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    Post Xomax xm-da708

    Try to switch the acc and power cable on the connector
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    Post |July 4|RAPH| .¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.-|Energy| 21916|29022 - Sense 2019 / 2.1 / Titanium

    Camera and dialer issue I've the camera screen turn black and only the center shows the image, to see what i gonna see i have to open the settings and then the image appear, there's some workaround for this? i'm using changescreen on my device, and the camera app is in the exceptions list...
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    Post changeScreen v2.78! -- (screen rotation app)

    How to rotate manila but not the music and photo tab? Hi guys, i'v installed a rom with sense2.5 and changescreen works great for rotate manila, but i hava an issue with the music and photo tabs, that are anabled to rotate dy default, so when i activate changescreen and rotate the phone from...
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    Post Is the hermes powerful enough to run WM 6.5?

    for closing the application you need to use showcase suite, it's the only one that work for me
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    Post Italian settings

    I've just tryed the registry changes and it work fine!!! Thanks a lot!! Ho appena provato a fare i cambiamenti nel registro e funziona tutto alla perfezione!! grazie mille!!
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    Post How to change hardware keyboard layout?

    I have the same problem... i've just bought today my raphael... and tryed to change the layout with advanced config but the special characters rimain always the same..:(
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    Post [New NastarV6.9H][UltraLite|Lite|Standard]19/Sep/09 WindowsPhone6.5 "23016|23052" WWE

    thanks...i'm gonna try it on a pc running win XP... mine are running win 7....
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    Post [New NastarV6.9H][UltraLite|Lite|Standard]19/Sep/09 WindowsPhone6.5 "23016|23052" WWE

    how you copy the 2 file for the hexagon?? i've tried both from mobile and from pc but don't let me change them!!:mad::mad::mad:
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    Post [NEW] 28/02/10 23541/21893 WWE/ITA/FRA/GER/ENS/PTG/RUS V28 Mega - Coming soon...

    Tnx TAI! So when i go to phone settings, network tab, and select from the drop-down menu on the left the network selection mode to manual, the phone should start the search for all the available network and show a pop-up window with the list of the founded network to choose the one you want to...
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    Post [NEW] 28/02/10 23541/21893 WWE/ITA/FRA/GER/ENS/PTG/RUS V28 Mega - Coming soon...

    Wonderful ROM!! But I have again that issue with the manual network settings... I cannot set manually the network...when i press the buttons for the search it don't start...
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    Post [NEW] 28/02/10 23541/21893 WWE/ITA/FRA/GER/ENS/PTG/RUS V28 Mega - Coming soon...

    problems with phone settings!!!! Hi, I've found a bug in the phone settings, when i try to set the network change in manual it don't work!!! Either the Find Network then the select buttons don't work... looks like it been pressed but the window to select the network don't appear!!!! It's really...