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  1. RedSkull23

    Post [R][GINKGO/WILLOW] Descendant 11.5 - android ver. 11

    Big thanks for your work and your builds!
  2. RedSkull23

    Post [OFFICIAL] Descendant [Android 11]

    Big thanks, works like a charm!
  3. RedSkull23


    Thanks for maintaining the project for this device, full support (y)
  4. RedSkull23

    Post How To Stop Crap Advertisements

    Follow these advices and you'll be able to get your MIUI ad-free without modifying nothing special in the OS. https://www.androidauthority.com/remove-ads-xiaomi-miui-1019139/
  5. RedSkull23

    Post Rooting Redmi Note 8 on Manjaro Linux?

    Hi there, you could try to take a shot at this https://www.xiaomitool.com/V2/ Still have to test it, but the developer claims that it works on Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Lemme know if it works 'cause I'm planning to go on a Manjaro only machine soon :)
  6. RedSkull23

    Post [Q][AUGUST][arm64-a/ab] Descendant X - android ver. 10r41

    An eventual maintainer should apply for being recognized as an official maintainer for that specific device. Then, device specific ROM can be built.
  7. RedSkull23

    Post backup failed..cleaning backup folder

    This user's post could be helpful - https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=83111195&postcount=256 Theoretically if you format the SD in TWRP in way to let it being detected, the format won't be seen by ROM but only by TWRP.
  8. RedSkull23

    Post [Q][GINKGO/WILLOW][May] Descendant X - android ver. 10r36

    Just an heads up to other users, the ROM it's up to date right now, the updated build is as always available from downloads page.
  9. RedSkull23

    Post Re-Lock Bootloader Honor 6x

    Bootloader unlock code is device-specific, you need the appropriate one for your device else it won't work.
  10. RedSkull23

    Post Is it possible to unlock a P8 lite 2017 today ?

    Hi, yes it should be still possible. DC-Unlocker is what you need. The operation has a cost in credits, 4$ are necessary to unlock the device since it's the cost that DC asks from retrieve bootloader code from your device. If you're definitely motivated to do it, it's your only chance but...
  11. RedSkull23

    Post Help please on my redmi note 8

    Well i'm on 11.0.4 Global too from the day that it came out and i don't face anything similar, the charging speed has always been really fast as the first day of usage. Plus, you're asking for a feedback but it isn't that simple to provide one since that you've provided no further details about...
  12. RedSkull23

    Post Does the Redmi Note 8/T have Anti Rollback Protection?

    Thanks for explaining in detail.
  13. RedSkull23

    Post MIUI Stock Camera application

    Mmmm I just don't think so... It'll work only on MIUI, sadly.
  14. RedSkull23

    Post MIUI Stock Camera application

    For sure man, grab it here - https://anonfile.com/bbibydM7nd/Stock_Camera_3.0_for_Redmi_Note_8_Global_by_RedSkull23_apk :highfive:
  15. RedSkull23

    Post Google navigation gestures

    Don't think that it's possible on MIUI. You need to switch to a custom ROM or GSI.
  16. RedSkull23

    Post Delayed response on lock button press

    Never happened to me. How much free RAM do you usually have free? Looks like the device is running slow in elaborating processes. Do you notice other lags while normally using your phone during the day?
  17. RedSkull23

    Post Miui 11 battery?

    Update, if you're planning to stay on MIUI. Battery looks better to me, other than having newest security patches.
  18. RedSkull23

    Post best music Player

    Try Musicolet or Omnia Music Player, both works really good on my phone.
  19. RedSkull23

    Post Redmi Note 8 Reboots sometimes

    Wow guys, never faced this and i'm using it for 2 weeks now. Do you ever modified something system-side that could cause this? Thinkering with developer settings... removing some system app, anything else? It's really weird.
  20. RedSkull23

    Post MIUI Stock Camera application

    Well you're right, and in fact i'm already using both camera's applications when needed and i find this great! It IS possible to extract the stock Camera apk simply using an app like Skit or ApkExtractorLite (but i strongly recommend the 1st one), no need to guide, it's simply as a couple of...
  21. RedSkull23

    Post Need Camera App

    I've always used free version :good:
  22. RedSkull23

    Post how to decrypt phone?

    Look for "dm-verity" script here on XDA and you'll find how to decrypt your device. It'll need factory reset. Have fun!
  23. RedSkull23

    Post Need Camera App

    I'd recommend Footej Camera. Works great on any ROM/GSI I tried so far.
  24. RedSkull23

    Post TWRP Recovery For Honor 6x ( EMUI 8 )

    Hi there, so first of all the error that you've got about partition length error is because from EMUI 8 and above, there's no more a partition called "recovery"; it's now called "recovery_ramdisk". So, the correct command to flash TWRP becomes: fastboot flash recovery_ramdisk twrp.img Plus, if...
  25. RedSkull23

    Post [ROM][9.0] AospExtended 6.4 for Huawei P8 Lite 2017

    Use third-party services like DC Phoenix or FunkyHuawei. Usually you have to pay something like 4€. That's the only way as of now and all thanks to crapwei :cyclops:
  26. RedSkull23

    Post Update BLN-L22C675 from EMUI 5.X.X to EMUI 8.0 (with VOLTE)- Noob Friendly

    I've already uploaded a mirror, here it is man https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=79747009&postcount=160
  27. RedSkull23

    Post [APP] Private Clipboard - Keeps your clips private

    Useful in an immense manner. Thanks for backporting this to devices that aren't on 10! Great idea :)
  28. RedSkull23

    Post [SP:Aug][r47] Descendant 4.0.1 for Treble Enabled Devices

    Guys the project has been stopped... just for your information. Asking for fixes won't help.
  29. RedSkull23

    Post [SP:Aug][r47] Descendant 4.0.1 for Treble Enabled Devices

    Open the thread in desktop mode and click on the build you want, links in XDA Labs app are broken and shows images only instead of letting you download the zip file.
  30. RedSkull23

    Post [SP:Aug][r47] Descendant 4.0.1 for Treble Enabled Devices

    Because the dev has just added ARM binder support and so, I remember that previously questions about the 64 a only variant were redirected to the arm64 a only build. So you would clarify in way to avoid misunderstandings not directly with me, that already don't care nothing 'bout, but with the...
  31. RedSkull23

    Post Verify root procedure for Honor 6X?

