from amazon, they seemed to be charging fine, and now suddenly today the same problem has started, didnt even last a bloody month! im taking this piece of crap to samsung on tuesday, warranty or not getting it sorted once and for all!
  10. sliyk

    Post weird charging problem

    the anker battery seems to be charging fine, so it seems like a battery issue, however i feel the anker battery drops charge faster than the oem battery, im gonna test it for the next few days if its not good ill return it, however problem solved hopefully :)
  11. sliyk

    Post weird charging problem

    I will Bro don't worry I have ordered a new battery off amazon let's see if that fixes my problem if not then I will take it to Samsung service centre warranty or not will have to get it fixed but no update as yet
  12. sliyk

    Post weird charging problem

    Rebooted many times man. Now the only decent charging I can get done is off the wall plug while the phone is off Charly-whiskey thinking of going to the nearest centre next week fingers crossed
  13. sliyk

    Post weird charging problem

    Do you think I should try the service centre near me as well? Maybe get lucky? Or is there no chance
  14. sliyk

    Post weird charging problem

    I hope so too feralfire I have ordered a battery from amazon under the brand name of anker. Fingers crossed it IS the dawn battery otherwise I don't know what to do with this thing
  15. sliyk

    Post weird charging problem

    ill swap my battery with a friends but i doubt its a battery issue, i brought another wire and wall charger and it started charging fine with the samsung official cable and the new wall charger i got, then i disconnected it and now same problem again. fml
  16. sliyk

    Post weird charging problem

    Okay I have some funny information. I have the official Samsung cable and wall charger and my wife's iPhone wall charger. I turned the phone off and tried charging through the wall outlet. It failed. It would give a short vibration at regular intervals as if it's trying to initialise charging...
  17. sliyk

    Post weird charging problem

    i didnt update until yesterday hoping it would fix the problem, i dont get it, i havent physically abused the cable or the phone, one fine day its just not charging right, so stupid
  18. sliyk

    Post weird charging problem

    I rooted my note 3 stupidly I dont know if theyll replace the cuarger or cable now :(
  19. sliyk

    Post weird charging problem

    I have updated to kitkat and the phone seems to be charging but not charging invert the laptop could it be the official wire is faulty?
  20. sliyk

    Thread weird charging problem

    hi guys, i apologise if i am breaking any rules but i havent been able to find any solutions to this new problem that i have right now i always plug my note 3 into the wall charger every night when i sleep, last night it just didnt charge and i woke up to 5 percent charge, i plugged the phone...
  21. sliyk

    Post [Bounty] [05/20/2014]Reset KNOX counter to 0x0 (UPDATE: 3k +)

    Ah thanks it's a 9005 damn
  22. sliyk

    Post [Bounty] [05/20/2014]Reset KNOX counter to 0x0 (UPDATE: 3k +)

    I have a UK 3 branded note 3 although it is unlocked. How do I find out if it's snapdragon or the other one
  23. sliyk

    Post [Q] com.android.phone stopped!

    but i have been using this sim card before this restore as well without any problems update: even removing the sim brings up the error
  24. sliyk

    Post Unfortunately, the process com.android.phone has stopped.

    hi can you please share what you disabled thanks
  25. sliyk

    Thread [Q] com.android.phone stopped!

    hi guys i just erased and reset my note 3 its on stock rom that it shipped with, although i have rooted the device so right after it turns on post erase and factory reset i get the following error unfortunately the process com.android.phone has stopped i know other threads have been made...
  26. sliyk

    Thread [Q] unchangable flash counter

    hi guys so i got my note 3 at the start of this month and since this is my first foray into android space i rooted it a week later, but hen i was reading online that samsung have some sort of flash counter in the phone that cannot be reset hence voiding warranty, my phone has a two years...
  27. sliyk

    Post [Q] usb 3.0 never works

    xclub, you are such a life saver, i can call myself stupid, or i can call samsung stupid, but you sir have pointed out the obvious to me thanks! big thanks to pete4k as well!
  28. sliyk

    Thread [Q] usb 3.0 never works

    hi everyone! its been a while since i have posted here :) [was lost in the apple wilderness for a few years] i have an n9005 and my laptop is samsung 5 series ultrabook with windows 8.1 64bit running, this lappy has one usb 3.0 port i have never managed to connect the note in 3.0 mode, this...
  29. sliyk

