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  1. freeop

    Thread Changing Toast messages timeout

    I have changed a setting on my new S10e and I would like to get it changed back. But I can't remember what I did. The "Toast" message stays up longer than normal and I would like to get it turned off or reduced the length of time it stays on the screen. I have looked in notifications and didn't...
  2. freeop

    Thread Keep getting strange message when I connect usb cable.

    This is the message I keep getting when ever I plug the usb cable into my phone to computer. I have tried using different usb cables but it is the same results. I checked "adb devices" and it shows my device, but it never pops up the "Allow" screen, just the message below. The only thing that...
  3. freeop

    Thread Is there any way to exclude on app from being updated?

    Nevermind, firgured it out. MOD: You can delete this one if you want. I couldn't delete it.
  4. freeop

    Thread Newest Firmware update?

    Has anyone been able to find the latest version of the ATT Nougat S7 Edge firmware? I took the OTA earlier this week but would like to have a backup of the software. The version I have updated to is G935AUSC4BQE1 Or am I asking too soon? I know they post the latest on this area of the forums...
  5. freeop

    Thread ro.carrier value?

    I recently had some problems this morning with my Wi-Fi connecting and disconnecting every 30 or so seconds. I read a bunch of solutions but finally found one that worked. It called for changing the ro.carrier in build.prop to "wifi only". I found the line in the build.prop with BuildProp Editor...
  6. freeop

    Thread [Q] Can Rooting your phone ruin your Battery?

    I am wondering if rooting your phone causes the OS to eat up more power AFTER you un-root your phone? Here's my situation. I had my phone working just fine and I ended up rooting it with the MM firmware a few months ago. During that root, everything was great, no lag, my battery was getting...
  7. freeop

    Thread [Q] Warranty Replacement Experience

    My AT&T Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge started having problems with the display. Showed up as a single vertical line all the way down the right side of the screen. Called AT&T Troubleshooting Support and they said it was a known problem and they were going to send me a new phone. My question is does...
  8. freeop

    Thread What is this?

    I woke up this morning and saw this green line on the right side of of the screen. Is it a bad display? Screen shot. Edit for some reason it is not showing up on the screen shots. Sorry
  9. freeop

    Thread [Q] How Do I access my External-SD Card?

    Ok I finally found the answer to this question and am posting it in case someone else needs to write to the External-SD Card. As I have found, Samsung/Google/Android does not directly allow writing to the SD-Card. I guess you have to trick the system into allowing it to write. I ended up making...
  10. freeop

    Thread What would happen?

    I am currently rooted with MM on my S7-Edge, SM-G935A and yesterday I got the notification from AT&T that it wanted to update my phone to the newest version of Android, Version 7 (Nougat). I thought about UN-Rooting my phone and let the OTA finish the process and complete the upgrade. But after...
  11. freeop

    Thread [Q] What does this mean?

    When I hold the Power and Up volume on my phone, I get the Android Robot Logo but it is the little Green Bot lying down on his back with the front of the chest area open and a Big Red Triangle with a "!" in the middle and that is all. Nothing happens after that and I end up having to do a...