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  1. c_tho

    Thread Stopped receiving OTAs

    hi folks, i was getting OTAs up to and including the january patch, but the feb and march ones haven't come up. i'm rooted on stock 10, previously was using this method of installing updates. but now, nothing. anyone else had this? nothing too controversial installed, magisk with active edge...
  2. c_tho

    Thread Back button exiting app instead of default behaviour

    hi folks, having a bug on android 10 where the back button will randomly exit apps instead of whatever the correct "go back" behaviour is. difficult to say if it's more common on some apps but i'm certainly getting it heaps in spotify, instagram and google photos. anyone else seen this...
  3. c_tho

    Thread Camera focus stopped working after 13 days, replacement on the way.

    whole story's in the title i spose. realised at about 7:30pm the rear camera focus wasn't working at all, was on the phone to google by 8, replacement on the way by 9. i have to send this one back once i get the replacement. so... unfortunate but at least the customer service was good. *shrug*...
  4. c_tho

    Thread What mods are you using?

    historically i've waited a little longer to leap into root/mods but root was available so quickly i couldn't resist. i've got: swift installer to make everything black viper to sort out the middling audio performance youtube vanced edge sense plus, to remap: single squeeze to start/stop music...
  5. c_tho

    Thread Best approach for updating firmware after rooting?

    i've been sitting on the first pie release since... november? at the time i figured i'd just flash new FTFs as they turned up on xpericheck but now i've realised they're all hosted behind a paywall. and i've seen j4nn's [XZ1c] rooted kernel hiding bootloader unlock with working fota thread but...
  6. c_tho

    Thread Seeking feedback re: camera quality... just how bad IS it?

    hi folks, been excited about this device since it was announced but have been real disappointed by the negative feedback on the camera. still considering the purchase but am worried i'll regret it. i am coming from the z3 (non-compact) so i have difficulty gauging just what people mean when...
  7. c_tho

    Thread phone pauses for ~5 seconds every minute or so

    hi folks, having a bit of an odd problem. the screen completely freezes for a few seconds every so often. audio output isn't affected. i've tried reflashing stock firmware and wiping everything there is to wipe, so i assume it's hardware related, perhaps a ram fault? any ideas anyone has on...
  8. c_tho

    Thread [Q] 4.2 bugs... are we stuck with them?

    there are a couple of bugs that appear to be common to all 4.2 AOSP roms, namely: - the keyboard popup outline glitch, and - the front-facing camera freeze glitch (screen stays on previously taken photo rather than going back to camera mode) the camera glitch (and others) are/were obviously...
  9. c_tho

    Thread Deleting default launcher for AOSP rom

    hi folks, quick one: if i'm using a non-default launcher (say, apex) with an AOSP ROM (say, slimbean), would it be safe to delete the default launcher (say, holo)? Sent from my GT-I9300 using xda premium
  10. c_tho

    Thread What are your top priorities when choosing a new ROM?

    When looking to upgrade or switch ROMs, what are the key attributes you're looking for? Some people prioritise cutting-edge functionality over lag/stability, some are looking for as close to stock as possible, and some want a completely unique user experience. Personally, I'm a huge fan of...