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  1. royskeyz

    Thread [Q] internal storage 0

    Please anyone help me. Im trying to factory reset my LG G PAD 8.3 in settings, and then it reboots to TWRP, now it bootloop in TWRP, my internal storage 0. Please help how to solve this please.
  2. royskeyz

    Thread [THEME][FROYO][UOT] its simple for DKC1

    Hello, I dont see a froyo theme here, all KPN and KPH so i decided to make 1 via UOT its a simple theme and light. Flash via CWM.:) Zip attached. 1. First flash via stock recovery update.zip its cf-root for froyo (this is the version that can be use only in rfs filesystem) - thanks to...
  3. royskeyz

    Thread [TUTORIAL][script] Install V6 Supercharger for ACE

    Hello ACE user's I proudly present you the best of the best script ever made, created by zeppelinrox. Well, the V6 Supercharger Script is an excellent tool to fix memory management on Android 2.3, just because the Gingerbread is very aggressive in memory management. For best details on what...
  4. royskeyz

    Thread Android Samsung Secret Code

    Hello everyone, I dont see this in SGA FORUM so decided to share this here. Warning! Some codes if type correctly wont ask you for confirmation, ex. Hardreset. If you have something to add, please share. Here it is. *#*#4636#*#* - Phone Information *2767*3855# - Hard Reset *#*#7780#*#* -...
  5. royskeyz

    Thread [MOD] LG stock keyboard (flash via CWM)

    Hello everyone, Just want to share this stock keyboard from official GB of LG OPTIMUS ONE. Difference from stock SAMSUNG keyboard. 1. Very responsive. 2. No lag when typing via 3x4 keypad. 3. Now we can create new line when sending IM (skype, YM, ebuddy, etc..) thanks to seilent:) Only for...
  6. royskeyz

    Thread Whos the first dev to give us the rom base on official lg?

    Hello guys, while waiting lets have some fun?:D For you whos the first dev to release latest rom?:D Devs this is just for fun!:D:D
  7. royskeyz

    Thread [Q] Patch for messaging

    Hello all, is there some patch that prevents our phone to wake-up when theres a message receive? i noticed it only in froyo roms, no prob in gb's. Please share guys. Thanks!:o