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  1. mikep1993

    Thread [GAME][PUZZLE][4.+] Numbers - The perfect puzzle game for everyone

    Hy there. It's long since i did my last post here Today i announce my new small puzzle game Numbers. It's a complete overhaul of my previous app called Zuzzle. I put lots of hard work and many time in it to make it as perfect as possible. I also had a beta and alpha testing phase over...
  2. mikep1993

    Thread [ICONS][XXHDPI] Tundem Icon Packs HD - 7 Packs [21/10/13][NOVA][APEX][ADW][MORE..]

    Tundem Icon Packs. This thread contains all my current and upcoming icon-pack projects. I thought it is much easier to maintain just one thread instead of a new thread per icon-pack. Right now i try to make this thread as clear as possible. If you have ideas how to clean-up a bit let me know...
  3. mikep1993

    Thread [ICONS][XXHDPI][XHDPI][HDPI] HoloCons HD [1441+][12/09/13][NOVA][APEX][ADW][MORE..]

    I am happy to announce my second icon-project called HoloCons. They are based on my first set Micons HD with a "Holo-Icon"-Effect. HoloCons HD. The HoloCons HD Icons are icons which differ from default Holo Styled Icons. They are curved and give a completely new look. Try them and love them...
  4. mikep1993

    Thread [TOOL][UTIL][FREE] AndroidActivities - Get ComponentInfo + Url - For themers

    activities.tundem.com / ApplicationReader AndroidActivities is a small site which provides required information for icon themers. It provides the ApplicationName, PackageName, ComponentInfo, IconUrl (for PlayStore apps) and everyone can use it for FREE! The project consist of the site...
  5. mikep1993

    Thread [GAME][2.2+] Zuzzle 3.6.1

    Here's the market description:
  6. mikep1993

    Thread [ICONS][XXHDPI][XHDPI][HDPI] Micons HD [1600+][12/09/13][NOVA][APEX][ADW][MORE..]

    We are proud to announce our Icon-Pack named Micons HD. This pack has come a long way until now. After long time i'll continue to work on this. There's now an OFFICIAL icon-pack for launchers! The MIUI version won't get any updates anymore (for now) OFFICIAL Apex/Nova/ADW/(AND MORE) icon...
  7. mikep1993

    Thread [Q] Camera / Video no smooth preview / video recording

    Hello, my girlfriend got her new HTC Desire S 2 weeks ago. I have one since it is available in our country. I rooted it and put the same ROM (the newest Galnet from MIUI) on both devices. The first thing we noticed was the different color saturation of the devices, which is not that big deal...
  8. mikep1993

    Thread [Android 2.1+][Game] MegaYatzy / MegaYatzy HD

    Today i released my first "game" under the name of the Tundem Media Group. The Tundem Media Group exists at the moment out of 6 students from Austria including me. Here's the Market text: Das preisgekrönte spiel Yatzy (Yahtzee, Yacht, Kniffel, ...) ist nun als MegaYatzy für Android verfügbar...
  9. mikep1993

    Thread [Q] Xtc clip service

    Hello, I am on a s-on'ed Htc Desire S, and i am searching someone with a xtc clip in austria near linz/leonding/freistadt? Perhaps this thread could interact for users as a offer and find thread? Sent from my HTC Desire S using XDA App