    The first step actually isn't TWRP but unlocking the bootloader, mandatory in way to proceed with everything else. Since that Crapwei has stopped support in doing so, you'll need to pay 3/4$ to third-party services (like DC-Phoenix in example, a service used by a lot of users here since that...
  32. RedSkull23

    Post [SP:Aug][r47] Descendant 4.0.1 for Treble Enabled Devices

    Well I based my answer on what you said, and as above, "A64 A only" just isn't the sane as that binder thing. Clarify for extended next time because "A64 A only" refers to the build that I'm using, not to 32_64 binder stuff
  33. RedSkull23

    Post [SP:Aug][r47] Descendant 4.0.1 for Treble Enabled Devices

    The arm64 A only build already exists dude, it is present both one page ago and overall in OP. Did you even care to read OP at least? That's a landmark.
  34. RedSkull23

    Post Does bootloader CODE stay the same even after a stock update ?

    Follow instructions here, you'll find the tool also. https://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2433454
  35. RedSkull23

    Post French language

    Hi, you're welcome! That is because India variant isn't supposed to have NFC chip in its hardware, so this is the only irrecoverable thing if you come from European variant that have it instead. Yeah the option isn't there because it just shouldn't be there.
  36. RedSkull23

    Post How to flash Magisk on Nougat?

    Have you tried Ianmacd's builds? They're friendly with Huawei devices. Sincerely it's weird that official Magisk doesn't work since that topjohnwu has fixed troubles with EMUI some time ago, but give it a try. And here's a dedicated wiki in way to troubleshoot most common errors. Plus, in way...
  37. RedSkull23

    Post [Moved] [ARM64][GApps] BiTGApps Pie 9.0.0

    Hey TheHitman, in this changelog about 2.0 update you say that this build requires a clean flash, but reading OP (and as I remembered correctly) I'm confused a bit: there, instructions says that a clean flash is required only if coming from OpenGApps. I'm on 0.9 version using a Pie based GSI...
  38. RedSkull23

    Post [SP:Aug][r47] Descendant 4.0.1 for Treble Enabled Devices

    On 3.1.1, that bug is fixed. Just update ;)
  39. RedSkull23

    Post Best way to prep Honor6x for OpenKirin?

    Ok. No problem, next time thank me with the appropriate button ;)
  40. RedSkull23

    Post update honor 6x to oreo or pie

    Check my recent post here for instructions https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=79871123&postcount=2
  41. RedSkull23

    Post Honor 6x Global ROM NEEDED

    Many people debranded their L24 to L22, so it's not impossible but indeed your friend is right about the bands: those vary with regions, so if your L24 doesn't have the bands that your SIM requires then there will never be a way to install them after market. Another Huawei device?! You can do...
  42. RedSkull23

    Post Best way to prep Honor6x for OpenKirin?

    DC-Unlocker is the anwser. The credits necessary to unlock the device are 4$, as said by many other users, but since that in this way you can give a new life to your phone, it's an acceptable compromise.
  43. RedSkull23

    Post [help] Can't boot into system after updating to emui 8

    You can't unlock the bootloader in an official manner anymore, the support about this has been deprecated last year. You should proceed with third party services, in example, DC Phoenix/FunkyHuawei/ecc. - about booting into eRecovery, if you're connected to a computer with an USB cable, you can...
  44. RedSkull23

    Post [SP:Aug][r47] Descendant 4.0.1 for Treble Enabled Devices

    Exactly, I completely agree. Descendant goes up with Phh tree sources, and overall, that's not the best way to ask for a fix.
  45. RedSkull23

    Post Best way to prep Honor6x for OpenKirin?

    Hello there, absolutely not! You've misunderstood the correct path to follow. You can't flash RROS beta 3 over EMUI 5.0.3 because it requires your device to be already on EMUI 8 in way to correctly flash those ROMs. You should do this before: 1) unlock the bootloader of your device; 2) debrand...
  46. RedSkull23

    Post Having problems with fingerprint sensor

    Before the solution it'd be useful to know if this is an hardware issue or software one. Can you tell more about? Problems began after some drop to the floor or normally from one day to the next one? Stock or custom ROM?
  47. RedSkull23

    Post Honor 6x Global ROM NEEDED

    There will never be a global ROM man, you can be sure of this since that official software support for Honor 6X has ended almost a year ago. About what other users are saying i can't say the same, i'm on a GSI actually and my 4G bands works just as they should. I own an European 6X rebranded to...
  48. RedSkull23

    Post Water damage - recover images?

    Hey ya! Well, the situation looks pretty bad here dude. First of all, the phone isn't unlocked so it's not possible to flash a custom recovery like TWRP in way to internally move files from internal to external storage, into an SD card. Secondarily, the touch screen does not work, so even if...