    Thread flasher that will flash any windows

    hello im flashing a tnt windows on my cell phone but i get the error 'this update utility cannot be used for your pda phone please get newer update utility ' where can i find an update tool that will flash any rom to my phone ive searched around but cant find itthanks
  30. sliyk

    Post screen misalignment

    lol i know. was just thinking if someone had experience in att roms they could tell me about that. no offense or anything
  31. sliyk

    Post screen misalignment

    could you please point me to the att rom?
  32. sliyk

    Thread screen misalignment

    ive been having this strange problem with my touch screen for the past month or so. its been working just fine for the past year so this is a bit of a bother. anyways here goes: the right half of my screen is properply aligned as in when im using the keyboard and pressing keys such as p or k or...
  33. sliyk

    Post mms on 6.1

    im back lol, arcsoft mms is totally configured, but i only see an mms sending option, how exactly do i receive mmses?
  34. sliyk

    Post mms on 6.1

    thank you!
  35. sliyk

    Thread mms on 6.1

    im using a variant of windown mobile 6.1 that doesnt seem to have mms with the text messages option, is there a cab file that i can use to install mms
  36. sliyk

    Post Windows Mobile 5.0 - Supress Network Messages?

    i used the search feature and came up on this thread, ive been having exactly this same problem on wm6.1 ive found the thread thatjez83uk told us about but i dont know what kind of value to put into it? im using PHM registry editor and it has the following options: NEW KEY NEW STRING VALUE NEW...
  37. sliyk

    Thread wm 6.5 on g4?

    is there a 6.5 rom thats radio and ipl spl free that i can put on my g4 without updating its ipl? any help would be appreciated thanks
  38. sliyk

    Post How to upgrade SPL, IPL on G4 ?

    i picked this piece of information up from the very first link that u gave can someone please explain it to me thanks
  39. sliyk

    Thread sms sent notification modifier

    alright everyone please dont yell at me ive used the search feature multiple times with different keywords but i cant seem to find it. is there a program that can help me modify my sms sent notification? u know rather than the bubble showing and the sound playing, i just get a confirmation icon...
  40. sliyk

    Thread advanced config problem

    i just put in the latest stable crc, however upon installing schapps advanced config tool i no longer get the option to put a silent sms sent notification icon and/or balloon, the only option im getting is either enable or disable sms sent notificaiton, whys this? i have advanced config 3.3
  41. sliyk

    Thread hermes answering machine

    as the heading states is there a working answering machine software for windows mobile 6 or 6.1 for the hermes?
  42. sliyk

    Post Niki SuperCID and Security Unlocker

    im stuck here i dont get an unlock code on the screen and neither do i get its been over ten mins, what am i doing wrong ive been following every instruction word perfect i needed to give special attention to the unplug usb and plug it back in option its done thank you!
  43. sliyk

    Thread too little program memory

    after sending a little bit of texts and using the audio manager for a bit im left with very little program memory, sometimes as low as 4 or 5 megabytes even though on startup i had something like 20 mbs, and it just decreases with time, even turning off teh applications doesnt give me the...
  44. sliyk

    Post [Radio ROM]

    good answer :)
  45. sliyk

    Post [Radio ROM]

    i was wondering, why is this radio rom on the hermes wiki page if its a trinity radio rom?
  46. sliyk

    Thread sms chat simple version please

    im shifting back to htc windows mobile 6 official version, crc 11 was good while it lasted. what i miss in this windows is the sms chat feature of wm6.1 i dont want the eye candy of vito or the other addons, is there a cab file that will transform the wm6 texting into the one just like in wm6.1...
  47. sliyk

    Thread battery level line on top of screen

    sorry for the dumb question but whats the name of the cab file that gives us teh battery level line at the top of the screen?
  48. sliyk

    Post herm200 wont send text messages!

    i tried what zocster said, flashing vodafones wm5 rom downgraded my radio rom to 1.32 and then i upgraded to crc 11 and the radio rom stayed the same :) so all systems go till now thanks guys!
  49. sliyk

    Post herm200 wont send text messages!

    i just downgraded my phone to the stock vodafone rom that it came with and the radio rom version is 1.32.00 however the wm6.1 roms are 1.48 as i told u before, shud i install them new windows and then downgrade the radio rom?